Thursday, July 5, 2012

SEC Still Sucks at Scheduling Out Of Conference

Everyone knows I hate SEC scheduling.  See here , well I just got some more ammo.

To everyone who says the SEC has finally stepped up their out of conference scheduling is still full of crap.

Georgia has left the south once in the past 3 decades to play Arizona State
Florida hasn't played an out of conference game outside the state of Florida since 1992

Now Alabama is too scared to do a home and home with Wisconsin

Alvarez, who handled scheduling when he coached the Badgers from 1990 to ’05, said Bielema countered with an offer to play a home-and-home series with the Crimson Tide — no specific years were discussed — but that Alabama coach Nick Saban declined.

If it keeps working for them, why change it. Bet this won't even change when playoff is around.
I am so glad IU Athletic director Glass called out the SEC for being a bunch of weaklings in his letter to Kentucky when they broke off IU's