Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Baseball Time

I am too lazy to come up with my own format, so here is my take on how this season will shake out in baseball.


Cy Young: Tim Lincecum
MVP: Joey Votto

NL East: Braves
NL Central: Brewers
NL West: Giants
NL Wild Card: Reds

NL Pennant: Reds

Unlike my Noffke counterpart, I think the Phillies are extremely overrated and although they have the pitching, I heard on ESPN that the Phillies scored less than 3 runs in 73 of their games last year and losing Werth means having to win games 1-0. I really like the Brewers lineup top to bottom this year and with Prince's contract situation I expect great things this year. The Giants and Rockies could be interchangeable in the west and it will come down to who goes on a winning streak down the stretch. I will however take the Giants.


AL Cy Young: CC Sabathia
MVP: Carl Crawford

AL East: Red Sox
AL Central: Twins
AL West: Rangers
AL Wild Card: Yankees

AL Pennant: Red Sox

As a Yankees fan it really hurts to have the Red Sox win the pennant, but they are STACKED! That being said the Yankees will win enough games this year to mae the wildcard. No real competition in the west making the Ranges pick easy and then there was the central... The tigers and sox have greatly improved, but much like the brewers I like their lineup way to much not to pick them. Their only drawback is that they will have to score 6 runs a game to win. I really like the sox rotation but I'm not sure if it will hold up down the stretch.

World Series Title: Boston

Too. Much. Talent.
Pending a team killing plane crash or a curse that hurts their entire rotation there is no way that the Red Sox will not roll through the playoffs. As previously stated I hate picking them but I cant foresee an alternate ending.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Brand New One Month Away Mock Draft

Alright, we've had the combine, the senior bowl, and most of the pro days. Now, all that is left, is the really the draft, which happens in one month. So, here I go, taking my second to last shot at the draft (I will post my last mock draft in the comments of Steve and Fodor's annual mock draft). So, I will begin:

1. Carolina Panthers - Blaine Gabbert QB

I see the Panthers making a costly, costly mistake and drafting a Bust of QB with their first overall pick. Shoulda gone with...

2. Denver Broncos - Patrick Peterson CB

Easily the best player in the draft IMO. The guy has the size of a safety and the speed of a corner. Not to mention he played man-to-man coverage through out most of his college career. This guy is the sure fire pick of the draft.

3. Buffalo Bills - AJ Green WR

The Bills cannot afford to take a risk on Cam Newton since they have been bad for waaaaay too long.

4. Cincinatti Bengals - Cam Newton QB

I see the Bengals making a dumb pick here, and selecting a raw, headcase, who doesn't have as much NFL caliber talent as everyone is saying.

5. Arizona Cardinals - Marcell Dareus DT

The first defensive lineman off the board in a draft that is stocked with them. The Cardinals improve the interior of their d-line since there is no one worth picking here.

6. Cleveland Browns - Julio Jones WR

The Browns need to improve their WR corp for the sake of both Colt McCoy and Peyton Hillis.

7. San Francisco 49ers - Prince Amukamara CB

The 49ers could use some help at CB. They would first look for a young QB to select, but there is honestly no one worth value here. They could wait til the second round and nab someone like Christian Ponder, Ryan Mallet, or Jake Locker.

8. Tennessee Titans - Vonn Miller DE

The Titans could go Nick Fairley here, but I think they see Miller as too much of a value pick at this position. Thus, I can't see them passing up Fairley.

9. Dallas Cowboys - Tyron Smith LT

I know the Cowboys have never selected an O-Lineman in the first round under Jerry Jones, but I cannot see them being that stubborn. I think they'll improve their old as balls OL with the best prospect on the board.

10. Washington Redskins - Nick Fairley DT

The Redskins can finally replace Albert Fatass Haynesworth with someone who is eager to play.

11. Houston Texans - DaQuan Bowers DE

The Texans are ecstatic that Bowers dropped this far. They add him to their d-line in hopes that him and Mario Williams will be a beastly combination for quite a few years.

