Sunday, March 13, 2016

NCAA 2016 Fantasy Draft

Draft Order

1. Tom
2. Tim Transon
3. Tim Fodor
4. Mike
5. Matt
6. Steve
7. Ryan
8. Dan
9. Mark

Draft Results

Player Number Pick Team Full Name Team
202 1 Tom Buddy Hield OKLAHOMA
480 2 TimTran Denzel Valentine MI STATE
145 3 Tim Fodor Perry Ellis KANSAS
10 4 Mike Grayson Allen DUKE 
334 5 Matt Tran Jamal Murray KENTUCKY
238 6 Steve Brice Johnson UNC 
163 7 Ryan Bryn Forbes MI STATE
58 8 Dan Malcolm Brogdon VIRGINIA
415 9 Mark Fodor Wayne Selden Jr. KANSAS
157 10 Mark Fodor Yogi Ferrell INDIANA

353 11 Dan Jaysean Paige W VIRGINIA
294 12 Ryan Frank Mason III KANSAS
182 13 Steve Devonte' Graham KANSAS
59 14 Matt Transon Dillon Brooks OREGON 
301 15 Mike Sheldon McClellan MIAMI (FL) 
109 16 Tim Fodor Isaiah Cousins OKLAHOMA
102 17 Tim Transon Elgin Cook OREGON 
177 18 Tom Anthony Gill VIRGINIA
34 19 Tom Joel Berry II UNC 
226 20 TimTran Justin Jackson UNC 
476 21 Tim Fodor Tyler Ulis KENTUCKY

198 22 Mike Josh Hart VILLANOVA
343 23 Matt Tran Georges Niang IOWA ST
354 24 Steve Marcus Paige UNC 
508 25 Ryan Jordan Woodard OKLAHOMA
434 26 Dan Ryan Spangler OKLAHOMA
217 27 Mark Fodor Brandon Ingram DUKE 
108 28 Mark Fodor Matt Costello MI STATE
374 29 Dan Taurean Prince BAYLOR 
42 30 Ryan Trevon Bluiett XAVIER
195 31 Steve Eron Harris MI STATE
366 32 Matt Transon Jakob Poeltl UTAH

134 33 Mike Tyler Dorsey OREGON 
251 34 Tim Fodor Jalen Jones TEXAS A & M
211 35 Tim Transon Danuel House TEXAS A & M
51 36 Tom Chris Boucher OREGON 
233 37 Tom Kris Jenkins VILLANOVA
61 38 TimTran Jaylen Brown CAL 
360 39 Tim Fodor London Perrantes VIRGINIA
119 40 Mike Myles Davis XAVIER

469 41 Matt Tran Melo Trimble MARYLAND 
192 42 Steve A.J. Hammons PURDUE
311 43 Ryan Kennedy Meeks UNC 
372 44 Dan Alex Poythress KENTUCKY
497 45 Mark Fodor Isaiah Whitehead SETON HALL
13 46 Mark Fodor Ryan Anderson ARIZONA
200 47 Dan Nigel Hayes WISCONSIN 
502 48 Ryan Devin Williams W VIRGINIA
201 49 Steve Isaiah Hicks UNC 
506 50 Matt Transon Kyle Wiltjer GONZAGA 
489 51 Mike Tyrone Wallace CAL 

15 52 Tim Fodor Ryan Arcidiacono VILLANOVA
224 53 Tim Transon Demetrius Jackson NOTRE DAME 
478 54 Tom Jarrod Uthoff IOWA
440 55 Tom Edmond Sumner XAVIER
512 56 TimTran Gabe York ARIZONA
260 57 Tim Fodor Luke Kennard DUKE 

328 58 Mike Monte Morris IOWA ST
437 59 Matt Tran Diamond Stone MARYLAND 
116 60 Steve Deyonta Davis MI STATE
346 61 Ryan Daniel Ochefu VILLANOVA
399 62 Dan Angel Rodriguez MIAMI (FL) 

170 63 Mark Fodor Rico Gathers BAYLOR 
504 64 Mark Fodor Troy Williams INDIANA
439 65 Dan Rasheed Sulaimon MARYLAND 
65 66 Ryan Jalen Brunson VILLANOVA
17 67 Steve Zach Auguste NOTRE DAME 

