Friday, September 9, 2011

Green Bay -- Color Me Unimpressed!

Wow, last nights game was great, it had nearly everything. A last second goal line stand with 0:00 on the clock. A phantom pass interference call that almost caused a major controversy. Nearly 1,000 yards of total offense. Two great QB's slinging it all over the field. A Chuck Woodson uppercut and no removal from the game. And a whole lot of defense... oh wait.

I'm sorry Green Bay, but, to me, your defense was exposed for what it will be this year: BAD. Green Bay lost Cullen Jenkins in the offseason. In my head, a fair comparison to what this means Tommie Harris and the 2007 and beyond Bears defense (not including last year). The Packers no longer have that guy that can get pressure, or allow others, like Clay Matthews, to be even more effective. Instead, teams can key in Clay Matthews and begin to dismantle you through the air. The best part about the Packers is that they already had issues run stopping. So, if their defense is going to play at the same level as it did last night Green Bay is going to find itself in a whole lot of shoot outs. Oh yeah, and they will find themselves behind the Bears all season long.

So, while the prognosticators and experts are all impressed by the win, because not one of them has ever come to understand that defenses really do win championships (can't win one without a decent defense), I am thoroughly unimpressed by Green Bay. And I'm even less impressed by the Saints, who look like they can't get any pressure nor stop the run or the pass. I could see the Bears going 3-0 in their first three games. On Sunday, let's show these two teams how to play defense.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

NFL Player Predictions

Before I head off to Yogis for yet another Bloomington drinking adventure, a few predictions on some surprises and disappointments this year. In no particular order:

1) J'Marcus Webb makes the Pro Bowl as an alternate and gets signed to a long term contract. Gabe Carimi also gets strong consideration. Webb, the former seventh rounder from Nowhere Directional State (aka: I'm too lazy to look it up right now) becomes one of the better stories of the NFL year.

I'm pretty sure this OL will be better off without Olin Kreutz, whose asshole attitude long ago became his strongest attribute. When you're an offensive lineman, I hate to break it to ya, but blocking is more important than sucker punching teammates.

2) The Bengals and the Seahawks vie for the title of Worst Team in the NFL. Despite this, Marshawn Lynch rushes for over 1,000 yards and eight TDs. My fantasy interests may have something to do with the second half of this prediction.

3) Bill Belichik and the Patriots miss the playoffs and go 8-8. Albert Haynesworth doesn't play in more than six games.

4) The Bears make the playoffs, and Johnny Knox pushes Roy Williams to the bench by Game Three. Knox finishes with over 1,000 yards receiving, the first Bear to do so in almost a decade. Rookie Dane Sanzenbacher finishes with over 40 catches. Williams finishes with under 40 and ends the season on IR.
5) Your out-of-nowhere WR star? Oakland WR Derek Hagan. Just remember I called it. This is what is referred to as a "low-risk" projection, since I look like a genius if/when it happens, and there is absolutely no risk of looking like an idiot if/when it doesn't. I have Hagan with over 900 total yards and as many as 10-11 TDs. Really, who's goanna push him on that Raiders team? Jacoby Ford? It's not a track meet, folks. Darius Heyward-Bey? HAH!

Anyway, Derek Hagan. You heard it here first.

6) I'll roll with the other totally impartial ACSS writers on Super Bowl projections. Bears over, oh hell, Houston for the Super Bowl title. And absolute insanity in Indianapolis as 500,000 Chicago fans descend on our sleepy neighbor to the south.

7) I'll be in Indy making chili and selling it for $5 a cup when this happens. All week long. Ohhhh yes.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Week 1 Predictions

Week 1 starts tomorrow, so I'm pumped. As a result, I'm going to make some predictions:

NFL MVP: Matt Forte
Offensive Player of the Year: Matt Forte
Defensive Player of the Year: Julius Peppers
Offensive Rookie of the Year: Cam Newton (only because of shear playing time)
Defensive Rookie of the Year: Vonn Miller

Sacks the Bears offensive line gives up: 29 sacks

Jay Cutler: 320/500 4,171 yards 35 tds 13 ints 200 rushing yards 2 rushing tds

Matt Forte: 294 carries 1,453 yards 4.9 ypc 15 rushing tds 45 receptions 611 yards receiving 9 tds
Marion Barber: 123 carries 527 yards 4 rushing tds 15 receptions 200 yards 1 td