12. Minnesota Vikings - JJ Watt DE

I could see the Vikings taking the Wisconsin boy. They would've had a great opportunity to scout him over the college season, and would likely have great access to him. Not to mention he is flying up the Boards anyways.

13. Detroit Lions - Gabe Carimi OT

People seem to love Carimi's work ethic, and motor. Plus, this is another guy the Lion's likely have a strong scouting report on. I see the two Wisconsin products going back to back.

14. St. Louis Rams - Corey Luiget DT

The Rams are apparently extremely interested in Luiget. Since both the WR's are gone, I can see them nabbing Luiget here.

15. Miami Dolphins - Mark Ingram RB

With what is available at this position, I cannot see the Dolphins doing much else. If one of the two QB's fell, then yes. However, I cannot see them reaching for a QB at this point. But, my money is on the Dolphins trading out of this pick, as long as there is a CBA.

16. Jacksonville Jaguars - Robert Quinn DE

The Jacksonville Jaguars almost always select a DE with their first pick (which is extraordinarily sad). Quinn drops far enough for the Jaguars to jump at the chance to nab him.

17. New England Patriots - Aldon Smith DE

The Patriots need help in the pass rush, which is why they select Smith. Why do the Patriots continue to get tons of picks in the draft? Despite their multitude of picks in rounds 1-3, they were awarded 4 compensatory picks, I believe I read an article which said that (gotta love fact checking).

18. San Diego Chargers - Brooks Reed DE

I just have a feeling that they will by-pass the other lineman and select Reed. He is moving up the charts fast, and had an amazing combine.

19. New York Giants - Nate Solder OT

The Giants need an olineman, and decide that this is the best value at their pick. Solder, IMO, will be a bust, but hey, I've been wrong MANY times before.

20. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Cameron Jordan DE

The Bucs cannot believe Jordan drops to them, so they select him. I feel like the first round is 100% d-linemen.

21. Kansas City Chiefs - Phil Taylor DT

The Chiefs need a nose tackle, and Taylor can be that, sort of... However, the Chiefs are hard up to give Hali more help with the pass rush.

22. Indianapolis Colts - Anthony Castonzo OT

The Colts want to help Peyton Manning stay upright. That way, he won't throw as many picks. Somehow the media understands that this is what caused Manning's issues, but has yet to address the same issues in a fair light with Cutler. Biased much?

23. Philadelphia Eagles - Mike Pouncey OG/C

The Eagles need help on their o-line, so that way Vick can "look down field," as the commentators would have you believe he does, as opposed to taking off running. My guess is that Vick continues to be the same guy that cannot beat great defenses because he relies too much on his legs.

24. New Orleans Saints - Muhammad Wilkerson DT

The Saints land a nice 3-tech DT for their defense. They continue to improve their defense so that they can return to the Superbowl.

25. Seattle Seahawks - Jake Locker QB

The Seahawks surprise everyone by going with their hometown hero. They need a QB, he is projected to be a second round pick, but one QB always gets nabbed, and he played for Washington. Could this pick make any more sense?

26. Baltimore Ravens - Torrey Smith WR

The Ravens need a downfield threat to keep the defenses honest. They think they land that here, but I think they landed Troy Williamson part duex.

27. Atlanta Falcons - Ryan Kerrigan DE

Boy did he ever drop in my mock draft. Going from top 15 pick to late first round. However, the Falcons improve their pass rush by adding Kerrigan.

28. New England Patriots - Derek Sherod OT

The Patriots draft Matt Lyghts eventual replacement. The guy is getting old, and they need someone to take over at LT.

29. Chicago Bears - Cameron Jordan DE/DT

Let me just say I HATE HATE HATE this pick for the Bears. I have a lot of quality DE's dropping in this draft, but all the DT's being nabbed early. Further, there are almost no O-lineman in this part of the draft. I almost went with Jimmy Smith CB, simply because he was the best value in my opinion. But really? I cannot see us drafting that. Don't get me wrong, I think Jordan is an amazing talent. However, at 285 I'm not sure if he's big enough to play DT. If he can play DT, which I guess Tommie was only 10 lbs heavier, then I wouldn't be surprised if the Bears selected him.

