Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Scouting Report 10 - Kelcy Quarles - #8 DT

The eight defensive tackle I'm going to look at is Kelcy Quarles. I'm now starting to hope that I can find some diamonds in the rough. Anyways, onto Quarles. Here are his vitals:

Name: Kelcy Quarles
Height: 6'4"
Weight: 298
College: South Carolina
Stats: 39 tackles, 9.5 sacks
Projected Round: 3-4

The first game I'm going to look at is South Carolina vs. Tennessee. Unfortunately, I'm going to have to use Clowney tape to look at Quarles. Also, because Quarles is an underclassmen there isn't much film directly on him, and he isn't used every down. Having said that,  this game took place on October 19, 2013. He had 4 tackles and 1 sack. He is number 99.

Well, it looks like Quarles is one of the first people to break out of his stance at the snap of the ball. However, once he breaks his stance, he appears to stand almost straight up and down. This immediately neutralizes his quick reaction and gives the offensive lineman leverage. Despite giving the offensive lineman leverage, he appears to display good strength as he still seems to maintain his area on passing downs and even get occasional pressure on the QB.

However, on running downs, he seems to get pushed backwards and lose ground. While he reacts quickly to the snap, he doesn't have a good burst or quickness once the play gets moving. He looks susceptible to the run. In my opinion, he looks very raw. He needs to improve quite a bit, such as coming out of his stance lower, and becoming more effective with his hands. He also doesn't seem like he will blow anyone away with his speed. Although, he doesn't appear to be slow for a defensive tackle, I'm just not sure he's fast enough to be a viable option at 3-tech. Although, he may be a good project for our NT.

The next game I'm going to look at is South Carolina against Missouri. This game took place on October 26, 2013. Quarles recorded 6 tackles and 2 sacks.

As I stated before, he appears to be quick out of his stance, but then loses at the point of attack because he engages too high. This allows offensive lineman to push him out of the way on running plays. It also takes away some of the pressure he could cause as he gets caught up relatively quickly because he has no leverage. Despite that, he does do a good job using his strength to maintain his area on passing downs. This is what accounts for his sacks. He maintains his area, pushes into the backfield a little bit and Clowney or other pass rushers force the QB to step up or run and they run right into Quarles. 

I think it's also important to note that he is not used in the redzone. I don't think he is an effective NT, at least at this point, as he doesn't seem to do well against the run. He also doesn't have great lateral speed, but has solid straight line speed for a big defensive tackle. There are times when he does display the ability to collapse the middle of the defense, but it's not often. Overall, I think if he could break out of his stance lower he would do better. Having said that, I worry about his balance, as he ends up on the ground a little too much. 

The final game I'm going to look at is South Carolina versus UNC. In this game, Quarles isn't really used that much. He actually doesn't come in until the second half. However, he still managed to get 3 tackles and a sack. This game took place on August 29, 2013. 

The playing time is extremely limited for Quarles in this game. However, he displays the good initial reaction time, and the high pad level again. He also ends up on the ground a few times, despite barely playing. The entire gamecock defense is a bit too aggressive, and they end up suffering on the ground. He really needs to do a better job getting lower. Throughout all the games, he didn't really display any moves other than a quick rush. I think he needs to improve his hand usage. 

Overall, I think Quarles could be a good prospect. I see him as a 4-3 NT at the end of the day. I just don't think he is quick enough, even if he improves his pad level, to get consistent pressure on the QB. Quarles is 6'4" so he should have room to add weight. I think if he could add 12-17 pounds he would be a very effective 4-3 NT. That combined with his quick twitch at the line could allow him to occasionally pressure the QB. It would also allow him to win battles in the running game. However, he has a lot to improve before he can get there. He needs to improve his pad level, he needs to improve his hands, he needs to add some moves, and he needs to add some weight to his frame. But I do think the potential is there. I wouldn't be upset if we drafted him in the 5th round or later.  

Monday, February 24, 2014

Scouting Report 9 - Will Sutton - DT #7

Today was not a great day for Will Sutton at the scouting combine, so I don't know if he'd still be considered a top 10 player. However, before I started out on this venture I said these were my top 10 players that I was going to scout, period. So he's staying. Here are his vitals:

Name: Will Sutton
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 288
College: Arizona State
Stats: 48 tackles 4 sacks
Projected Round: 3-4

The first game I'm going to look at is Arizona State versus Texas Tech. This took place on December 30, 2013. Will Sutton had 4 tackles 0 sacks in this game.

The first thing I noticed was that he looks small and compact. Somewhat undersized and that he doesn't appear to have much of any sort of room to add size. I also noticed just how slow he looks. He has almost no burst, is one of the last to react to the ball being snapped, and is consistently beaten by a single blocker. He gets little to no pressure, and is hardly ever double teamed. When he is double teamed forget about it. He also sees to lack awareness.

This lack of awareness allows the opposing offenses to run misdirection and draw plays right at where he was. I think it's also his aggressive tendencies that allow offenses to do that. However, he doesn't win his one on one matchups so that aggressiveness is wasted. Once the play gets beyond him he gives up. In my opinion, this is because he doesn't have a high motor. He also seems utterly incapable of playing the 3-tech because he cannot get pressure at all, let alone on a consistent basis in college football. Maybe it was just this game, but color me unimpressed.

The next game I'm going to look at is Arizona State against Stanford. This game took place on September 21st. Will Sutton had 6 tackles 0 sacks in this game.

