Thursday, November 11, 2010

NHL's Worst Shootouts

More Adidas Highlights

Since I posted the Zeller highlights from the Adidas Invitational, I thought you all might want to see IU's other recent commit, Hanner Perea, in action. He's not coming until 2012, but it's goanna be worth the wait.

Cody Zeller Picks IU

Simple as that, Tom Crean has landed Indiana's biggest recruiting coup since Eric Gordon (and look how well that one worked out).

Cody's brother Luke went to Notre Dame, where he had a decent career, and his brother Tyler is currently at North Carolina. UNC, as well as Butler, were in the mix for Cody, who is ranked No. 15 overall in the Class of 2011 and is the No. 4 power forward.

What's that? You want highlights? Okay!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Rumors on Indiana's Head Football Coach

ACSS reporter Derek Wilson has been doing some digging around the status of Bill Lynch's future as Head Coach. According to this twitter page Lynch might not return next year.

"If there is an opening at Indiana, I hear Glen Mason and Brady Hoke could be prime targets."

Of the two Targets, I would prefer Glen Mason over Brady Hoke. Glen Mason led some good Minnesota Teams and was able to recruit NFL talent there. Before Minnesota he was at Kansas where had some minor success. Brady Hoke has done a good job at Ball State and now at San Diego State. After the "success" of Lynch, I would like to avoid hiring another former Ball State Coach. Also, I would prefer someone with more Power Conference or Programs to some one who has had success at the mid level.

My ideal choice would be Mike Leach, which would be fantastic in terms of trading dysfunctional coaches between Texas Tech and Indiana.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Who Wants To Guess Don Fischer's Ringtone?

I just read this on's live chat feed from today's Ferris State exhibition. Which, by the way, was a THRILLER with Victor Oladipo (so far, he has stiffed me once on a delivery to McNutt and stiffed two other drivers as well... what the hell, Vic?) carrying us to victory on a game-ending four point play and block from behind.

Anyway, if you don't know, Don Fischer is the Hoosiers' legendary play by play man for both football and basketball. Here's a picture.

Who wants to take a stab at his phone ringtone?




This is from a reliable source




Big Ten BBall

This is not the epic return most of you probably hoped for, but atleast I'm back. IU football needs to win 2 of the next 3 against Wisconsin, Penn State and Purdue to make a bowl, that's probably not going to happen, so Let's look forward to BBall.

Here is's preview of Big Ten Basketball.

NFL's Top 100: Bears, Etc.

I guess if you have a TV, you've probably been more aware of this event than I have. The NFL has been counting down its' best players ever, and just wrapped it up with a shocking choice at No. 1 (/sarcasm): Jerry Rice.

For us Chicagoans, there is a lot to be happy about on this list, although no current Bears got a nod. Give Lance Briggs four more good years (or Urlacher, for that matter), and I think you could make a case for either one. Same thing for Olin Kreutz, but he should have retired two years ago.

Anyway, Walter Payton led the way for the men of Soldier Field (or Wrigley Field, as the case may be...), coming at No. 5, behind only Jim Brown at running back. No surprise that Gale Sayers and Bronko Nagurski also made the list, at 19 and 22, respectively. So did Red Grange (#48)

I was a little surprised to see Sid Luckman on the list - somebody's going to have to dig up some Luckman highlights at some point. I may do that in a minute. He clocked in at No. 33, just ahead of Deion Sanders. Sanders, of course, disagrees.

The last offensive player from Chi-town was Da Coach, Mike Ditka. If you've ever played with Ditka as a Madden All-Time player, you know he must have been incredible. Ditka is, according to, the No. 59 greatest ever.

And of course, Dick Butkus (#9) and Mike Singletary (#58) also were included. Notably, Singletary came in fifteenth among fan votes - Samurai Mike is apparently better remembered these days for playing, rather than for coaching the two-win Niners.