Friday, July 16, 2010

Top Chef Power Rankings (07/14/10)

A good episode last night that involved some awkward cooking situations and some cold weather (for people from Miami). I thought the episode was just ok, but I think it showcased something I’ve been feeling all season. These Chefs really do not like each other. Yes I know it might be editing and how the story tellers are telling it, but from what I see, they do not get along at all. They are quick to throw each other under the bus, a bunch of them have said in confessionals that they don’t like person X and last night, they spent 5 minutes of the show showing everyone yelling at each other. I know other seasons have had some hate, like Hosea hating Stephan and most of Top Chef 3 not liking hung, but not really hating him. Compared to this season, those look tame. From the preview of last week I don’t see it getting much better.

Tim looked to produce another unspectacular dish and was sent home. It was clear that he had lost all his confidence by the time the elimination challenge came along. He was second and triple guessing himself, yet somehow was still surprised when he ended up in the bottom. He was my top choice to be sent packing when he didn’t finish in the top of the crab challenge. That quickfire was designed for him to win, and he couldn’t even get to the top 3.

On to the Power Rankings

Thursday, July 15, 2010

World Cup in the Rearview Mirror

Since we have four years to go until the next one (Rio, baby!), it's definitely not too late to look back on South Africa 2010. It was a tournament with some of the most exciting soccer action I've ever seen, and also some painfully awful play.

I gotta say, doing the pool was a blast -- I probably feel better about it because of Spain, but really everybody had a shot at one of the two rounds. Now where's my money at?


LeBron James: The Moron

A bit late but better than never. This is my article on why LeBron James is a total moron. LeBron James just left a team that in two consecutive years had the best record in the NBA. They were eliminated last year possibly because of his injuries in the playoffs. Oh, and the fact that he quit.

Now, LeBron James has taken his talents to South Beach. He has abandoned a team that he essentially built up. He has taken his "brand" and thrown it down the toilet. He is playing on Dwyane Wade's team with the uber-overrated Chris Bosh. He seems to think he has given the Cavs fans a lot. Well, he gave them nothing but playoff losses and heartache.

College Football is Coming!

Today we got a dispatch from Iraq (thanks, Alec) reminding us at the Superstar that while it may be 90 degrees outside right now (okay, maybe a bit hotter over there), we're not too far away from September in the grand scheme of things.

And you know what September means, boys and girls.
(that's right... three wins and high hopes for Indiana that will inevitably lead to heartbreak. The annual Bill Lynch tease.)

I digress. Here's a nice article from Hail to Purple regarding Northwestern's preseason rankings in the major magazines and online. Interesting tidbit: Because the big mags (like Athlon) tend to market to bigger audiences, NU almost always gets screwed over.

Also, more evidence that Mark Schlabach is an idiot; he "called NU one of the teams most likely to 'freefall' in 2009 vs. 2008 and predicted no bowl for the 'Cats."

I'm thinking we will have our own college football preview out soon, so let us know what you want to read about.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Bulls Summer League Game II: The Clippers

I realized today that one of the big reasons that the Bulls didn't land LeBron was that Chicago management told him they wouldn't provide paid positions for all of LeBron's boys. Forget where I read that - New York Times, maybe?

If that's the case, then good riddance and I'm proud of Reinsdorf, Gar, and Pax.

Just some tidbits from tonight's game:

Derrick Rose is in attendance, taking notes on players with Randy Brown, who I believe does player development for the Bulls.

Chris Webber is one of the announcers: Cool!

The squad seems to have found a good lineup with John Lucas III (8pt, 2ast in first quarter), Matt Bouldin, Samardo Samuels, James Johnson, and Trent Plaisted. All of these guys have at least a 25% to make the team. More coming later. They're interviewing Coach Thibodeau now.

Lucas is absolutely on fire, hitting two treys in a row to open the second quarter as the Bulls lead 26-16.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Bulls Summer League Game One: Nuggets

How sad am I that the World Cup is over/desperate for real sports to start up again?

Well, the Chicago Bulls have their very first Las Vegas Summer League match (starting NOW on ESPN3: The Ocho) and I'm goanna watch it and report back for everybody! They're playing the Nuggets, who star Ty Lawson from UNC (28pts, 7ast in their last game) as well as J.R. Smith (what is he still doing playing Summer League?).

First off, let's take a look at the Bulls' roster. A couple of guys have NBA experience. James Johnson should probably be the standout on the team. He's the only guy I expect to contribute for Chicago this season, and if he doesn't play well in Summer League, Gar and Pax better be looking for a replacement.

Other "veterans" on the squad include Joe Alexander, who came from the Bucks in the Salmons trade, Chris Richard, who signed a series of 10-day contracts with the Bulls and played fairly well, and others.

Game on! Chris Richard wins the tip. After a Derrick Byars made three-pointer, Johnson blocks a shot with a foul.

I'll be back with some analysis after the first quarter.