Friday, October 16, 2009

Holy Crap! The Bears Just Got Gaines Adams??

In the category of "Most Unexpected Headlines on", we have a real winner tonight.

Apparently, the Bears just traded a 2010 draft pick for Tampa defensive end Gaines Adams, who will be replaced in the Tampa starting lineup by somebody named Stylez G. White. I am not kidding. Raheem Morris is already jockeying for that #1 pick!

PS - According to his Wikipedia page, Stylez (who used to be Greg White) legally changed his name in 2008, inspired by Michael J. Fox's friend's character in Teen Wolf. Yeah, the same friend that was selling Teen Wolf T-shirts.

Anyway, Adams was the fourth overall selection in 2007 but has only had a combined 13 1/2 sacks in the last two-plus seasons. However, I have to say that every time I've ever seen him play I have loved his athleticism and speed.

Plus, he went to Clemson. You know that's gotta be worth something. Tampa was my fantasy defense last year so I watched a lot of their defensive snaps and he was definitely one of the most intriguing players on the squad.

This guy could be a real difference maker, especially with Izzy Idonije and Anthony Adams hurting, not to mention the ongoing IR spot waiting to happen that we know as Tommie Harris.

If an elite, underachieving talent escaping a lousy team to get to a contender, then playing out of his mind sounds familiar, it's because Braylon Edwards just did it last week. I would love to see Adams be the Braylon of the season on the defensive side of the ball.

Weekend Watch (10/16/09)

We have a pretty full slate of action this weekend, in fact, we actually hit all 4 of the big 4 sports this weekend in the watch. It’s good to be in October. Also some fun scheduling this week, big college games being played early in the day, Red River at 11, SC vs UND at 2:30. I LOVE IT! Also, all the best NFL game are being played in early game. So here is what the Watch is watching this weekend.


Phillies at Dodgers Game 2: 3 CST TBS

Game 2 has already started. I did my humble (yes very humble) breakdown earlier today. Enjoy the nice weather of a baseball game, cause it will be the last time all weekend we will see it. (Baseball is predicting bad weather, so game times might be different). Pedro is throwing today for the Phillies. I don’t care how good he was or how much big game experience he has, I do not want 2009 Pedro starting for my team.

Who I want to win: Dodgers

Who I think will win: Dodgers

Angels at Yankees Game 1: 6:30 CST FOX

First pitch temperature for this game is 41, and it’s supposed to rain. Needless to say I’m glad I didn’t cough up $100+ to go to this game. Hopefully they get the game in or there will be some fun scheduling changes for the MLB to come up with. For tonight’s game, it’s tough betting against a well rested CC, no matter what the weather is like. I think Yankees will take game 1

Who I want to win: Angels

Who I think will win: Yankees

Pittsburgh @ Rutgers 7 PM CST ESPN

Big East in on display for the nation again. I do not think this game will be as exciting as last night, but still competitive. Both teams play a more traditional smash mouth football which as a former O-Lineman, you know I love seeing. Plus Chicagoans love Wanny.

Timberwolves @ Bulls Preseason 7 PM CST

I know basketball junkies like Fodor will probably tune into some action. Game features two of last years top Rookies in Rose and Love. Sounds more like a valentine then a basketball game.

Who I want to win: Bulls

Who I think will win: It’s preseason, so I have no idea, Bulls?

Midnight Madness 8 CST ESPNU

It’s official, teams can practice again. ESPN is going to be at UNC, Duke, and Kentucky among other places. These practices involve little practices, but it is a good way to become familiar with some of the better players on better teams.

Who I want to win: Shirts

Who I think will win: Skins


College Game Day 9 CST

They are live from the Cotton Bowl. Kirk is going to have to duck out early and run up to the booth so some more camera time for Desmond. I think they decided to go here to stay warmer.

Who I want Corso to pick: Texas

Who I think Corso will pick: Texas

Red River Rivalry 11 CST ABC

Both of these teams have had this game circled on the calendar since last year. Oklahoma needs to make up for last years loss. Texas is still feeling jobbed after being kept out of a national title game by a team with the same record that they beat. Even though OU has 2 losses, this pre-season game of the year should still be a fun game to watch. Also, you want to know why I wish I went to a big football school. Both schools get Thursday and Friday off this week.

