Saturday, December 19, 2009

Bear Fans United

Basically, what I am writing about today is a newly formed organization called Bear Fans United. Bear Fans United is asking Bear fans to donate money in order to put up a bill board and take out full page ads in both the Tribune and Sun-Times asking that the McCaskeys fire Lovie, Angelo, and even Phillips. This is a legit organization, and tomorrow's story from David Haugh of the Tribune is going to mention the organization:

"Whatever happens in the next two weeks, the anti-Lovie Smith brigade has mobilized, even if reported Friday night that Smith will return for a seventh season regardless of the final three games. They are raising funds online for billboards and newspaper ads urging the Bears to clean house. They are organizing anti-Lovie protests, like the guy who sat in a lawn chair along 1000 Football Drive for hours last Wednesday holding up a sign that said, "SOS.""

So, I thought I'd just mention this in case anyone was interested. I am unable to donate money as I'm basically broker than a joke. Anywho, the website is: (Notice it says BEAR not BEARS). Donations will go towards bringing in da chin!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Big Ten Trivia

I heard an intresting statement today while watching this on Did you know that every Big 10 school has won atleast 1 National champisonsip in at least 1 NCAA sponsored sport over the last 11 years? So I am trying to think of the title for each school. My Answers in the comments, and I will post the answer later in the week.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Bengals' Chris Henry In Fatal Wreck

Chris Henry was in a fatal Car Crash today on his way home from visiting his fiance in Charlotte. That's sad. The guy had a ton of talent but just seemed like he was too troubled to ever get together. I pray for his family and fiance.

On a related side note, and in all respects to the Henry family, you will notice that we here at Arm Chair Superstar have reported his death before ESPN. However, I don't mean to cheapen his death. I hope the Henry family the best in getting through this horrible tragedy.

UPDATE: Apparently, he was in a fight with his fiance and jumped into the bed of her pickup truck as she was driving away from her house. Only to later be thrown out of the truck.

UPDATE: CBS apparently lied to me. And ESPN was right, in this case it was for the better. Henry is currently still alive.

SN UPDATE: Chris Henry was pronouced dead at 6:30 am Thursday Morning after falling out of the back of the pick up truck after a domestic dispute. Chris Henry was 26.

Back From Hawai’i

As you might have notice, I kind of disappeared from writing for almost 3 weeks. The reason, I got married on November 28th, 2009. Fellow ACSS writers Fodor, Ryan, AJ, Shark Colin, Ben and Derek were all in attendance (we are one big family here after all) at probably the most fun day I can remember. After the wedding my Wife and I took our honeymoon in Hawai’i. So here are more sports related thoughts to Hawai’i.

Weird Game Times.

Hawai’i is currently 4 hours behind Chicago and 5 hours behind the Eastern time zone (Hawai’i is one of two states that no longer use DST so in the summer is 5 and 6 hours behind CST and EST respectively). Because of this, all of a sudden Monday Night Football starts at 3:30. 3:30! And it’s over by 6:45-7. Normally I am just finishing dinner by this point. Think if you work a 9-5 (not really common in Hawai’i but still) you’d miss half the game. Saying that, there is plenty to do in Hawai’i and the locals don’t seem to mind. Since I was out and about most of the day, I had to rely on Sportscenter (which I am sorry, has way to much analysis for me. I’d rather watch ESPNews and watch 25 mins of 1-2 minute highlights then a 30 second highlight and then 5 minutes of breakdown, yawn) to catch up on my sports.

The plus side of this odd time, when I woke up on Saturday morning at 7 o’clock local time, Cincinnati at Pittsburgh was already on. No waiting or watching pre game, just live football as soon as I am up. So that was cool.

Warriors Football

Wisconsin played at Hawai’i while I was out there and won 51-10. We were originally planning on leaving that night so were unable to go to the game. I would have loved to go and watch them do their pre game war dance (I still like to watch Colt do the Haka, but they retired it due it being deemed unsportsmanlike like and having the team receive a 15 yard penalty).

I used to wonder why Hawai’i would start it’s football games at night while they are already so far behind the rest of the country. Well, I found out the reason. Apparently it’s deemed too hot so they want to play night games when it is cooler. It does get warm in the sun, but nothing I don’t think football players can’t handle. Plus this would be an advantage to Hawai’i as they are used to the heat. The late starts is the reason I believe Colt Breenan did not win the Heisman 3 season ago (counting this one as over).

Pro Sports in Hawai’i.

I don’t think pro sports could work in Hawai’i. Honolulu is not a very large city (around 910K) but I think they could support a team. We have already discussed the issue with time, but the biggest problem with a pro team in Hawai’i is the nearest US State is a 4 hour plane flight away. The NFL teams complain about jet lag going to England, what would they say about going to Hawai’i. The travel would be too unbearable. I think Hawai’i’s best hope is to have events (like formerly the pro bowl) but will never have a 100% dedicated team.

Sports I Did.

Sports I participated in while in Hawai’i. I went surfing on the North Shore of Oahu, biked down a volcano and active volcano, went offroading in Kaua'i and Snorkeled (swimming) in a top 10 spot on the planet near Kona. Kona is also where the Ironman triathlon takes place.

The pier the NCL boat docks at is actually the same pier used for the start of the triathlon. I also played darts, but that doesn’t sound as cool as the other items on this list.

So that’s my sports takes on my trip to Hawai’i. It is one of the greatest places on earth and I hope everyone can get out there some time.

Chicago Athlete of the Year (Nominees)

Time of the year to do the fun lists like, Chicago athlete of the year, I have a few ideas of who I would put in the rankings, but before I release my pick, I want to hear what you out there think. Please let me know who I am forgetting and why they should be nominated.

Chicago Bears:

Lance Briggs: Took over as leader on Defense, likely only Pro Bowler from starting 22
Robbie Gould: Most accurate kicker in NFL through 13 weeks

Chicago Bulls:

Derrick Rose: 2009 ROY, NBA Rookie record for points in the first round playoff game.
Ben Gordon: Leading scorer on 2009 Bulls.

Chicago White Sox:
Mark Buehrle: Pitched a Perfect Game

Chicago Cubs:
Am Ram: Once he got went down, so did the Cubs

Chicago Blackhawks:
Patrick Kane: Hatrick in 2nd round of playoffs
Toews: Captain of the Western Conference runner up.

Chicago Fire

Jon Busch: Goal Keeper of the Year Runner Up
Cuauhtemoc Blanco: Best player on Semi-finalist team

I am debating about throwing in High School and Colleges (aka Depaul and Northwestern, U of I does not count) If you want to add some of them feel free.


Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Big Ten To Explore Expansion

According to this article on, the Big Ten is exploring expansion options. Must have read my article.

[Add-on from MF: Stewart Mandel has his take up on, readable here. Important note: The negative effect adding a twelfth team would have on every school's shared revenue, as well as the probability of losing the 2nd BCS bid that the B10 has had 9 out of 12 years. And Mandel's pick for expansion target: Nebraska. I still think Mizzou fits better geographically, but no doubt the 'Huskers are much more prestigious in football history.]