380 68 Matt Transon Ivan Rabb CAL 
31 69 Mike Dwayne Benjamin OREGON 
253 70 Tim Fodor Matt Jones DUKE 
283 71 Tim Transon Jordan Loveridge UTAH
33 72 Tom Ben Bentil PROVIDENCE
448 73 Tom Isaiah Taylor TEXAS

338 74 TimTran Abdel Nader IOWA ST
121 75 Tim Fodor Tyler Davis TEXAS AM
153 76 Mike James Farr XAVIER
138 77 Matt Tran Kris Dunn PROVIDENCE
316 78 Steve Daxter Miles Jr. W VIRGINIA
80 79 Ryan Robert Carter MARYLAND 
361 80 Dan Tarik Phillip W VIRGINIA

143 81 Mark Fodor Vince Edwards PURDUE
247 82 Mark Fodor Peter Jok IOWA
79 83 Dan Jevon Carter W VIRGINIA
382 84 Ryan Davon Reed MIAMI (FL) 
184 85 Steve Brannen Greene KANSAS
167 86 Matt Transon Al Freeman BAYLOR 

342 88 Tim Fodor Ja'Quan Newton MIAMI (FL) 
78 89 Tim Transon Khadeen Carrington SETON HALL
315 90 Tom Isaiah Miles ST JOSEPHS
468 91 Tom Allonzo Trier ARIZONA
67 92 TimTran Thomas Bryant INDIANA
56 93 Tim Fodor Isaiah Briscoe KENTUCKY

267 94 Mike Kyle Kuzma UTAH
357 95 Matt Tran Gary Payton II OREGON ST
273 96 Steve Jake Layman MARYLAND 
208 97 Ryan Jonathan Holton W VIRGINIA
406 98 Dan Domantas Sabonis GONZAGA

84 99 Mark Fodor Troy Caupain CINCINNATI
193 100 Mark Fodor Ethan Happ WISCONSIN 
330 101 Dan Johnathan Motley BAYLOR 
290 102 Ryan J.P. Macura XAVIER
386 103 Steve Jalen Reynolds XAVIER
137 104 Matt Transon Kellen Dunham BUTLER

242 105 Mike Melvin Johnson VCU
306 106 Tim Fodor Jameel McKay IOWA ST
292 107 Tim Transon Kelan Martin BUTLER
103 108 Tom Charles Cooke DAYTON
412 109 Tom Josh Scott COLORADO

30 110 TimTran DeAndre' Bembry ST JOSEPHS
171 111 Tim Fodor Michael Gbinije SYRACUSE
389 112 Mike Cameron Ridley TEXAS
379 113 Matt Tran Rodney Purvis U CONN 
442 114 Steve Caleb Swanigan PURDUE
29 115 Ryan Jordan Bell OREGON 
265 116 Dan Bronson Koenig WISCONSIN 

254 117 Mark Fodor Roosevelt Jones BUTLER
22 118 Mark Fodor Wade Baldwin IV VANDERBILT****
147 119 Dan A.J. English IONA

464 120 Ryan Mike Tobey VIRGINIA
337 121 Steve Sviatoslav Mykhailiuk KANSAS
126 122 Matt Transon Quenton DeCosey TEMPLE 

47 123 Mike Lorenzo Bonam UTAH
365 124 Tim Fodor Marshall Plumlee DUKE 
362 125 Tim Transon Dyshawn Pierre DAYTON

400 126 Tom Desi Rodriguez SETON HALL
483 127 Tom Steve Vasturia NOTRE DAME 
262 128 TimTran George King COLORADO
453 129 Tim Fodor Matt Thomas IOWA ST
513 130 Mike Michael Young PITT
493 131 Matt Tran Wes Washpun N IOWA

36 132 Steve Max Bielfeldt INDIANA
505 133 Ryan Derek Willis KENTUCKY
232 134 Dan Tonye Jekiri MIAMI (FL) 
515 135 Mark Fodor OG Anuoby INDIANA

Thursday, April 30, 2015

2015 NFL Draft Live Blogging

Dan and I are returning this year to share our thoughts that no one wants to read, but will have to anyway.  We'll be discussing the 2015 NFL Draft, and deciding how teams did in the first round until the Bears selection.  This post will be updated until the Bears make their pick.  Enjoy!

