Thursday, May 20, 2010

Kelvin Sampson next head coach for the Bulls?

I saw this today thought it was interesting. KC Johnson of the Tribune mentions in his article that the Bulls could look at former IU and Oklahoma coach Kelvin Sampson for the vacant head coaching position. I always thought he was a solid X's & O's coach, but not sure how he would do at the NBA level. Any other thoughts on this?,0,3151299.story

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Dear Sox: NOOOOO!

This scares the hell out of me.

Mark Buehrle is nervous that he might be traded?!

"If we don't win and this team gets blown up and gets traded, nothing you can do about it," Buehrle said Tuesday. "As far as the day when I'm a 10-and-5 guy (10 years of service and at least the last five with the same team), I'm looking forward to it." -Tribune

Uh. I'd be upset enough about trading AJ Peezy. Let's not even talk about this possibility, okay, Kenny?

Sunday, May 16, 2010

World Cup TV Schedule Has Arrived

And here it is! They're broadcasting the games live. Lots of 10 AM starts...

It's about time to get our pool together, guys. I'm thinking a serpentine draft of teams, and 2 points for a win/1 for a draw in the opening rounds, then 4-6-8-10 in the playoff rounds?

Who's with me?

PS- I want that Italia goalie jersey shown above.