Saturday, September 5, 2009

2009 CFB Season Starts Out Right...

...for Duke haters, anyway. After one snap with Syracuse, the Greg Paulus experiment is already looking ripe for mockery. His center tossed it about three feet over his ugly little head. Hah! He might as well have transferred to Eastern Kentucky. (Who, by the way, almost beat Indiana on Thursday in an ugly, ugly game)

It's too bad I can't stand the sound of Pam Ward's voice, because I would love to watch this game. Also, Big Ten Network down here is showing Purdue instead of Northwestern vs. Sacrificial Lamb Towson. Damn. I think I'll catch the first bit of Ohio State-Navy..... TOUCHDOWN, OHIO STATE! That didn't take long.

Nice move by Pryor, eluding tacklers and making the easy play to the guy (WR Dane Salzenbacher) breaking open through the heart of the Navy defense.

Like Noffke says so well below, I love college football.

Also, today is the Mother Bears LIVE fantasy draft, at the store at 2:30. I'm pretty excited. It's a 14-team PPR league, hoping at least ten (out of the fourteen) owners show up for the draft!

Last note. We need at least one more owner for the Defense-Only League. You can find all of the relevant information HERE. Please get in today or tomorrow, because the online draft is scheduled for Monday at 9:00 EST.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Ode To College Football

I Love College Football

I love Marching Bands and Fight Songs

I Love Howard’s Rock and Running Down the Hill

I love hating the Men of Troy and watching the University of Troy

I love the Mad Scientist

I love Hurricanes that are Golden or found in Miami

I love War Eagle and Smurf Turf

I love Bucky and Brutus

I love Go Blue and Roll Tide

I love Uga and Mike the Tiger

I love the Swamp, The Rock and the Big House

I love Joe Pa and his Glasses

I love Free Shoes University

I love every Death Valley and every Memorial Stadium

I love Tailgaiting in the Grove and Tailgaiting in the 5th quarter

I love dotting the I at the Horseshoe

I love the World’s Biggest Drum

I love the Triple Option and Spread HD

I love the Orange of Syracuse and the Orange Bowl

I love the Mean Green and Green Wave

I love Locker Rooms that are Pink

I love Herbie the Husker

I love the Holy War, the Border War and the Civil War

I love The Egg Cup and the Apple Cup

I love Country Roads and Jump Around

I love the World’s Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party

I love the Sooner Schooner and Chief Oscela

I love The Iron Bowl and the Black and Blue Bowl

I love the Fremont Cannon and Iron Skillet.

I love drinking on the Tennessee River and Lake Washington

I love the Battle of I-10, I-25 and I-75 and the War on I-4

I love “In Heaven There is No Beer”

I love College Game Day and Corso’s Hats

I love Duel in the Desert and the Friends of Coal Bowl

I love the Third Saturday in September and the Third Saturday in October

I love “We Are Penn State”

I love the Beehive Boot and the Bronze Boot

I love the Red River Shootout and the River City Rivalry

I love the Heisman

I love the Blackshirts and Scarlet Knights

I love Boomer Sooners and Rock Chalk Jayhawk

I love Stewart Mandel and his Mailbag

I love the Back Yard Brawl and Clean Old Fashion Hate

I love the Golden Dome and Touchdown Jesus

I love Rocky Top and Running through the T

I love Yell Practice and the 12th Man

I love Cadets and the Midshipmen

I love Bevo and Ralphie

I love Aztecs, Illini and Utes

I love the Platypus Trophy and The Peace Pipe

I love Hail to the Victors and the Notre Dame Victory March

I love Dixie and the Battle Hymm

I love all of Oregon’s different Jerseys

I love the Keg of Nails and the Milk Can

I love Smelling Roses

I love Hawai’i starting at 12 PM ET

I love the Steel tire and all the Victory Bells

I love the Old Oaken Bucket and Paul Buyan’s Ax

And who cares if it’s imperfect I love the BCS

Top Chef: New Power Rankings

As you may remember, Armchairsuperstar has an avid Top Chef Fan Base. So yes I do power rankings of Top Chef status. I held off the last two weeks because I don’t want to be like NCAA and have meaningless rankings based on little information. Now that we are 3 episodes deep we have a clearly picture of who is good and who is not. And if ESPN can claim video gaming and poker are sports (yes I watch both) then Armchairsuperstar can claim cooking is a sport.

Top Tier

1. Michael Voltaggio

After a win last night Michael has asserted himself as one of the best. He’s constantly near the top and clearly knows exactly how he wants to cook. At first I didn’t think he would be that good and thought I would soon tire of the sibling rivalry, but it’s clear him and his brother are excellent

2. Kevin “Red Beard” Gillespie

Started off the season with a win (which has been good luck for eventual winners). Had a top finish last night and he stays true to himself and his southern roots in cooking

3. Bryan Voltaggio

The other brother did better then him last night, but he is still a top contender.

Good But Not Quite There

4. Eli Krishtein

He’s been good not great during the first two episodes, but after a top 3 finish last night, this puts him at the top of the good but not great.