6:42 pm: Dan and I are already discussing trade opportunities to get "You Know Who" (Cutler) out of Chicago and back to the place where he played the best football of his life (Nashville).  Our idea for a trade is as follows:

TEN gets: Cutler, CHI 1st round pick (7), CHI 3rd round pick, CLE 3rd round pick, CHI 4th round pick
CHI gets : CLE first round pick (12), CLE first round pick (17)
CLE gets: TEN first round pick (2)

6:51 pm: Bears want to get rid of Cutler (Hooray!), but Tennessee doesn't want him (Boo!).

6:54 pm: Hannah Davis may be attractive, but those horse commercials are god awful.  Bring back Rob Lowe!

6:55 pm: Dan apparently likes the horse commercials.  I still don't.  My list of favorite things is as follows:

1. Pizza
2. Alcohol
3. Sports
670. Getting stuck in line behind an old lady with a shopping cart full of groceries in the express lane (and she's got a checkbook).
671. Horse commercials for DirecTV
10000000. Jay Cutler

7:02 pm: Let's get this show on the road.  Some of us have to work tomorrow.  Hand in your selection cards, people.

7:04 pm: Roger "Darth Vader + Hitler + the big ass dinosaur from Jurassic Park 3" Goodell takes the stage.  BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Dan: "See Goodell, Boo Goodell".  Well said, sir.

7:05 pm: Dan: "wtf is earthquake cam"

7:08 pm: Dan "No way Lovie researched a QB".  I agree.  That guy can't reverse engineer a decent offense even though he's a defensive wizard.

7:09 pm: Does anyone ever talk about how awful Winston was in the first half of most games this past year?  The only reason he led some comebacks is because he managed to dig his team into a hole to start with.

7:11 pm: Gruden finally talks about how terrible Winston can be at times.

7:12 pm: The Bucs select Winston and are rewarded with a 4-12 record.

7:13 pm: Dan: "Poor Tampa.  Even if the guy grows up, he'll never be elite."  I agree.  His throwing motion is too slow.

7:18 pm: Dan reports that the Eagles want to trade their team to move up to #2.

7:21 pm: Titans pick Marcus Marioto.  Eagles are relieved Mariota is still available.  Dan: "How do you possibly screw up his name?"

7:23 pm: Dan: "I wonder what the offers were, but this is a good pick for Tennessee. Too bad we wont get to see Mettenberger develop. This should get the Titans to third in their division for sure. But I dont think they are better than Houston by making their pick."

7:24 pm: The Titans don't need a QB.  I still think they trade him when they get an offer they like.  Maybe the Liberty Bell.

7:27 pm: Jags select Fowler and Dan and I laugh.  Fowler may be a good player, but he's not the best player on the board.

7:28 pm: Dan "Oakland might have looked at Gurley if Williams was gone."  Should be Williams to Oakland now.  They'll be laughing all the way to the bank.  In Los Angeles.

7:29 pm: Dan "Jax has a defensive coach and they should have had good film on him. Solid pick for Jax but I would have taken williams there"

7:34 pm: Raiders take Cooper.  He'll certainly help the offense, but the best player in the draft remains on the board.  Dan "Roll Tide".

7:36 pm: Dan "Cooper is not as good as Julio Jones, but Kevin White is."

7:37 pm: Dan "The R******s are on the clock. Get ready for a Dan Snyder special."  Can they use their pick to send back RG3?

7:38 pm: Dan and Kiper agree.  Washington needs an O Line.

7:39 pm: Washington selects Scherff.  They may have a cornerstone to build their line around now.  RG3 may only end up on the ground on 70% of the plays now.

7:40 pm: Dan "Color me surprised. Anything they can do to keep their QB upright was a good choice. Shocking they did the right thing."

7:47 pm: Jets take Williams.  Their defense is now illegal.  They have to play the Texans 16 times a season that will all end up in a 0-0 tie.Dan "More reason to hate the jets. Kevin White step right up".

7:50 pm: The Bears already have their pick in. Dan "Ryan Pace means business."