The first thing that sort of stuck out to me between the first two games is that he seems to be a bit streaky. He will put together two or three good plays in a row. Then he disappears. He gets beat in his one on one match ups. He gives up on plays after they get past him and even after a few seconds when they aren't past him. I also don't see teams being afraid to run right at him. And he seems to get pancaked way too often.

In that regard, he spends way too much time playing from the dirt. I don't think he has good balance. What makes him look better than his actual abilities is the fact that Arizona State blitzes far more often from the side he's lined up on then from the other side of the field. But even then you can still see his lack of speed, quickness, and agility. He just seems to try to overpower the guard or the center without relying on any moves. However, he doesn't have that kind of strength. Once the ball is snapped, it's like he hits a stone wall. He just doesn't appear to be good.

The final game I'm going to look at is ASU vs. Washington State. This game took place on October 31, 2013. Will Sutton had 2 tackles in this game.

In this game he actually displays a little more burst and quickness. However, he still looks slow and displays a lack of agility. While he generates a little more pressure in this game, he still doesn't do much. He doesn't win his one on one matchups, he gets pushed around, and doesn't get consistent pressure. Teams still aren't scared to run it at him.

When he breaks his stance he is basically engaging the lineman as if he's standing straight up. This allows the lineman to get under him and win the battle for leverage right at the snap. He also stops during some plays, primarily because I think he isn't in the best shape. He displays absolutely no moves to escape a blocker and doesn't use his hands well. He relies solely on shoving the lineman or beating them to the inside. However, he is not quick enough to do that. He doesn't get good leverage and he lacks balance.

Overall, I'd say he is an undersized defensive tackle, who could only hope to play the three technique. However, he doesn't display the quickness, burst, agility, strength, or moves to play the three technique. Instead, he consistently gets manhandled by college level interior lineman. He seems to play very slow. If I were the Bears, I wouldn't draft him at all. He doesn't have the athleticism or size to warrant being drafted. He is also far too raw. He doesn't display awareness or anything else that would really allow him to contribute to a team on a daily basis. Rather, he would be a liability and the stronger guards and centers in the NFL would pancake him all the time. I wouldn't be upset if the Bears took a flier out on him in the 7th round. However, I would rather they save that flier on someone with more upside in other areas, i.e. more athleticism or better size. I don't think he will ever be able to develop into an NFL level talent because he has almost no upside, as I have previously stated. As a result, I would not touch this player.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Scouting Report 8 - Dominique Easley - DT #6

So, I am fully committed to getting through the top ten defensive tackles. In order to do that, the next up is Dominique Easley. Here are his vitals:

Name: Dominique Easley
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 288
College: Florida
Stats: 5 tackles, no sacks, played in 3 games and suffered an ACL injury.
Projected Round: 2-3

The first game I'm going to look at is Florida against Tennessee. This game took place September 21, 2013 and this is the game he gets injured.

The first thing that jumps out is that he is quick, has great burst, and generates pressure. He is very strong and can overpower his opponent. He is also capable of lining up at DT or DE and generating pressure. He is able to take on double teams and win. He seems to play with a high motor and displays good speed. 

However, he's not incredibly fast or quick. He has good quickness and speed, but it's not elite. Also, much like Donald, his pressure comes from his aggressive nature. It can leave him susceptible in the run game. It's not a huge concern, as he's capable of getting into the backfield and shutting a play down early, but it's something to take note of. 

The next game I'm going to look at is Florida against Louisville in the 2013 Sugar Bowl. 

You'll notice that he has a good burst. Good, not great. He is a good pass rusher, but not elite. He lines up at both DE and DT but is clearly much better suited for DT. He has a swim move, he can bull rush, he has a spin move. However, he is capable of getting stone walled by a single blocker because he does not possess elite level pass rush ability.

He also doesn't seem to display great instincts or be a heady player. He consistently has rushers run right next to him and doesn't make the play. I attribute this to his aggressive nature. He seems to be thinking only one thing: rush the passer. However, he does display the ability to win in the run game. He displays a better ability in this regard then Donald. He maintains his possession well, gets good leverage, and consistently pushes into the back field. As I've said, he can attack and pressure the QB but is subpar in the run game. I would say his intelligence has to improve if he hopes to be a pro-bowl level player in the NFL.

The final game I'm going to look at is Florida against Missouri from 2012. I apologize for using last years games but the reality is that he tore his ACL pretty early and there wasn't anything on Youtube from this year other then the first game. 

Again, he's a good pass rusher. Not elite, but very good. He may be elite for a defensive tackle in college, but in the NFL I would likely say his pass rush ability would be similar to a Henry Melton. He uses his hands well, but he doesn't display good balance. You will see him beat his players only to fall down quite a bit. He is also so focused on rushing the passer, that he will give up his zone in the passing game allowing scrambling QB's to slip by, or allowing draw plays to go right by him. He really needs to improve his awareness, it's just not there. Although, he doesn't ever seem to give up on plays, even when they get behind him. As I stated before, he displays an excellent motor. 

Overall, I think he can provide good pressure from the DT position in the NFL. If he puts time into studying the game, I think he will be a very good defensive tackle. He will be able to pressure the QB and hold up in the running game. However, this will require a lot of work. Additionally, he needs to work on his balance if he wants to be a successful NFL player. I think he is a first round prospect. He has the ability to be a play maker. However, he is not as explosive as Aaron Donald, but I think he can be a probowl level player if he puts the time in to master his craft and become a more headsy player.