Who I want to win: Texas

Who I think will win: Texas

Iowa @ Wisconsin 11 CST ESPN

The Heartland Trophy will be up for grabs in the game, and come on, who doesn’t love BACON! This is a big game for both teams. Iowa still isn’t getting national respect (mainly cause of UNI and Arkansas St) and are actually underdogs going into Camp Randle. Wisconsin outplayed Ohio State last week but gave up two pick 6s for touchdowns which turned the game into a blow out. This should be a good Big Ten Game.

Who I want to win: Iowa

Who I think will win: Iowa

Southern Cal at Notre Dame 2:30 CST NBC

Another game I discussed earlier today. Notre Dame comes in ranked and lots of people think this is the year they can finally topple the SC hurdle. SC has had some early struggles but still boast the best O-line in the nation. If the O-line gives Barkley enough time, he will shred Notre Dame’s defense and this game could quickly become a shootout. If Clausen wants any hope of winning the Heisman, he better beat Southern Cal.

Who I want to win: Notre Dame

Who I think will win: Southern Cal

VA Tech at Georgia Tech and Alabama at South Carolina (The Real USC) ABC/ESPN 7CST

The tech bowl! No not Temco Bowl (still the greatest game ever!) Va Tech vs Ga Tech in what should be the best game in the ACC this week. I heard a quote I liked about playing GT, it’s like a season on themselves, because no one else plays anything like GT. Well lets see how the VT D responds.

Who I want to win: Georgia Tech

Who I think will win: Va Tech

People are calling this a potential upset for Alabama. I like South Carolina but I don’t see it, Bama’s defense is too good and I don’t think South Carolina will be able to do much. It is the battle of my two favorite SEC teams so I’ll be watching.

Who I want to win: Alabama

Who I think will win: Alabama

Stars at Blackhawks 7:30 CST WGN

Good news for our friends outside of Chicagoland, the Hawks are on WGN so you will be able to watch them. The Hawks have been playing well, even coming back from 5 down. They are playing exciting hockey (leading league in shots on net) and are winning. There might be some goaltender controversy, but I am not too worried.

Who I want to win: Blackhawks

Who I think will win: Blackhawks


Ravens at Vikings 12 CST CBS

As fellow ACSS writer Ryan pointed out earlier today, Vikings haven’t beaten anybody yet. If they beat the Ravens, I will be a believer. The Ravens are good at stopping the run and get good pressure on the QB. This should really show how good Farve is. The Ravens defense is fast and will enjoy the fast track, but they can play smash mouth with the best of them. The Vikings D-line is going to try to frustrate the Ravens offense. If Flacco has time, I think he will lead the Ravens to victory.

Who I think will win: Ravens

Who I want to win: Ravens

Giants at Saints 12 CST FOX

I am excited for this game. I want to see what the Giants D (mainly the front 4) do to the New Orleans Saints O. Sean Payton (FROM!? NAPERVILLE CENTRAL HIGH SCHOOL!) is great offensive coach and is coming off a bye with enough time to prepare for what the Giants are going to throw at them. The Giants had a quasi bye last week (sorry Oakland) and Eli has subtly become the best road QB in the league. I feel, as Ryan said earlier, until NY loses, they are the best team in the league.

Who I think will win: Giants

Who I want to win: Giants

Phillies at Dodgers Game 3: 7 CST TBS

Series shifts back to Philly for the next three days. If the Phillies win all at home, they will win the series, Dodgers need at least 1.

Who I want to win: Dodgers

Who I think will win: Phillies

Bears at Falcons 7:15 CST NBC

Bears return to the Dome where they suffered a painful loss. Last time they played on Sunday Night Football, Jay Cutler threw 4 ints, and the Bears still almost won. The Falcons offense is one of the best in the league, there D leaves something to be desired. The winner of this game becomes the undisputed 4th best team in the NFC. Should be a good one

Who I want to win: Bears

Who I think will win: Bears

Would you Rather: See Notre Dame or Chicago Bears Win this Weekend

As I am writing this article, I know I am going to get killed by Fodor, Ryan, Jamie and if Colin still reads the site, Colin.

So I heard an interesting question today; would you rather see the Bears win in Atlanta or Notre Dame beat USC? Instantly I know all of you are thinking, BEARS and move on.