5. Jennifer Carroll

Last night’s quick fire winner was tough as nails as directing the troops last night. I thought she did a fantastic job resolving issues and making sure everybody got their stuff done. I think she has the right attitude about this that could carry her far.

6. Ash Fulk

I think he had one of the smartest comments I’ve ever heard on Top Chef. It was something along the lines of “What makes me a good chef, is my skills in describing food.” This is perfect for Top Chef. When his Potato Ice Cream didn’t become ice cream, he didn’t panic, he called it sorbet (or something like that) and never said anything about not getting it done properly. His bread cake for dessert had a super long and fancy sounding name. This approach could help him avoid criticism for missing his mark on a meal and allow him to advance further.

7. Ashley Merriman

Had a bottom finish last week so some might think this is high, but she would have finished in the top of that had she listened to the other chefs and only made 1 dish. I think she’s learned from her mistake and will not repeat it. Heard a funny comment this morning, she was against the wedding challenge cause of the inability for same sex marriage, but didn’t comment on the military challenge while the military has not always been so kind to that. Just intresting.

Middle of the Pack

8. Hector Santiago

He sticks to his roots and has cooked solid food. I think he might be able to hang around long enough and then make a run at it.

9. Ron Duprat

Another cook who sticks to his roots. He made the clam chowder work with little time and 100 degree heat. He has to be doing something right to not be in the bottom three after that finish.

10. Mattin Noblia

Frenchy hasn’t done much to garner much attention from me so putting him here seems about right

11. Robin Leventhal

Another Chef who has been there and hasn’t garnered much attention.

As you can tell this group is basically a no opinion of them group, this isn’t a bad thing necessarily. Make good food, don’t take risks and establish yourself as consistent, then strike when the time is right.

Could go Either Way

12. Michael Isabella

He’s a big talking east coaster that probably rubs people the wrong way. He is confident in his food and always think he knows more/is better then every other chef (similar to Season 3’s Hung, but in a less cocky way). The issue I have with him is he has done ok, but never wowed me with any of his dishes. I think he has potential to do well, but hasn’t backed it up. Also had a bottom 3 finish last night.

Chopping Block

13. Laurine Wicket

Barely held off elimination last night. She probably will go home soon if she doesn’t do better job defending her sub par dishes.

14. Jesse Sanlin

Last night was the first time she wasn’t on the chopping block. 2-3 is not good. I actually like her until she gets on the chopping block where the water works start happening. Then it gets a little annoying. I’m not going to criticize her for crying, cause facing the critics and Padma (ZING!)(Yes that is a shot at Padma) I’d probably be curled in the fetal position crying while talking to myself in the corner.

QB College Answers

I was impressed how well most of you did. Thing that was more suprising is how many of you forgot Kerry Collins went to Penn St. That was a top ranked program while he was there (Actually lost the National Title because Joe Pa wouldn't run up the score on IU, while Osborne did). Nobody remebered the KCs at PSU? Kerry Collins and KiJanna Carter. Oh well. Here are the answers.

Team QB School
Redskins Campbell Auburn
Falcons Ryan Boston College
Seahawks Hasselback Boston College
Packers Rodgers Cal
Ravens Flacco Delware
Jags Garrad East Carolina
Cowboys Romo Eastern Illinois
Lions Strafford Georgia
Panthers Delhomme Louisana-Lafayette
Raiders Russell LSU
Dolphins Pennington Marshall
Bucs Leftwhich Marshall
49ers Hill Maryland
Steelers Ben Miami (OH)
Pats Brady Michigan
Chargers Rivers NC State
Cards Warner Northern Iowa
Browns Quinn Notre Dame
Giants Eli Ole Miss
Titans Collins Penn State
Broncos Orton Purdue
Saints Brees Purdue
Vikings Favre Southern Miss
Bills Edwards Stanford
Eagles McNabb Syracuse
Colts Manning Tenn
Jets Sanchez USC
Cheifs Cassell USC
Bengals Palmer USC
Bears Cutler Vanderbilt
Texans Schaub Virginia
Rams Bulger West Virginia

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

NFC North and their Super Hero Counterparts

In my opinion if the Bears were a superhero they would be Spider-Man. That would clearly make the Packers Wrecker. Which is why the Bears consistently do this to the Packers (as illustrated by their Superhero/Supervillan counter-parts):

Just kidding, I just needed a reason to post the Spider-Man web/cum shot in Wreckers eye! Let's be honest though, if the Bears were a Superhero they would easily be Superman (in front of a yellow sun) and the Packers and the Vikings would be the ambiguously gay duo (Viqueens and Fudge Packers... get it!) To me, it's clear that the Packers would be Ace (the leader) and the Vikings (Gary). Why? Because I think the Packers are the leader in gayness. As for what the Detroit Lions would be... well whatever the hell this is:

Final conclusion, the Bears = the best team and superhero counterpart. Thus, Superbowl champs! Anyone who disagrees with my reasoning is an idiot!

