Thursday, April 30, 2015

2015 NFL Draft Live Blogging

Dan and I are returning this year to share our thoughts that no one wants to read, but will have to anyway.  We'll be discussing the 2015 NFL Draft, and deciding how teams did in the first round until the Bears selection.  This post will be updated until the Bears make their pick.  Enjoy!

6:42 pm: Dan and I are already discussing trade opportunities to get "You Know Who" (Cutler) out of Chicago and back to the place where he played the best football of his life (Nashville).  Our idea for a trade is as follows:

TEN gets: Cutler, CHI 1st round pick (7), CHI 3rd round pick, CLE 3rd round pick, CHI 4th round pick
CHI gets : CLE first round pick (12), CLE first round pick (17)
CLE gets: TEN first round pick (2)

6:51 pm: Bears want to get rid of Cutler (Hooray!), but Tennessee doesn't want him (Boo!).

6:54 pm: Hannah Davis may be attractive, but those horse commercials are god awful.  Bring back Rob Lowe!

6:55 pm: Dan apparently likes the horse commercials.  I still don't.  My list of favorite things is as follows:

1. Pizza
2. Alcohol
3. Sports
670. Getting stuck in line behind an old lady with a shopping cart full of groceries in the express lane (and she's got a checkbook).
671. Horse commercials for DirecTV
10000000. Jay Cutler

7:02 pm: Let's get this show on the road.  Some of us have to work tomorrow.  Hand in your selection cards, people.

7:04 pm: Roger "Darth Vader + Hitler + the big ass dinosaur from Jurassic Park 3" Goodell takes the stage.  BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Dan: "See Goodell, Boo Goodell".  Well said, sir.

7:05 pm: Dan: "wtf is earthquake cam"

7:08 pm: Dan "No way Lovie researched a QB".  I agree.  That guy can't reverse engineer a decent offense even though he's a defensive wizard.

7:09 pm: Does anyone ever talk about how awful Winston was in the first half of most games this past year?  The only reason he led some comebacks is because he managed to dig his team into a hole to start with.

7:11 pm: Gruden finally talks about how terrible Winston can be at times.

7:12 pm: The Bucs select Winston and are rewarded with a 4-12 record.

7:13 pm: Dan: "Poor Tampa.  Even if the guy grows up, he'll never be elite."  I agree.  His throwing motion is too slow.

7:18 pm: Dan reports that the Eagles want to trade their team to move up to #2.

7:21 pm: Titans pick Marcus Marioto.  Eagles are relieved Mariota is still available.  Dan: "How do you possibly screw up his name?"

7:23 pm: Dan: "I wonder what the offers were, but this is a good pick for Tennessee. Too bad we wont get to see Mettenberger develop. This should get the Titans to third in their division for sure. But I dont think they are better than Houston by making their pick."

7:24 pm: The Titans don't need a QB.  I still think they trade him when they get an offer they like.  Maybe the Liberty Bell.

7:27 pm: Jags select Fowler and Dan and I laugh.  Fowler may be a good player, but he's not the best player on the board.

7:28 pm: Dan "Oakland might have looked at Gurley if Williams was gone."  Should be Williams to Oakland now.  They'll be laughing all the way to the bank.  In Los Angeles.

7:29 pm: Dan "Jax has a defensive coach and they should have had good film on him. Solid pick for Jax but I would have taken williams there"

7:34 pm: Raiders take Cooper.  He'll certainly help the offense, but the best player in the draft remains on the board.  Dan "Roll Tide".

7:36 pm: Dan "Cooper is not as good as Julio Jones, but Kevin White is."

7:37 pm: Dan "The R******s are on the clock. Get ready for a Dan Snyder special."  Can they use their pick to send back RG3?

7:38 pm: Dan and Kiper agree.  Washington needs an O Line.

7:39 pm: Washington selects Scherff.  They may have a cornerstone to build their line around now.  RG3 may only end up on the ground on 70% of the plays now.

7:40 pm: Dan "Color me surprised. Anything they can do to keep their QB upright was a good choice. Shocking they did the right thing."

7:47 pm: Jets take Williams.  Their defense is now illegal.  They have to play the Texans 16 times a season that will all end up in a 0-0 tie.Dan "More reason to hate the jets. Kevin White step right up".

7:50 pm: The Bears already have their pick in. Dan "Ryan Pace means business."

7:53 pm: Bears take Kevin White.  Certainly a risky pick.  I would have traded down or gone with defense.  However, the dude is a freak.  Good luck to him. Dan "great pick. I obviously love WV wrs and this is no exception."

Overall, not too many surprises, other than that Williams hung around for so long.  I still think Marioto gets traded to Philly before the preseason.

This concludes our coverage of the 1st round.  See you again next year.