7:53 pm: Bears take Kevin White.  Certainly a risky pick.  I would have traded down or gone with defense.  However, the dude is a freak.  Good luck to him. Dan "great pick. I obviously love WV wrs and this is no exception."

Overall, not too many surprises, other than that Williams hung around for so long.  I still think Marioto gets traded to Philly before the preseason.

This concludes our coverage of the 1st round.  See you again next year.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Another Year, Another Half-Dozen Fantasy Teams

Hey guys,

It's time once again for NFL dorks the world over to start perusing training camp reports, finding out who's "in the best shape of their lives," and seeking for the sleepers that will more than likely never awaken (Jared Cook).

It's time to sit online and do mock drafts in leagues that in no way resemble your own.  It's time to buy shamefully outdated fantasy football magazines because you failed to sufficiently do your homework before your draft, and your printer is broken, and you need a cheat sheet.  It's time to then "donate" that magazine from June to the guy in your league who's even more clueless than you, and watch him take Josh Gordon in the second round.

It's time to pony up several (hundred) dollars that you'll likely never see again.  You'd be better off buying lottery tickets.  It's time to rediscover your love of Matthew Berry and Scott Pianowski and twenty other dudes just like us except for their work ethic and willingness to perform under deadline pressure.


To be perfectly honest, my main motivation for writing this piece is to bury Ryan's World Cup trash talk, and that's almost good enough justification even if I don't write another word.  Never mind that, let's talk drafting.

Since the dawn of fake football time, the conventional wisdom held that with your first two picks, you needed to take two running backs.  "RB-RB" remains a decent strategy, if you're fifty.  Maybe I'm biased because I always end up with low picks in every draft since I was a teenager and Priest Holmes was unstoppable.  But look, the failure rate of highly drafted running backs has been on the rise for many years.  RBs these days are mostly a disposable commodity in the NFL.  It sucks (for them), but that's the reality.

I feel like the better approach with running backs is to try to get one 'bell-cow' type dude, and then a WHOLE BUNCH of lottery tickets late - your Carlos Hydes (though I still think Frank Gore is immortal), your Devonta Freemans, your [fill in the blank with this year's Zac Stacy] on waivers after Week 6.

More and more, I've been leaning towards the stud wideouts and quarterbacks in the first two rounds.  I'll take at most one running back, unless somebody drops.  With pick 10, for example, I've been doing a whole lot of drafting Demaryius Thomas or AJ Green, followed by Aaron Rodgers early in the second.  An alternative using RB-RB would have me taking Demarco Murray and Giovani Bernard.  I feel a lot safer with the true blue-chippers early, regardless of position.  Safety with high picks, risks with low picks.

If you have a very high first round selection, however, you should totally go RB first.  Jamaal Charles, LeSean McCoy, Matt Forte, and Adrian Peterson shouldn't be passed up for anybody except maybe Jimmy Graham or Calvin Johnson.  Basically, those should be your top six picks in virtually any draft, in virtually any order.  I would then follow up late in the second by getting a top notch guy at a different position from your first guy, whatever that happens to be.  Go for value.

I will have more thoughts and some love-hates as D(raft)-Day approaches.  My drafts for my three conventional leagues are August 23, 24, and 25.  And the defense only league (hell yeah the defense only league) drafts September 1.  Please comment if you have more thoughts, requests on specific topics of discussion, or just want to thank me for burying Ryan.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

My Semi-Humble Lesson on Soccer

Well, it appears as though I got robbed. For a little bit, it looked like I was going to enjoy the prominence I deserve. It looked like Argentina was going to win the World Cup.

However, the German's cheated and won 1-0 in extra time. That's okay. I still reigned supreme in the Group Stage, and I was a cheating German away from taking the whole damn thing. Essentially, I had the most dominant team. I think that's undeniable. I'll just take the whole sweep next time.

But, out of the generous nature of my own heart and my own innate desire to compete, I will give you guys some tips to take with you as you ponder how to stack up with me in four years time. So, without further adieu, here are five tips to live by:

1) Be Me: This one is simple. You have to be me. If you aren't me, you're screwed.

