Friday, July 31, 2009

Sox Sign Peavy - Tigers Eat Our Dirt

Yeah, the title basically says it all.

The Sox finally got ace Jake Peavy to waive his no-trade clause and come to the South Side. Kenny Williams gave up Poreda and Clay Richard to get it done.

Meanwhile, the Tigers signed Jarrod Washburn.

This is a lot like when you put in a below-ground pool with a 20-foot waterfall and integrated hot tub, and your neighbor 'matched' you by buying one of those 12x12 inflatable Wal-Mart pools. Something like that.

On a side note, I'll be in the Land Of Semi-Irregular Internet Access until the 17th of August, and only able to post sporadically. I'm praying that Noffke and Alec and everyone else picks up the slack and puts up a ton of great posts on here. Otherwise, it's goanna be a sad August in Armchair Superstar land.

If I don't post between now and then (EXTREMELY unlikely), then let me say now - you are all invited to my place, two blocks from the Rock, for the Indiana University season opener on September 2nd against Cupcake U (it's one of the directional Kentucky or Michigan schools).


Wednesday, July 29, 2009

College Football Scheduling does it again.

One of the topics that has been discussed around Big Ten media days is the possibility of U of Illinois playing Northwestern U at Wrigley Field. As of right now, it does not appear like this will happen. Why is this? Because Northwestern doesn’t want to lose a home game! As I’ve discussed previously here I am a big fan of neutral site games and not a big fan of college scheduling with schools getting 8 home games.

Now this isn’t all Northwesten’s fault. If I understand correctly if this game occurs it would be a home game for Northwestern and they would take the majority of the gate from the game so they would rake in a larger gate at Wrigley then they would at Ryan Field (If you know the logistics better then me, let me know). I do understand though that they don’t want to loose their home crowd. I understand Northwestern is just an “EL” ride away from Wrigley, but are all the NU students going to make that trip? Also, as a proud Sox fan living on the wrong side of town in Wrigleyville, I can tell you there are way more U of I grads around then Northwestern grads and I’m sure they would grab as many tickets as possible. So Northwestern could lose their home field crowd, but I honestly don’t see how this is much different then when Ohio State comes to town and plays in front of a de facto home crowd. Heck, Indiana had a pretty sizeable crowd during the game I went to 2 years ago.

The other thing I don’t get about this game deals with Illinois. Now if I understand this right, Illinois’ coach Ron Zook is the one who is really pushing for this event to happen. But he is also pushing for it to happen as a Northwestern home game so Illinois will not have to give up one of their home games. This, is complete BS. This is why if I’m Northwestern I say no game. Why should Northwestern have to suffer a loss of a home game while U of I sacrifices nothing for something they want to do. Why shouldn’t Wrigley be considered and U of I home game. I know it’s a 2 hour drive away, but Illini basketball has home games in the United Center, just like Michigan State has played in the Palace of Auburn hills in Detroit, and Indiana and Purdue have played in Conseco Fieldhouse in Indianapolis. Ok, so what about football? Indiana and Purdue have had home games in the now departed RCA Dome. Iowa and Northwestern have played at Soldier Field. So there is precedent for this to happen.

What I don’t get is why they can’t sign a two year deal. Play in Wrigley back to back seasons with each team losing a home game each year. They can split the gate anyway they want. How does this not make sense.

I for one would really love to see this game played at Wrigley and would try to get tickets if they were affordable. I see no reason why this game should not happen. It’s just frustrating to see teams try to get 8 home games as a reason fun games like this can’t happen.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Mark Buehrle is SI Cover Boy

I hope this doesn't mean he's going 1 and 1/3 tonight because of the cover curse

Monday, July 27, 2009

Tune into Letterman to watch Buehrle do the Top 10

Mark Buehrle will be doing the Top 10 countdown on Letterman tonight. Letterman starts at 10:35 CST and the Top 10 comes on around 10:55 but tune in early to ensure you don't miss it.

Sunday, July 26, 2009