Friday, June 15, 2012

Euro 2012 Standings 06/14/12

After an exciting rounds of games yesterday, the leaderboard in the ACSS pool is starting to get tighter.

Italy went to a tie with Croatia which put's Fodor's number 2 pick in a tough situation. Assuming Croatia and Spain tie, Italy has to win by 3 or more goals to move on into the elimination stage. Lucky for them, they are playing Ireland who just let in 4 goals against defensive minded Spain.

Going into the tournament, I was pretty sure Czech Republic was the worst team, I think it's pretty clear that it's Ireland.

Fodor and Tim are tied again and even the tied with the +/- of goals scored. Each of them have now moved within 2 points of Ryan, who's only team, Ireland, lost yesterday. Tim has a slight advantage since he still has one team, England, to play their 2nd game of the tournament. Ryan can expand his lead today with Ukraine going.

I am still in dead last with 0 teams playing yesterday. I still only have 2 ties on my resume and 0 victories. My #1 pick is a dead man walking, Greece isn't that good, and Sweden missed it's best chance by blowing a 1-0 to Ukraine. Basically I have to cheer for France to do well, and who wants that.

Team Rankings Points Back Tie Breaker
Ryan 1
Fodor 2 -2 2
Shark 3 -2 2
Noffke 4 -11 -4

Points +/-
Noffke 2 -4
Netherlands 0 -2
France 1 0
Greece 1 -1
Sweden 0 -1

Shark 11 2
Spain 4 4
England 1 0
Denmark 3 0
Czech Republic 3 -2

Fodor 11 2
Portugal 3 0
Italy 2 0
Croatia 4 2
Poland 2 0

Ryan 13 0
Germany 6 2
Russia 4 3
Ukraine 3 1
Ireland 0 -6

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Euro 2012 Standing

Through 6 days of competition there has been a lot of twist and turns. Some teams have shined and others and flopped (Cough Netherlands Cough Cough. Honestly who drafted them. The race is still up in the air and I will update the blog daily with standings and Updates.

Even though some teams are very close to clinching, Germany Russia, every team still has a chance to advance.

Ryan has a comfortable lead with 13 point based on the strength of the Germans, #1 pick, and Russia.

 Fodor and Tim were tied after all teams with round 1 and had the lead over Fodor yesterday, but didn't get any points while Fodor's #1 pick Portugal scored a victory for him.

I am in deadlast 11 points back. None of my teams have won yet only having 2 ties. As I look at my roster, I don't know how I can come back and win the group stage.

Team Rankings Points Back Tie Breaker
Ryan 1
Fodor 2 -4 2
Shark 3 -5 -2
Noffke 4 -11 -4