Thursday, September 2, 2010

Big Ten Division Map

I finally found a good map that breaks out the divisions. If you couldn't tell the division are broken out in the color or thier names, red and blue.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Top Chef Power Rankings

Then there were Four. After two weeks in a row with the bottom two Alex and Amanada getting voted off the show heads into the last episode in DC. The power rankings are taking a major turn this week as we head to the finals.

Ed Cotton

Ed had another win and is riding a hot streak towards the finish. Another elimination challenge win and another fancy trip for Ed. I don't see how Ed doesn't make it through to the finals

Tiffany Derry

Just like Ed, Tiffany has really started to shine down the stretch. She doesn't get involved in politics and never seems to doubt herself. She continues to cook well and remains the only chef never to finish on the bottom. I see her easily making it through to the finals.

Kelly Liken

Everyone thinks Kelly is playing the game the best right now. I see her standing up for her dishes, and not doing anything that hurts her. Call it being sly or tricky, but it's working for her.

Angelo Sosa

Angelo is really starting to get into his head. He needs to get to this break more then anyone else. If he can make it to the break, get refreshed, I think he could easily win it (and bring his Russian bride over. Seriously, Russian Bride?)

Kevin Sbarga

Kevin is the odd man out, but I could easily see him getting through. He was very up and down all season but seems to have hit his rhythm coming down the stretch. Even if he does get left out, he easily wins the angriest contestant of the year.


Days Until Football

Monday, August 30, 2010

I Always Wanted a D-League News Source

While I was doing random searches to find out about Towson before Thursday, I ended up down the Internet rabbit hole and found a li'l site called Ridiculous Upside. Here, they devote all of their attention to the NBA's D-League. Good writing, entertaining, some catchup with old favorites from college.

And, of course, Rod Benson news! Don't know who Rod Benson is? You should. He's easily the best D-League player of all time, in addition to being hilarious.


Days Until College Football