Roy Williams: 26 catches 375 yards 3 tds 4 drops in first two games finds himself at bottom of depth chart
Devin Hester: 46 receptions 580 yards 4 tds
Earl Bennett: 75 catches 1,127 yards 7 tds
Johnny Knox: 41 catches 593 yards 4 tds
Dane Sazenbacher: 17 catches 239 yards 1 td
Sam Hurd: 10 catches 87 yards
Kyle Adams: 7 catches 50 yards
Kellen Davis: 23 catches 245 yards 5 tds
Matt Spaeth: 15 catches 64 yards 1 td


Julius Peppers 14 sacks
Henry Melton 5.5 sacks
Amobi Okoye 3.5 sacks
Israel Idonije 5 sacks
Corey Wooten 7 sacks
Stephen Paea 3 sacks
Matt Toeania 3.5 sacks
Anthony Adams 1.5 sacks
Mario Addison 2 sacks
Brian Urlacher 3 sacks
Lance Briggs 2 sacks
Remainder of defense: 3 sacks

Total sacks: 53


Brandon Merriweather 5 picks
Charles Tillman 4 picks
DJ Moore 4 picks
Chris Harris 4 picks
Tim Jennings 2 picks
Brian Urlacher 2 picks
Lance Briggs 1 pick

Rest of the Defense: 3 picks

Total Interceptions: 25

Fumble Recovered: 15

Total Takeaways: 40
Total Turnovers: 28
Turnover Differential: +12

Devin Hester: 3 Punt Returns for a TD

Okay, now on to the Bears Falcons Game Prediction:

The Falcons are solid team, but they don't have a good pass rush nor any real depth at corner beyond their starters. The Bears' corners could be better, and at times the Bears lack consistent pressure. However, both teams' offense tend to rely on the run. The difference between these two teams is the fact that the Bears have the better defense and special teams, as well as will attack down field more often. The Falcons are stronger at WR and on their o-line. The running game is about a wash for both teams. The Falcons' tend to make short quick throws. Ultimately, I see the Falcons being able to move the ball between 30 yard lines, but getting stiffled. I see the Falcons settling for field goals. Meanwhile, I see the Bears' wide receiver's speed and the Falcons' poor pass rush being the difference in this game. The Bears will hit one or two huge plays down the field that will make the difference in this game, and they will be able to control the game on the ground more than the Falcons, since the Bears have the better run defense.

Final Score: Bears 27 Falcons 16

Matt Ryan 21-33 217 yards 1 td 1 int
Jay Cutler 20-28 318 yards 2 tds 1 int

Michael Turner 18 carries 58 yards 3.22 ypc 1 fumble lost
Jason Snelling 4 carries 16 yards 4 ypc

Matt Forte 24 carries 102 yards 4.25 ypc 1 td
Marion Barber 8 carries 30 yards 3.75 ypc

Roddy White 8 catches 111 yards 1 td
Tony Gonzalez 5 catches 50 yards
Michael Jenkins 2 catches 11 yards
Julio Jones 2 catches 14 yards
Jason Snelling 3 catches 24 yards
Michael Turner 1 catches 7 yards

Earl Bennett 6 catches 75 yards
Roy Williams 4 catches 64 yards 1 td (2 drops)
Devin Hester 4 catches 87 yards
Johnny Knox 2 catches 51 yards 1 td
Matt Forte 2 catches 23 yards
Marion Barber 1 catches 11 yards
Kellen Davis 1 catch 7 yards

Now, on to my Week 1 game predictions, home team in caps:

GREENBAY over Saints
CHICAGO over Atlanta
CLEVELAND over Cincinnati
Buffalo over KANSAS CITY
Philadelphia over ST. LOUIS
TAMPA BAY over Detroit
Tennessee over JACKSONVILLE
BALTIMORE over Pittsburgh
HOUSTON over Indianapolis
ARIZONA over Carolina
SAN DIEGO over Minnesota
SAN FRANCISCO over Seattle
WASHINGTON over New York Giants
NEW YORK JETS over Dallas
New England over MIAMI
DENVER over Oakland

Noffke's NFL Predictions

Following in Ryan's Lead, I will have my NFL predictions.

I personally can't wait for the NFL season to start. I am sick and tired of hearing how bad the Bears are going to be and how lucky they were last year. This reached a peak today with Bill Barnwell said on the BS report he thinks the Bears will be the worst team in the NFL, primarily based on the new kickoff rule (WHAT!?). Anyway, here we go.

z - conference winner; y - bye week; x - division winner w - wildcard team.

