Friday, November 5, 2010

Indiana vs. Iowa: Let's Talk Stanzi

Ricky Stanzi may not be the most talented (Dan Persa) or best-known (Terrelle Pryor) or fastest (Shoelace) quarterback in the Big Ten, but he sure as hell wins in one category: This kid is a PATRIOT.

... which is why I will be making a "STANZI VOTED FOR OBAMACARE" sign for the game. You know, see if we can get in his head a little bit.

Seriously though, I don't expect IU to put up much of a fight tomorrow at The Rock. You can see ESPN's preview of the game HERE - some of the highlights include the following: expected low temperature is 28 degrees, with a high of 49 (and we're starting the tailgate HOW early again?!).

Also, Iowa just demolished Michigan State, at the time undefeated. They rank twelfth in the nation in defense, and Indiana officially has the worst rushing attack in the Big Ten. Expect Ben Chappell and Adrian Clayborn to be spending some time together tomorrow.

Anyways, God bless America, and God bless Football. Isn't that right, Ricky?

Also, Northwestern takes on Penn State tomorrow in Happy Valley. This is a big game for both teams, as NU is already bowl-eligible but lacks a win they can really feel proud of (Minnesota? Indiana? Ehh...). Meanwhile, Joe Paterno is stuck at 399 wins, which makes this a potential milestone game. And NU QB Dan Persa is from Pennsylvania, but wasn't recruited by Penn State.

Game's on at 3:30, you can expect me to be posted up at Yogi's after a long, chilly morning of tailgate.