But sit and think about this for a second. I will give you four solid reasons why I would rather see Notre Dame win this weekend then the Bears.

1. Bears Can Recover

First off, The Bears can recover from the loss. Yes I want to see the Bears go 15-1 overall on their way to the Super Bowl, but Atlanta is a good team and will be playing at home. The Falcons are 9-1 in the Georgia Dome in the Mike Smith era. So a loss for the Bears in Atlanta wouldn’t be the end of the season. Last year was frustrating and heartbreaking in the Dome, and it ultimately cost us a place in the playoffs. But had we won the last game against Houston, we would have made the playoffs. So even with a loss here, the Bears can recover from.

2. Too Much Tim Tebow

I don’t know about you, but I tired of Tim Tebow just shortly after his first jump pass in freshman year. (I like how people are mentioning him winning his third national championship this year, even though he wasn’t the starter (former Bear Cris Leak was) and was more or less along for the ride in the first one.) I could write lots and lots about my annoyance of Tim Tebowmania, but what does he have to do with Notre Dame Southern Cal? Well if Notre Dame wins, Jimmy Clausen now becomes a legit Hiesman contender and could keep the trophy away from Tebow for the second staright year. Tebow is not having as good of year as he did the previous two, but neither are any of the other major contenders. If Clausen plays well, he could be the QB to take home the Trophy

3. I hate Southern Cal

There are few teams in professional sports I dislike year over year as much as Southern Cal. I think the Cowboys, would be the only team close. I do respect Southern Cal for being brave in their scheduling (even if they always plan on having an extra week to prepare for a big game) but man, they are just annoying. A loss for Southern Cal would ruin any chance this team has for a national title. SC still has a long way to go with a win, but this would end it for good.

4. Love them or hate them, Notre Dame is fun when they are prominent

People love talking about Notre Dame regardless of their feelings toward the school. Notre Dame has been a general non factor most this decade even with a couple of good seasons and BCS berths. Having Notre Dame in the mix and cheering for them or against them (like me and Southern Cal) is fun.

So there you have it, start ripping me, I can take it. Honestly, if I like to see them both win.

Week 6 Picks

Wow, I was doing AWESOME after the noon games. The 3:15 games really kicked the shit out of me, and Fodor. Anywho, here are my predictions:

Houston @ Cincinnati: Houston 24-20
Detroit @ Green Bay: Packers 31-24
Baltimore @ Minnesota: Baltimore 27-17
Giants @ New Orleans: Saints (upset) 31-28
Cleveland @ Pittsburgh: Steelers 24-6
Carolina @ Tampa Bay: Panthers 24-17
Kansas City @ Washington: Kansas City 20-17
St. Louis @ Jacksonville: Jacksonville 31-20
Philadelphia @ Oakland: Philadelphia 41-17
Arizona @ Seattle: Arizona 30-21
Tennessee @ New England: New England 31-27
Buffalo @ New York Jets: Jets 17-7
Chicago @ Atlanta: BEARS 31-17
Denver @ San Diego: Chargers 38-10 (Upset blow out!)

My Record Last Week: 8-6

Fodor's Record Last Week: 7-7

My Overall Record: 24-20 (.545)

Fodor's Overall Record: 26-17 (.604)

I'm gaining on you Fodor!

Week 6 Power Rankings: Defensive Domination

1. Merriman's Roid Rage 4-1 (AJ)

Only one loss all year, he leads the way in power rankings. Expect him to fall after this week... when I kick his ass!

2. Bearin' Down 3-2 (Me)

I took down Fodor last week, which is why I move ahead of him. Expect me to be sitting at that number one spot after this week. AJ, I'd be very scared if I were you!

3. The U! 3-2 (Fodor)

Man, has anyone else fallen so fast. My guess, Steve gets his first win this week against Fodor.

4. Forte-Six Defense 0-5 (Steve)


MLB Championship Series Breakdown

Déjà vu all over again. The biggest change this year, LA has home field advantage through out. I think the key to the series will be how the Dodgers starting pitchers do against the Phillies bats. The Dodgers have a fantastic bullpen, so if the starters can get to the 6th or 7th with the lead or tied, the Dodgers bullpen can carry them to victory.