AFC East

Z. Patriots
2. J-E-T-S
3. Bills
4. Dolphins

Patriots are as good as advertised. Jets have a good year, but miss the playoffs. Bills and Dolphins are terrible.

AFC South

X. Texans
W. Colts
3. Titans
4. Jags

I know, I know, Texans aren't that good, but who in this division is? Jags are the worst team in the NFL, Titans could be good depending on if CJ doesn't have any problems without a training camp and how well Hasselback plays. Colts make it in, but not the division winner unless Peyton gets healthy quick.

AFC West

X. Chargers
2. Raiders
3. Broncos
4. Chiefs

Chiefs benefited from and easy schedule last year, and will struggle this year. Broncos will be good, but inconsistent again. Raiders will suprise with some stability for Jason Campbell in Offense (first time he's in the same offense 2 years in a row since High School) but the Chargers are the class of the West. It's tough to finish #1 in offense and defense and miss the playoffs, but some how they did it last year.

AFC North

Y. Steelers
W. Browns
3. Ravens
4. Bengals

Steelers will be the Steelers. I believe in Colt McCoy. Ravens will have a good year and the Bengals will struggle with New QB Andy Dalton, but he'll win Rookie of the Year.

NFC East

Y. Eagles
2. Redskins
3. Giants
4. Cowboys

Eagles have a lot of hype, and part of me thinks they could have a terrible year. Saying that, Andy Reid always seems to have his teams making the playoffs. Mike Shanonhan was embarassed last year and will have his team ready to play with Rex Grossman. Giants and Cowboys have solid years.

NFC South

Z. Falcons
W. Bucs
3. Saints
4. Panthers

Falcons get Home field primarily based on them getting to play the Panthers twice. Bucs keep on rising. Saints will be good, but just miss the playoffs.

NFC West

X. Rams
2. Cardinals
3. 49ers
4. Seahawks

Rams schedule is brutal to start, but no one in this division will run away from them. Cardinal's season will depend on Kolb. 49ers will be starting Kapernick by week 8 and the Seahawks are lousy.

NFC North

X. Packers
W. Bears
3. Lions
4. Vikings

Packers only go 9-7 and beat the Bears for the division on a tie breaker. Lions could be good, but everyone will get hurt again. Vikings could be good, but O-Line is a problem.

Playoffs (Home Team in CAPS)



Browns over CHARGERS
Colts over TEXANS


STEELERS over Colts
PATRIOTS over Browns

Title Game


NFC Playoffs


Bears over PACKERS
Bucs over RAMS


Bears over FALCONS
EAGLES over Bucs

Title Game

Bears over EAGLES

Super Bowl

Steelers over Bears

NFL Predictions

Hola everyone! With the first games tomorrow, I figured what time is better than now for my annual NFL predictions. A little key: z - conference winner; y - bye week; x - division winner w - wildcard team. Here I go:


z - 1. Patriots 14-2
w - 2. Jets 10-6
3. Bills 7-9
4. Dolphins 5-11


x - 1. Chargers 11-5
2. Broncos 7-9
3. Chiefs 6-10
4. Raiders 5-11


y - 1. Ravens 12-4
2. Steelers 9-7
3. Browns 6-10
4. Bengals 2-14


x - 1. Colts 10-6
w - 2. Titans 9-7
3. Texans 7-9
4. Jaguars 4-12


x - 1. Eagles 11-5
w - 2. Redskins 10-6
3. Giants 9-7
4. Cowboys 6-10


x - 1. 49ers 9-7
2. Rams 8-8
3. Cardinals 7-9
4. Seahawks 4-12


z - 1. Bears 13-3
w - 2. Packers 10-6
3. Lions 7-9
4. Vikings 6-10


y - 1. Saints 12-4
2. Falcons 9-7
3. Bucs 7-9
4. Panthers 4-12


Chargers 27 Titans 17

Colts 17 Jets 20

49ers 17 Packers 24

Eagles 31 Redskins 20


Ravens 20 Chargers 17

Patriots 31 Jets 17

Bears 21 Packers 17

Saints 27 Eagles 34


Patriots 21 Ravens 24

Bears 28 Eagles 20


Bears 17 Ravens 13

There you have it: Bears win the Superbowl. But we all knew that already!