Wednesday, February 16, 2011


I know I know, I suck at life and haven’t written any power rankings since the first week. Ryan has been giving me extra crap for it. Time to turn it on for the final run.

Last week’s episode featured Jimmy Fallon as the special guest host/judge. I personally am not a fan of his but he did bring some interesting food choices for the Chefs to make. Fabio made a meatball hamburger that apparently tasted like meatloaf. His last second cheese addition put him over the top as the chef to go home. There are only 7 chefs left.

Topic for discussion. Any ideas on where the finalist will be headed? I’m guessing since this is All-Stars, and they’ve already shown that the show will go to international locations, I’m guessing they are going to Paris or Rome.

Top Shelf

1. Carla Hall

Carla won her 3rd challenge of the season. Over the past 6 weeks, she has been on an impressive run. All three of her wins have come, she’s had 2 other top finishes. The only blemish on her record over this stretch was 1 low finish. I am not sure if she has enough to bring home the crown, but if she keeps cooking the way she is, it’ll be hard to beat her.

2. Angelo Sosa

Angelo had another strong week, I actually was expecting his name to be called as the winner. Angelo has had 4 high finishes since winning the first 2, but has always been missing something to get him that elusive third win. I do think Angelo has what it takes to win the title. Last season, you could see Angelo showing signs of physical and mental fatigue. If he didn’t get sick in the finale, he could have won. This season, he is showing no signs of slowing down at all.

3. Richard Blais

Richard has been very hard on himself all season. He wants and expects to win every week. He has won twice with two other top finishes. His loan bottom finish was a team challenge where he worked with Fabio and Marcel on a meal that Marcel conceptualized. If I had to gamble money on the winner, I would still put it on Richard followed closely by Angelo.

Middle of the Pack

4. Dale Talde

Dale gets the 4 spot of Antonio because he has two challenge wins, two solo quickfire wins and one team quickfire win compared to Antonia’s one challenge win and one team quickfire win. I know Dale has had two back to back bottom finishes, but he is trying to avoid repeating his mistakes. He went from no taste or seasoning to over seasoning his Philly Cheese steak. I also think he has a better chance to win over Anotnia, but another bottom finish this week could send him packing.

5. Antonia Lofaso

Antonia followed up her 3 straight bottom finishes (one of which wasn’t her fault, but her teams) with a win and a top finish. She has been cooking very strong as of late, but as discussed before, doesn’t have as many wins as Dale so she is sitting at 5. I could easily see her jumping Dale and even Richard with another strong performance this week.

Chopping Block

6. Tiffany Derry

I do find it interesting that the two contestants from season 7 have made it to the top 7. I was expecting both the chefs to be worn down from the quick turnaround of the two seasons. However, maybe they were more prepared for this season then the other chefs. Tiffany is starting to doubt herself, which obviously is never a good thing. She’s been very up and down this season with 3 top finishes and 3 bottom finishes over the past 6 weeks. If she can get her confidence back I can see her making the finale, but if she can’t, I can easily see her being sent packing this week.

7. Mike Isabella

Mike has been a pretty consistent performer all season. He has been safely in all but 3 weeks with 1 high finish that was followed up by back to back low finishes. He has won 1 quickfire this season. I can’t say he’s really done anything bad to be placed on the bottom, but everyone else is performing better.

MJ and Scottie Courtside. So Close, Yet So Far

In case you missed it, last night during the Bulls game against the visiting Charlotte Bobcats Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen had courtside seats for the action. According to this article, when showed on the Jumbotron the two of them received a standing Ovation. It's always great to see Micheal back in Chicago.

Here is a clip of my favorite MJ standing ovation, His last professional game in Chicago.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Dave Toub Special

The Chicago Tribune's Brad Biggs has been doing positional breakdowns of the Bears looking towards next year, and the most recent one (I think) covers special teams.

If you're a Bears fan, you know our special teams are this team's secret weapon. It's not just Devin Hester or Danieal Manning, though those guys are obviously all-time great and very good, respectively.

It's guys like Corey Graham, who will be an unrestricted free agent, and Rashied Davis, the WR-slash-expert at keeping promising young receivers from making the team in summer camp.

Anyway, this breakdown covers all of the Bears' large number of free agents on special teams, which include Graham, Davis, and punter Brad Maynard. Highly recommended. Now let's learn about playing gunner! Wahoo!