Saturday, October 3, 2009

My Week 4 Predictions

Ravens @ Patriots: Ravens 24-20
Bucs @ Redskins: Redskins 17-16
Titans @ Jags: Jaguars 27-17
Raiders @ Texans: Texans 31-13
Lions @ Bears: Bears 42-13
Bengals @ Browns: Bengals 24-9
Seahawks @ Colts: Colts 34-17
Giants @ Chiefs: Chiefs 20-17
Jets @ Saints: Saints 31-20
Bills @ Dolphins: Bills 20-10
Cowboys @ Broncos: Cowboys 35-17
Rams @ 49ers: 49ers 28-3
Chargers @ Steelers: Steelers 27-24
Packers @ Vikings: Packers 24-16

My Record: 7-9

Fodor's Record: 10-6

There you have it. Btw, I will have a better record than Fodor by the end... I call it.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Weekend Watch

Weekend Watch

No wagers this week, Apparently there is something called baseball going on, I don’t plan on watching any of it until the playoffs start. On to the WATCH!


10:30 AM 2016 Olympic Selection Show

Is this as exciting as CBS’ March Madness selection Sunday? I’d say it close, but after the first round Chicago was done. I’m not going to lie, I never never saw that one coming. Congrats to Rio and South America. (Quick side note, I heard they are already 17 Billion in the hole, anybody else hear this, I’m not being bitter or negative, but I just hope USA does not have to save Rio like it did Athens)

11:00 AM Panthers vs Blackhawks from Finland

Blackhawks opening up overseas is really cool, sadly the Hawks lost in a shootout, but at elast we get 1 point. The Toews jersey didn’t help, oh well we got them again tomorrow.

Pitt at Louisville 7 PM ESPN

I wish this game would have been played a few years ago. Wanny has had his ups and downs with Pitt, but they are right in the middle of the Big East again. Louisville hasn’t been the same since Petrino left.

Who I want to win: Louisville

Who I think will win: Pitt


9 AM ESPN College GameDay

They are at Boston College this week to help in their celebration of a player with cancer. I understand the importance of this, and I know that Cal and Miami lost last week, but I’m still surprised they aren’t at Berkley for Cal Southern Cal, or Miami for THE U vs Oklahoma.

11 AM Blackhawks vs Panthers from Finland

The Hawks scored first, and the Panthers answered. The Hawks scored again, and the Panthers answered. One more time the Hawks scored again, and the Panthers answered. The Hawks need to get the lead and maintain the lead. They shouldn’t have lost on Friday and hopefully they will learn from their mistakes.

Who I want to win: Blackhawks

Who I think will win: Blackhawks

11 AM Michigan at Michigan State Big Ten Network

It’s a rivalry game, MSU needs this win to get there season back on track, Michigan needs to keep winning to reclaim some national respect after last season

Who I want to win: Go Blue!

Who I think will win: Go Blue!

7 PM Oklahoma at Miami & Southern Cal at California

These games make me wish IU would not be playing a night so I could watch them. These game are huge for each team and there season aspirations. All 4 still have an outside shot at the national title, a loss this week would effectively ruin that for them. Miami could start off 3-1 in one of the toughest schedules in the country would be impressive. Just as impressive would be if Oklahoma goes 3-1 without their Heisman winning QB. Cal and Southern Cal have not only national championship thoughts, but they Pac-10 championship. Each already has a loss in the Pac-10 and getting the second one could end the hopes for either.

Who I want to win: The U!

Who I think will win: Oklahoma

Who I want to win: Cal

Who I think will win: Southern Cal

7 PM THE Ohio State University vs Indiana

IU is coming off a tough road loss to face the reigning Big Ten champs in a night game in Bloomington. I wish I was down there for the game cause I bet it’s going to be a fun atmosphere all day. Even with Ohio State’s captain DE being suspended, I don’t know how well IU can hang with them. I hope they do, but OSU just has better players. The good new is, the stadium will be very red so get your camera’s ready.

Who I want to win: IU

Who I think will win: The Ohio State University


Lions @ Bears 12:00

This is the Bears last home game for awhile. The Lions are finally over the hump with a win. I am very happy that this since as a Bears fan. I think the Bears should take care of business this weekend and won’t need two missed field goals to do it.

