Wednesday, November 24, 2010

E. Gordon Gee Decides OSU's Fate

After this interview, and the angry response from the presidents of Boise State and TCU (Gee is the prez of Ohio State, if you weren't aware), I'm pretty sure we are guaranteed an Ohio State vs. Boise State matchup in one of the BCS games, and one of the juiciest storylines of all of bowl season.


Gee said that Big Ten and SEC schools go through a "murderer's row" every single week, whereas Boise and Texas Christian basically play the "Little Sisters of the Poor," and should therefore not be in consideration for the national title game.

Ya know who else can't be happy about that, is BSU's opponent this week, No. 17 Nevada. Hmm. It's not like the prez of a huge university to stir the pot like that. Good work, E. Gordon.

SIDE NOTE: What an EPIC comeback for the Bulls tonight. I gotta admit, I was listening on the drive up I-65 to Chicago, but I gave up after two and a half quarters and switched to the iPod. BIG mistake. Especially after thoroughly enjoying Chicago's last ultra-gritty win over the Mavericks. Derrick Rose, Bulls, Tom Thibodeaux: I believe in you.

SIDE NOTE DEUCE: Yes, my recounting of the Wrigley Field Bloodbath is forthcoming. As soon as I piece the memories back together.

Vic Oladipo Has A Gift

...he may not be too consistent yet, but man can he hit buzzer-beaters!

How different this year is...

I saw this picture and had to post it as it sums up how odd this year has been in the NFL this year. I think because it has been so I I have enjoyed it so much. The way to read the chart is clockwise the score underneath each team is the score that they beat the team to their right.

So this kills any college like reasoning of why 1 team is better than another.

Looked at the rankings today and the playoff picture would be fun. Jets and Ravens would get the bye in the AFC with Kansas City and Jacksonville winning the other two divisions and Pittsburgh and New England being the Wild card teams. This is especially interesting because I would think that the wild card teams would roll through that first round but who knows (refer to above chart).

On the NFC side of things the Falcons Bears Eagles and Seahawks all win their divisions with Philly ad Atlanta getting the byes. The two wild cards currently are Green Bay and Tampa Bay. If I did my playoff picture correctly this sets up a third Bears Packers match-up with higher stakes than usual. This also illustrates the importance of the game this weekend because its essentially a huge stepping stone for a first round bye.

With that go Bears and whoever is playing green bay, tampa bay, new york and philly.