Friday, August 7, 2009

Going to See Another Perfect Game

So guess who’s got tickets to tonight’s White Sox game? That’s right, I will be in attendance in the lower bowl section 142 row 21 seats 1 & 2. You know who is pitching tonight? Mr. Perfect himself Mark Buehrle. Last time Mark and I shared Sox Park together something magical happened. I expect nothing less from tonight’s game. I am going to wear exactly what I wore the last time I attended the game because I do not want to jinks anything. So I’ll be doing my part hopefully Mark will do his.

Quick Hits

Madden and SI

The above link is a great deal for Madden and SI lovers. You can get 6 months of SI for $49 and get Madden 2010 for any system free. I already signed up!

If that link doesn’t work try this one

Gordon Beckham Jersey

So I have begun an internal debate. Should I get a Gordon Beckham jersey? I have been calling him the team’s savior in a joking matter since spring training, but watching him play and hearing him talk he is quickly becoming one of my favorite White Sox players. I was looking to add one this year and going into the year the leading candidate was Bobby Jenks. Now I’m not so sure. I know he has potential but what if he goes the way of Mark Prior and never amounts to anything. Then it will have to join my Anthony Thomas Bears jersey in my closet that I never wear. If I get Jenks, and he continues to pitch like he’s passing kidney stones (he had two of them, that sucks) I can always lean back on the fact he was the pitcher when the White Sox clinched the World Series.

Now, I know most of you out there know my jersey collection and are thinking, well he bought a Ken Griffey Jr. jersey last year and still wears it, what’d he do for the Sox. Well that was a different scenario. He was my favorite player growing up playing for my favorite team. That was the biggest no brainier Jersey I have ever bought.

So what do you think, is it too soon for a Beckham Jersey?

Here are the other 4 Jersey’s I want to add to my collection.

Fisk: Not sure if the terrible rainbow ones or the classy collar jerseys
Bo Jackson: Just cause he was AWESOME! Does this mean I’m linking Tecmo Bo again? Sure does!

1917 World Series Jersey: I already own 1906 and 2005, I should complete the collection
1919 AL Pennant Jersey: Cause how cool would a Black Sox jersey be.

Hall Of Fame Game

Football returns this weekend. And the peasants rejoiced. The Bills vs the Titans (who will be honor Steve McNair with a helmet decal) will play in the Hall of Fame game this weekend. Every year I tell myself I’m going to watch it, and I rarely do. I will probably watch the opening ceremonies and the first couple of possessions and then flip the channel. Really I’m just glad football is back!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Camp Opens

It's that time of year again, Football Camp is in the air. Bears opened last friday, Indiana Hoosiers open this Friday. A good quick read from the ESPN Big Ten Blog talks about the key questions heading into camp.


Camp opens: Friday

1. Is the pistol offense ready to shoot down opposing defenses?

Quarterback Ben Chappell and his teammates have welcomed the shift to the pistol, which should spark Indiana's rushing attack. The competition at running back between Bryan Payton, Demetrius McCray and heralded redshirt freshman Darius Willis should provide plenty of intrigue.

2. Who will be 100 percent and are there any lingering injury concerns?

Injuries wiped out much of Indiana's two-deep last fall, and several key players missed part or all of spring ball with injuries. This is a much better team when players like Austin Thomas, Nick Polk, Deonte Mack and Chris Hagerup are on the field.

3. Who will emerge as a legit playmaker?

Whether or not Kellen Lewis' dismissal was addition by subtraction in the locker room, his presence will be missed on the field. Lewis' name appeared at the top of every opposing defense's scouting report, and the Hoosiers need to find a bona fide playmaker this summer.