Who I want to win: Bears

Who I think will win: Bears

Jets vs New Orleans 3:15

I think this is the best game on Sunday. The Blitz York Jets vs TD Orleans Saints. Rex Ryan’s D vs Sean Payton’s O (both with Chicago ties). I personally don’t think the J-E-T-S are for real, I think their D is good, but the O hasn’t faced anybody yet, lucky for them the Saints D isn’t anybody special. This game will come down to how well Brees can read the Blitz and reacts to them. The blitz’s confused Brady and his O-line, how will New Orleans react.

Who I want to win: Saints

Who I think will win: Saints

Baltimore @ New England

I think this will show that Baltimore is the team to beat in the AFC. There defense is still solid and the offense is becoming a force. You can’t count New England out, but they are banged up (Welker, Mayo, Thomas, Brady (yes he’s healthy but he’s still not looking right)) with Lord Bill on the sideline, but this could give either team better direction.

Who I want to win: Ravens

Who I think will win: Ravens


Sporcle Quiz time again. Fodor and I do this all the time, I am ashamed that I only got 35 of 50.

New NFL Power Rankings

Sorry I've been away so long, I had a big paper due for school. Anyways, I'm back with my new NFL power rankings.

1. Giants 3-0

Last year they were the best team in the NFC, the previous year they won the Superbowl, this year they are undefeated.

2. Baltimore Ravens 3-0

This team was one game away from being in the Superbowl last year. This year they seem to have added an offense. This may be the best team in the league, and they were my preseason pick to represent the AFC in the Superbowl.

3. Indianapolis Colts 3-0

Peyton Manning is playing great, and the team is off to a fast start, once again. Thus, the team is 3.

4. New Orleans Saints 3-0

They have dominated their opponents. They've finally got a good ground game to compliment Drew Brees, who has been unbelievable.

5. New York Jets 3-0

They've beaten some pretty good teams on their way to being 3-0. That is why they are here. I still don't believe in Matt Sanchez.

6. Minnesota Vikings 3-0

They're 3-0, yet they've really played no one, and they didn't pull away from some of the worst eams in the league (Browns, Lions) until late in the game. The only reason they are this high is because they are 3-0.

7. Chicago Bears 2-1

A team that is one boneheaded play (Garrett Wolfe, Packers) from being 3-0. They've played the Steelers, and went into the hardest stadium to play in and won. They went 2-1 against probably the hardest part of their schedule. The Bears have also established that they won't crack under pressure as Jay Cutler has actually led the Bears on 3 late game drives to take the lead. It would be nice to see a blowout of the Lions and see the running game get going. Just because Chicago lost the 2016 doesn't mean they aren't going to win the Superbowl (2020 here we come!)

8. Denver 3-0

The only reason they are this high is because they are undefeated. And they did it against some awful teams (Raiders, Browns, Bengals). If they make it to the playoffs they are guaranteed to be one and done.

9. Patriots 2-1

Sort of struggling a bit, but they are an older team. However, Fred Taylor looked good in his first chance. He may make the difference for this team.

10. Atlanta 2-1

Looking like the Falcons of last year, and a possible division winner.

11. Chargers 2-1

Only loss was against a great Ravens team. I could justify putting them at 9.

12. Packers 2-1

The reason they aren't ahead of the Bears is because they didn't look like the better team in that game. The Packers got lucky that they won that game and then proceeded to lose to the Bengals.

13. Bengals 2-1

They beat the Packers, they could have a really good offense, and their defense has been really good. Enough said.

14. 49ers 2-1

Nearly beat the Vikings, beat Seattle, and also beat the Cardinals. If it wasn't for a miracle play this team would be 3-0. This may be too low for them, but they may move up after this week.

15. Philadelphia 2-1

Unlike the Cowboys, they've actually looked good in both of their wins. However, they looked bad in their loss to the Saints. I don't know why people predicted this team to be in the Superbowl this year; they got into the playoffs last year on luck alone.

16. Cowboys 2-1

They struggled against the Panthers and took an entire half before they pulled away from the Bucs. OVERRATED.