But getting to the 6th or 7th against the Phillies might be difficult task for the Dodgers starting against the Phillies line up that includes Howard, Ibanez, Utley and more. Also the Phillies have the best pitcher in the series in Lee which is a big advantage. I see this series going the distance, and home field in game 7 is huge.

Who I think will win: Dodgers in 7

Who I want to win: Dodgers

40 degrees wins 15-20 MPH. And today is supposed to be the nice game. Weather will be the talk of the first two games of the series until the game shift to LA. The series itself should be very entertaining and I think each team is built for their home stadium. The Yankees have power hitting and power pitching which is what they need to win in the New Yankee Stadium. The Angels are built to play a closer version to small ball which works well for them in Anaheim. So who wins, Power or small ball? I kind of like small ball, being able to manufacture runs when your offense goes cold could be key.

My biggest concern for the Angels is how will the back end of their bullpen do? That’s what did the Twins in in the previous series. We know what they Yankees have. Rivera is almost always money (Except against the Diamondbacks in 2001). So can the Angels close out the game when the most pressure is on? I am not sure.

Speaking of Yankee pitching, the Yankees are plan on throwing CC games 1, 4, and 7. He proved last year on the Brewers that he can pitch well on short rest.

I do think playing 3 in a row in LA/Anaheim will benefit the Angels. If they can get 1 in New York, I could see them taking all 3 in LA. However, if they have to get that 1 win in New York in Game 7, that could be hard to do.

Who I think will win: Yankees in 7

Who I want win: Angels

Thursday, October 15, 2009

New Power Rankings: Week 6

1. Giants 5-0

Until they lose, their number one.

2. Colts 5-0

How dominant have they been? Right now, 100% of the MVP votes should be going to Peyton Manning

3. Saints 4-0

They had a bye week last week. So, their players got rest for their HUGE game against the Giants this week.

4. Viqueens 5-0

How overrated are they? Well they've beaten the Rams, Browns, Lions (a combined 2-13) and the Packers (2-2; 6-10 last year and look like the same team) and the 49ers (overrated?). Well, to me, that says they are completely overrated. I expect a two score win by the Ravens this week, with about 3 picks.

5. Denver 5-0

Has there ever been a worse 5-0 team in the HISTORY of the NFL? ESPN's power rankings say, "The Broncos have silenced more doubters each week to the point where far fewer are around." That's just dumb. They beat the beloved New England Patriots and teams start saying this team is good. New England isn't good. And the Broncos are worse.

6. Chicago Bears 3-1

If I could, they'd be number 1 right now. This team is the best team in the NFC in my opinion, which is a fact. Btw, ESPN has the Bears ranked 12; that puts us behind 3 two loss teams -- Patriots, Jets, and Ravens. Anyone notice what coast all those teams are from?

7. Atlanta 3-1

They're gonna get their asses kicked this weekend. Enough said. 31-13. Btw, they deserve to be here b/c of their beat down on San Francisco.

8. Bengals 4-1

Okay, okay, they are starting to impress me. Beating the Steelers, Ravens, Packers, and Browns. That's 2 really quality wins, one eh win, and one you should have won. Considering they were one lucky ass play from being 5-0, I'd say they deserve to be here. If they can continue this trend, they'll convince me further.

9. Eagles 3-1

Another team that is totally overrated because of ESPN. How does an elite team get blown out at home? Answer: THEY DON'T! Minus the Bears in 2006, who, by the way, should have won that Superbowl. But, I'm not going to talk about it. Who have they beat? Kansas City, Carolina, and Tampa Bay. Wow, impressive, especially considering they got blown out by the one team that they played that was actually good.

10. Ravens 3-2

I still think this is the best team in the AFC. They're defense is dominant, Joe Flacco looks great, and they have some solid backs. I think we'll see them lose 20-12 to the Bears in the Superbowl.

11. Steelers 3-2

They move up a spot only because they are the Superbowl Champions. However, they have been far from impressive this year and if they play a close game against the Browns than they are going to drop like a rock in these rankings.

12. Chargers 2-2

The Chargers are gonna make the Broncos look ridiculous this year, count on it.

13. Arizona 2-2

I'm convinced they're going to win the division this year. However, that is by far the worst division in the NFL.

14. Jets 3-2

Although they lost to the Dolphins and the Saints, those might both be quality teams. We'll find out.