30. New York Jets - Adrian Clayborne DE

The Jets need a good pass rushing DE. Last Year, Clayborn would have gone top 10, but he played bad this year. The Jets don't seem to care too much about character issues as they have Cromartie, Braylon Edwards, and Santonio Holmes. Thus, this seems to make sense to me.

31. Pittsburgh Steelers - Jimmy Smith CB

The Steelers could definitely use another corner. Especially if they want to stop the Patriots and Packers passing attacks. Smith falls to them here, and they don't hesitate.

32. Greenbay Packers - Benjamin Ijalana OG

Everyone talks as if the Packers have a great offensive line. They don't. They could take Houston here, but instead they go with Ijalana because they need to protect their investment. Rodgers had 2 concussions last year. And at the current rate, he will be on the cover of Madden, and we all know what happens then...

Bears picks:

1 - Cameron Jordan DE/DT
2 - Orlando Franklin G/T
3 - Ras-I Dowling CB
4 - Austin Pettis WR
5 - Lee Ziemba G/T
6 - Alex Linnenkohl C

I will probably do a 3 round mock when Steve and Fodor do their mock drafts. Mine will be in the comments though and no explanations.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Armchair Superstar Baseball Predictions

So last year I predicted every division, Series and Major award winner. I failed pretty miserably picking the Phillies to beat the White Sox and only had 3 teams in the playoffs correctly. I did however correctly predict King Felix would win the AL Cy Young. So please enjoy this read, and expect absolutely nothing of this to come true.


Cy Young: Cliff Lee - Philadelphia
MVP: Pujols - Cardinals
ROY: Freddie Freeman – Atlanta

Pujols, in a contract year. Good luck to all other MVP candidates. I went Cliff Lee of Roy Halladay because of the whole AL to NL move. I do expect them both to have an amazing years along with Grienke in Milwaukee. Lastly Freddie Freeman is a left handed outfielder who is a ROY candidate in Atlanta. Sound familiar? Yup, Gordon Heyward last year. Heyward has crazy hype around him, and I expect to hear a lot about both him and Freeman and how they are the future of the Braves. I think Bryce Harper is a great player, but holding out for most of last season does not lead to ROY awards.

NL East: Phillies
NL Central: Cardinals
NL West: Rockies
NL Wild Card: Braves

NL Pennant: Phillies

Phillies are the best team in the NL and will go to their 3rd World Series in 4 years. I see the Reds staying with the Cardinals most the year, but in the end, Pujols will put them over the top. Anyone could come out of the west and it wouldn’t surprise me, but I like the Rockies. They are always good for a late run.


AL Cy Young: King Felix - Mariners
MVP: Adrian Gonzalez - Boston
ROY: J.P. Arencibia – Toronto

I went with Arencbia because I expect Toronto to make a push for the post season this year and he will be a big part of it. I am concerned that Jesus Montero will win it because he plays for the Yankees. Adrian Gonzalez is going to have a big year in a new city for a team with World Series aspirations. Lastly, I went with King Felix last year and was right, so why not again.

AL East: Red Sox
AL Central: White Sox
AL West: A’s
AL Wild Card: Yankees

AL Pennant: Red Sox

I know, very risky picks here, going with Yankees and Red Sox to be doing well. I can’t pick against them though, their teams are too loaded. I like what the White Sox have done getting left handed power in Dunn, and if the pitching comes around as expected, could be tough for anyone to beat. The A’s are my surprise team out of the West. They have acquired a lot of talent over the past few years and that pitching staff could end up being best in the bigs.

World Series Title: Phillies

As loaded as the Red Sox are, they can’t compete with the pitching the Phillies have. I see Philadelphia being a wire to wire winner with very few obstacles on their way to the 2011 Title.