Sunday, September 23, 2012

Dan's Week 3 Pick Em

I figured I should throw another post in here, so here goes my picks for week 3.

  • Chicago over St Louis
  • Dallas beating Tampa Bay 
  • Buffalo edging out Cleveland 
  • Detroit blowing out Tennessee 
  • Andrew Luck leading Indianapolis over Jacksonville
  • The Jets beating the Dolphins (look for a bigger role for Tebow this game) 
  • San Francisco destroying Minnesota 
  • New Orleans looks like nothing happened this week as they beat the Chiefs 
  • Washington beats Cincinnati 
  • Arizona beats Philly 
  • Atlanta beats San Diego 
  • Houston gets revenge on Peyton Manning by beating Denver soundly
  • Pittsburgh easily wins over Oakland 
  • Baltimore gets revenge for Cundiff's blunder last year and beats New England 
  • Green Bay has no problem beating the team with the best Monday night record the Seattle Seahawks.
  • And my not so bold prediction that overlaps all the games is that the officiating will continue to be flat out terrible.

Happy Week 3 Everybody!