15. Packers 2-2

The Packers could be good, they could be bad. I don't see what all the fuse is about. They should be 1-3. One stupid special teams play away from the Bears being #3 on these rankings.

16. 49ers 3-2

They looked bad against the Falcons. That just goes to show you how overrated the Vikings are. Save one miracle play at the end of the game, and they go into Minnesota and beat the Vikings.

17. Patriots 3-2

The Patriots are the AFC's version of the Cowboys. A mediocre team that gets a lot of credit for nothing. They suck and they'll miss the playoffs for a second straight year.

18. Cowboys 3-2

They are the Cowboys of the... wait, they are the Cowboys. Its hard to call them even a mediocre team with the quality wins they have (Carolina, Tampa Bay, and KC) compared to the losses (Broncos and Giants). They have looked bad in all of their wins too. They suck.

19. Dolphins 3-2

Was anyone else impressed with this last victory? I certainly was.

20. Seattle 2-3

I can't justify the Jaguars being above Seattle after Seattle embarrassed them. Seattle could be the best team in that division, the rest of the season will decide that.

21. Jaguars 2-3

While they looked bad in one of the hardest stadiums to play, I still think they're gonna get the other wildcard spot this year.

22. Houston 2-3

They have a great offense (Schuab, Slaton, Daniels, Johnson, and Walter). They could use a little help on their defense. Oh well, maybe 1 or 2 years out from being a real contender for their division.

23. Carolina 1-3

I can't justify putting the Redskins above them, since (a) Carolina beat them; and (b) the Redskins nearly lost to the Rams and Tampa Bay. Thus, Carolina deserves to be here.

24. Detroit 1-4

They're here because they nearly beat the defending Superbowl Champions. But they drop because the lost. Plus, they beat the skins.

25. Redskins 2-3

The only reason they are this high is because they've got two wins. However, they have three losses (Lions, Panthers, and Giants). Two of those teams are awful, and they came close to losing to two horrible teams in the Rams and Bucs. By the way, why the HELL is the NFC East Schedule so damn easy?

26. Cleveland 1-4

They beat the Bills in perhaps the worst game ever. Congratulations.

27. Bills 1-4

Similarly, Congratulations in playing (and losing) in one of the worst games of all times. You're on your way to a top 5 pick!

28. Raiders 1-4

When do you decide to bench JaMarcus Russell? This team is full of crappy players.

29. Tennessee 0-5

Congratulations, after this week you'll probably be 1-5 after you beat the Cowtriots.

30. Kansas City 0-5

They're this high only because they nearly got a win last week.

31. Bucs 0-5

They are not the worst team only because I actually expect them to get at least 1 win this year.

32. Rams 0-5

However, I do not expect them to get a victory. You can tell you're historically bad when you turn the ball over multiple times in a game without being touched. Wow...

There you have it!

Top Chef Power Rankings 10/15/09

Solid episode all around. They Cheftestants had to show off their pig cooking skills. Fodor must have enjoyed the hating on Robin. I think she just likes talking and gets under people’s skin, I don’t think she’s intentionally evil like some other contestants in past seasons. Toby Kieth had the line of the night comparing American Pinot to French Pinot calling French Pinot a hairy armpit. Listening to the Chef’s talk about their dish before they made it, you could tell Laurine and Ash were in trouble as they were cooking out of their comfort zone. No surprise they were on the bottom. Lastly, the Top 4 Chef’s last night were the same 4 Chef’s who have been the Top 4 in the Power Rankings for most of the year which leads to no change at the top.

Top Shelf

Kevin “Red Beard” Gillespie

“Red Beard” continued his strong run with another elimination challenge win. He claims to have a pig tattoo saying pig is his favorite dish to serve. He said he would be disappointed if he didn’t win. The dish came out solid and he continues his run on top.

Bryan Voltaggio

Bryan went out and performed again. He made a top dish again, he is the model of consistency for top chefs. I think this is the first time he didn’t win when his brother was in the final with him. I did find it interesting how it seems like Michael is trying to get in Bryan’s head and not take any crap from him and dishing it out. If fellow chef’s are noticing then it might be something. I don’t think it will be enough to break Bryan

Jennifer Carroll

A solid night for her again. I am starting to worry about her perfectionist attitude. So far it has worked for her, but I could see a time sensitive challenge where it could come back to bite her in the butt. Also, we have a new conspiracy theory out there, Jamie thinks the reason Jen never wins is all the guests judges are male and choose a male to win. I think it’s a group decision who wins, but Jamie disagrees. What do you think.