17. Seattle 1-2

They're two losses were close, and to two pretty tough teams (Bears, 49ers). That's why they are the best of the worst.

18. Pittsburgh 1-2

A HUGE drop since week 1. They've dropped two straight, including one to the Bengals. However, one can't blame them for them for losing to the Bears.

19. Arizona 1-2

This team has looked BAD since last year. But who really thought they'd be good again?

20. Jacksonville 1-2

A pretty impressive win against the Texans. This team has the talent, we'll see what they can do this year.

21. Raiders 1-2

A close loss to the Chargers, and a bad loss last week, put them here. JaMarcus Russell is awful. Maybe they'll land Colt McCoy this year.

22. Buffalo 1-2

Played a good game against the Saints. Dick Jauron needs to get this team focused quickly if he hopes to hang onto his job.

23. Houston 1-2

They beat the Titans, and almost beat the Jags. They're defense needs to play better if they hope to turn this season around.

24. Lions 1-2

The Lions finally broke out of that slump, and I think they are better than a 4 win team. They have a lot of young players that could mature into real talent. However, that's not happening this year.

25. Redskins 1-2

I was banking on Jason Campbell having somewhat of a breakout year. However, they've look BAD. Ignore that 11-5 or 12-4 prediction I had earlier, this team ain't going anywhere.

26. Titans 0-3

The best of the 0-3 teams, but that is like saying they're the best tasting dog shit. No one cares, glad to see that I was right about this team being a pretender.

27. Kansas City 0-3

They've been close to beating teams. However, they just made a pretty dumb trade (their best qb for probably a mid-round draft pick). They do seem like they are trying to completely rebuild, but overpaying Matt Cassell was not the way to do it.

28. Dolphins 0-3

They landed Tyler Thigpen and could improve as a result. Their still bad though.

29. Carolina 0-3

Jake Delhomme has been awful since the playoffs. Sucks for me because Steve Smith is on my fantasy team.

30. Tampa Bay 0-3

They're defense sucks, they're offense sucks, they suck, period.

31. St. Louis Rams 0-3

They move up in my mind, and not because of their play, but because the Browns are just unbelievably bad.

32. Cleveland Browns 0-3

Can they score their first touchdown in 10 games? We'll find out. One thing is for sure, they are doing their best to land Sam Bradford. Yay, another QB in the first round. Have fun sucking Cleveland!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Briggs A Winner!

With the Face of The Defense out for the season, it's about damn time that Lance Briggs gets his due. All this guy has done is be our best linebacker for at least the last four seasons, and this week he got an honor that has somehow eluded him for his entire career.

Lance Briggs: I present to you the NFC Defensive Player of the Week. 8 tackles, 2 TFL, 1 sack, 1 INT, 2 passes defensed. Nice.

Briggs' problem, to some extent, is that he isn't a sack guy. In his pro and college careers, combined, he has only 17 sacks. (thanks, Wikipedia.) The media likes to recognize LB's like DeMarcus Ware, Ray Lewis, etc., who get a ton of sacks. Lance is something different - he is a monster in coverage and a killer tackler in space, equally able to bring down the NFL's best wide recievers, running backs, and tight ends.

Basically, he turns your average ten yard gain on the weak side into a five-yard gain and third down.

I'll take that over 95% of the linebackers in the entire league any day.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Links, Because I'm Lazy

On Bleacher Report: The 25 Funniest Sports Mascots --> link goes to #10, my personal favorite. Definitely worth the click because every commercial includes the... commercial itself. I love the YouTube generation.

Rick Morrissey is kind of an idiot. It's either Cutler is terrible or Cutler is the second coming of Brady. Make up your mind, dude.

EDIT: A lot of dislike for the idea of the Olympics in Chicago, as evidenced by Jon Greenberg here at espn/chicago. Personally, I am all in favor.

ONE MORE: Top 11 Pickup Ballers We Love To Hate. Been saving this one on my computer for a while. Seattle Times.

More coming later today, as I peruse the Internet. Meanwhile, props to Ray Rice, who scored his FIRST NFL TOUCHDOWN Sunday! Way to go, kid. Just think, the Bears could have had him and Forte in last year's draft.