2) Pick the Best Teams: This one is also simple. Don't pick bad teams *Cough* Tim and Tim *Cough* The rest of you will struggle with this one unless, of course, the first tip is met.

3) Actually Do Some Research: This one goes out to Tim Transon. You picked the two teams who were clearly going to finish last in their respective brackets in rounds 3 and 4. Don't do that. That was stupid.

4) Don't Make a Retarded Pick Second Overall: Tim Fodor, you still had Argentina and Germany on the board, and you went with Spain. This was as bad as it gets. May God have mercy on your soul.

5) Be Me: If you aren't me, there is really no point. Sorry. You might as well just concede if you're not me. If you're not me, than the rest of these tips are really just moot.

So there you have it. The 5 essential tips to winning the World Cup pool... You know what? Screw it. I'll give you one more BONUS tip:

6) Don't Be STEVE NOFFKE: If you're Steve Noffke, I think we can pretty much all agree you're screwed. So, don't be him. If you are Steve, there may be some hope: Lobotomy.

In four years, I don't want to hear that my tips were for nothing. If you fail to read this, well, then that's on you. Goodluck!

Friday, June 27, 2014

ACSS World Cup Pool

Now that the Group Stage is over, we can focus on the Knockout round and the winner of the second half of our pool. The good news is everyone still has teams left.


Players with 3 Team(s) Left: 3
Players with 2 Team(s) Left: 2
Players with 1 Team(s) Left:3

We had 2 4th round picks make it through with Nigeria for Colin and Costa Rica for Ryan

We had 2 3rd round pick make it through as well with Algeria for Mark Fodor and Mexico For Ryan

Lastly, only two first round picks didn't make it through. Spain (#2 overall) for Tim Fodor and Portugal (#7 overall) for me

Here is a list of the teams each player has left. Here's a link to the knockout round schedule

  • Dave Weir
    • Geramany
    • Netherlands
  • Mark Fodor
    • Uraguay
    • France
    • Algeria
  • Tim Fodor
    • Greece
    • USA!
  • Ryan Parrent
    • Argentina
    • Mexico
    • Costa Rica
  • Colin O'Shea
    • Colombia
    • Chile
    • Nigeria
  • Steve Noffke
    • Belgium
  • Tim Transon
    • Switzerland
  • Dan Noffke
    • Brazil

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

ACSS World Cup Pool Standings

Hello Everyone

Congrats to Ryan. He won the group stage by 2 points over Colin.

I think we can already give away the award for biggest flop of the tournament to the #2 overall pick Spain! Congrats Tim Fodor on that one. I am excited because my first round pick Portugal was in the running, but  won't have to take that crown.

Below are the standings.These standings are as the completion of play for all Groups

Team Points Goal Dif
Ryan Parrent 24 7
Colin O'Shea 22 9
Dave Weir 20 9
Mark Fodor 17 0
Steve Noffke 17 -5
Dan Noffke 13 -4
Tim Fodor 11 -11
Tim Transon 11 -5

Here is the team by team breakdown

Dave Weir Points Goal Dif
Colin O'Shea Points Goal Dif
Germany 7 5
Columbia 9 7
Netherlands 9 7
Chile 6 2
Bosnia & Herz 3 0
Croatia 3 0
South Korea 1 -3
Nigeria 4 0
Total 20 9
Total 22 9

Mark Fodor Points Goal Dif
Steve Noffke Points Goal Dif
Uruguay 6 0
Portugal 4 -3
France 7 6
Belgium 9 3
Algeria 4 1
Ivory Coast 3 -1
Honduras 0 -7
Japan 1 -4
Total 17 0
Total 17 -5

Tim Fodor Points Goal Dif
Tim Transon Points Goal Dif
Spain 3 -3
Switzerland 6 1
Greece 4 -2
Italy 3 -1
USA! 4 0
Ghana 1 -2
Australia 0 -6
Iran 1 -3
Total 11 -11
Total 11 -5

Ryan Parrent Points Goal Dif
Dan Noffke Points Goal Dif
Argentina 9 3
Brazil 7 5
England 1 -2
Russia 2 -1
Mexico 7 3
Ecuador 4 0
Costa Rica 7 3
Cameroon 0 -8
Total 24 7
Total 13 -4