Michael Voltaggio

He had a good comeback week after finishing in the bottom two the week before. He didn’t do enough to move higher in the rankings. Like I mentioned with Bryan, I’m interested to see if he is going to try to psyche out his brother.

Middle of the Pack


Eli had a good night, winning the quick fire and making a good dish. His biggest draw back was his food’s pairing with the wine. I found that amusing because in the quick fire and the elimination challenge he was talking about how he knew how to pair items and nobody else really did. Well, apparently not.

Michael Isabella

He’s is the happiest person on the planet that there are still two bad chef’s behind him. He hasn’t done anything special or bad all season, and as long as bad chefs are on, he’ll continue to rid in the middle of the pack.

Chopping Block

I honestly don’t see how either of these two Chef’s are still here. Not saying they should have left and Ash should have stayed, but holy cow, we are at restaurant wars and these two are still here, that’s crazy. I hope they don’t end up on the same team and have the other two chefs pull them to victory.

Robin Levnenthal

As much as there is a dislike for her, and her cooking skills, she still isn’t the worst chef on the show. She did have a bottom 3 finish in the quick fire and had a bottom 3 elimination challenge. After seeing the discussion she was clearly not going to get kicked off yesterday. Also, as I have said before, sadly the producers do have a say in who gets kicked off, and Robin creates controversy, so she might hang around a few more episodes to let the controversy continue.

Laurine Wicket.

As I said earlier, as soon as she started talking about her dish, you knew she was in trouble. She said she had never cooked pork they way she was going to try. As soon as I heard that I yelled “DONE!” Sure enough, chopping block again. On the chopping block, she tried to explain how she cooked her food, and the guest judge told her that was incorrect. That for me, would have sent her packing, but she survived another week.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

MLB Division Series Review

Well that went fast didn’t it? A min of 12 games for the first round and we got 13 lucky us. The best part, thanks to TV deals, every team is idle until Friday. I guess that gives me plenty of time to write my ALCS and NCLS preview articles, but before we get there, let’s review the past series.

Cardinals vs Dodgers

What I said: Cards in 4

What happened: Dodgers in 3.

Not a good start for me. The first two games in LA were very competitive and could have gone either way. LA was able to pull both of them out and walked into St. Louis with no problem. Lots of people are saying Holiday lost the game 2 for the Cardinals with his error in left. Yes this was an untimely error, but the reason the Cardinals were up at this point was thanks to Holiday.

Rockies vs Phillies

What I said: Phillies in 5

What happned: Phillis in 4

The weather got interesting in Colorado once again calling into question whether the baseball season should be shorter in games, or in days. Phillies made a late night rally last night scoring 3 runs to take the lead in the 9th. That does not feel good for Rocktober

Twins vs Yanks

What I said: Twins in 5

What happened: Yanks in 3

Well I was drinking the “Twins have the momentum” Gatorade and well, the Yankees were just too good for them. The most surprising thing for me was Nathan’s blowing the save in the Bronx

Red Sox vs Angels

What I said: Red Sox in 4

What happened: Angels in 3

Angels exorcised their Red Sox demons and took the series easily. I thought the Red Sox had a better team, but I’m glad the Angels won.

So I went 1-4 in the division round, I feel like A-Rod in October. What? He’s doing good? O well then. So what have we learned from this? Don’t listen to me cause I am dumb.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Monday Night Lights; I Miss Thomas Jones

This has been a great game between the Jets and Dolphins! Four (correction: FIVE) go-ahead touchdowns in the fourth quarter? Are you kidding me?

With Chad Henne and the Wildcat Boys going at full strength, the Fins are suddenly looking like a factor in the AFC East. At 2-3, they are just one game behind division leaders New England and New York. Final score tonight: 31-27 Miami.

::cue T-Pain::

There was some great rushing in this game, most notably by Ronnie Brown (19 carries, 70 yd, TD) and Ricky Williams (11 carries, 68 yd). On the other side, Leon Washington did just enough to beat me in fantasy, posting 57 yards from scrimmage on eleven carries and a reception.

But Thomas Jones, the former Bear and, as you all know, my biggest regret of the Angelo tenure, continues to give it to the doubters who have been on the Leon Washington bandwagon all year. TJ toted it thirteen times for 42 yards and two TD's tonight, grinding to get tough yardage between the tackles.

Fun Fact (thanks to the MNF crew): Over the last four years, the NFL's rushing leader has been LaDanian Tomlinson with around 5,500 yards. Second behind LT?

Yep, you guessed it. Thomas Jones has racked up over 5,200 yards since 2005. He scored fifteen TD's last year. He got two more tonight. The Bears dumped him after the Super Bowl in exchange for, basically, nothing. I just can't get over it.

Chicago will have two running backs active next week. Matt Forte, who has looked like a shadow of his rookie self (sound familiar? Rashaan Salaam? Curtis Enis? Anthony Thomas?), and Mighty Mite Garrett Wolfe. Can anyone really tell me that Jones wouldn't help this team?

Anyway, back to the game.

According to Tirico and Co., Braylon Edwards (5rec, 64 yards, TD, one huge PI call) is just the third skill position player since 1970 to change teams in midseason and then start the very next week. Edwards, all of a sudden, has lost his case of the dropsies!

He's going to be big for the Jets the rest of the season, and is a significant upgrade over Chansi Stuckey. I guess leaving Cleveland for the big city would rejuvenate just about anyone.

I think the key factor in this game, great rushing attacks notwithstanding, was quarterback play. Heralded rookie Mark Sanchez went 12-24 for 172 with a TD and an INT. His QB rating? A decent 87.5.

That's only 42.9 points lower than Chad Henne, the supersub who went a superefficient 20-26 for 241 yard and two TD's. Nine different Dolphins caught passes. Fantasy owners in need of a quarterback, start your engines.

Anyway, it was just an awesome game all around. Back and forth the whole way, with big plays and no sloppiness. We even had a Steve Weatherford (from?) sighting, as the Jets punter took a fake kick 26 yards to keep a crucial drive alive.

Props to Miami for pulling it off and keeping themselves very much alive in the competitive AFC East.

Random Trivia of the Week, RB College

Ready for this weeks Trivia? We did this earlier in the year with QBs but we are doing it again with RBs. Can you name every starting RB in the NFL based soley on the schools of where they went. The starter was determined by checking each team's depth chart on 10/12/09 (Bonus point for naming the player in the picture). I will post the answer in the comments on Monday.

Central Florida
East Carolina
Northern Illinois
Notre Dame
Notre Dame
Oregon State
Penn State
Southern Illinois
Texas Tech
West Virginia

Sunday, October 11, 2009

The Ultimate *cough* Rivalry

Separated by a short stretch of highway and three state lines, the Queen Cities of Cleveland and Buffalo glower at each other on the shining shores of Lake Erie. Wait a minute. Should that lake really be shining?

Probably better not to think about it.

Similarly, it would be better not to think about the Bills vs. Browns matchup currently being played out in Buffalo. Jamal Lewis! Trent Edwards! Dick Jauron! Eric Mangini!

Unfortunately for me, I decided to ride the hot hand and start waiver wire wonder Jerome Harrison (seen here making fun of my terrible management skills) in the Mother Bears Fantasy League this week. So far, he's gone for sixteen yards on six carries. The score is 3-3 in the fourth quarter. As far as I can tell, nothing has happened in this game. Derek Anderson has 23 passing yards. Both he and Edwards have a pick, and neither has thrown a TD.

So the running games must be good, right? Uh, wrong. Jerome "I will never start you again" Harrison and Lewis have combined for 88 yards on 26 carries. The two-headed Bills monster of Fred Jackson and Marshawn "Predator" Lynch have 81 yards on 25 carries. Needless to say, nobody has a touchdown.

Do I sound bitter? It's because Ahmad Bradshaw is SITTING ON MY BENCH as he racks up (so far) 32.50 points against the Oakland Raiders. I started Harrison over him? I could be ignoring this awful game? Twelve punts so far, by the way.

It could be worse. I could be in Orchard Park, watching this game right now. Now that would be bad.

Come back, Bears! We miss you.

EDIT: Fifteen punts now. I don't even wanna know how many penalty yards. By the way, Detroit has the ball with three minutes left and down by eight. I got a shot at my Upset Pick Of The Week!