College Football!!!! (A quick look at IU)

While sitting on my couch and watching the awesome show that is “Wipeout” is fun and all…the start of football is less than 1 day away! And for the first time ever (total guess) IU is opening its season on a Thursday night. This season IU has a new stadium addition, a renewed hope for the season, and pretty much the same team that went 3-9 last year…

Anyone who watched an IU game last year got a dose of some terrible football. What started as a promising season, coming on the heels of the teams first bowl game in over a decade, quickly turned into a nightmare. IU began the season with a couple wins over some terrible teams and things were looking up…that is until the Hoosiers ran into the buzz saw that was the Ball State Cardinals. That game started a tumultuous run that included ACL tears for 3/4ths of the secondary as well as a disappearing act by All-American-turned-magician Greg Middleton. The Hoosiers finished off the season 1-9 with the lone win coming against the Northwestern Wildcats. There were a few bright spots in 2008, most notably an All-Big Ten season by DE Jammie Kirlew and the emergence of a few talented WRs, but there is no doubt that the season left a bad taste in every Hoosier’s mouth.

The bad taste continued this past off-season as once again there was a Kellen Lewis controversy, only this time the coaches officially dismissed him from the team. With his dismissal the Hoosiers lose their most dynamic player since Randle El, however, the move seems to have been addition by subtraction.

The Hoosiers enter 2009 with a sense of continuity on both offense and defense as the team returns quite a few starters, most of whom were a large part of that bowl game team in 2007. Book-end All-Big Ten defensive ends Jammie Kirlew and Greg Middleton along with MLB Matt Mayberry anchor the defense, while my favorite ginger, Ben Chappell, leads the offense.

Without further ado, here are my IU predictions for 2009.

IU vs Eastern Kentucky: IU 45-EKU 13 (1-0)
The Hoosiers running game and Demarlo Belcher put up big numbers as IU destroys EKU.
IU vs Western Michigan: IU 34-WMU 27 (2-0)
The Hoosier defense stumbles vs the MAC. The Hoosiers recover from a 24-10 deficit.
IU @ Akron: IU 27-Akron 10 (3-0)
The Hoosiers play some un-hoosier like ball control offense after the WMU scare.
IU @ Michigan: IU 31-Michigan-28 (4-0)
Last second field goal propels IU to first win in Ann Arbor since the 60s and a 4-0 start.
IU vs OSU: IU 17-OSU 30 (4-1)
IU hangs tough for 3 quarters…but can’t keep up with the Pryor-led Bucks.
IU @ Virginia: IU 27-Virginia 28 (4-2)
A last second TD by Virginia shatters the hoosiers hopes.
IU vs Illinois: IU 24-Illinois 38 (4-3)
U of I’s explosive receiving core storms through the IU secondary.
IU @ Northwestern: IU 33-Northwestern 27 (5-3)
IU plays Northwestern tough once again and beats them in Evanston
IU @ Iowa: IU 20-Iowa 24 (5-4)
Defensive struggle eventually goes the Hawkeyes way.
IU vs Wisconsin: IU 38-Wisky 17 (6-4)
IU destroys Wisconsin for the first time in a looong time to become bowl eligible.
IU @ Penn State: IU 24-PSU 37 (6-5)
PSU methodically beats up on the Hoosiers.
IU vs Purdue: IU 48-Purdue 0 (7-5; 8th in the Big Ten)
Nuff said.

The Hoosiers make their second bowl game in 3 years…playing against some crappy Big East team in some bowl game…but it’s a step in the right direction.

Offensive MVPs: Ben Chappell to Demarlo Belcher yields double digit TDs on the year.

Defensive MVP: Jammie Kirlew puts up double digit sacks once again…but the MVP goes to Nick Polk at Safety who picks off 6 passes on the way to an All-Big Ten season.

Offensive Feshman of the Year: Darius Willis runs for 900 yards and 8 Tds.

Defensive Freshman of the Year: Adam Replogle plays a tough DT for the Hoosier.

Extreme Makeover QB Edition

I'll be the first to say screw Tom Brady and his perfect life of being rich/multi Super Bowl MVP/NFL MVP/Knocker-upper of beautiful actresses and models. There's Tony Romo, who tainted my dream-woman Carrie Underwood, and then toyed with Jessica Simpson so bad she got fatter than Orlando Pace. And then there's over-rated former USC QB Mark 'Dirty' Sanchez posing with SI Swimsuit model Hilary Rhoda in GQ:

But look out ladies, there's a new model QB in town. One whose pancreas might not be functioning properly, but I digress.

This look says: "Yea I've got low blood sugar, what of it?"

And the women of Chicago thought they were safe with Rex gone...

(Via Deadspin , Michigan Avenue Magazine)

Peter King Has Bears in the SuperBowl

So Peter King has picked the Bears to return to the place where they lost the Super Bowl and loose for their second time their. He also has the Bears going through the division to get there beating the Vikings in the Conference Semi’s and Packers in the Conference Finals. Nothing would make me happier then to see those two teams meet their end on the field at Soldier Field. This is almost ideally how I’d like to see it go down. But, I’m worried that everyone is picking the Bears to do well that they will flop. Kind of like when the Bulls signed Big Ben people were saying NBA Finals for them, well that didn’t turn out so well. I honestly hope the playoffs go down this way, I just don’t want to be disappointed in the Bears season.

Oh, and if we played the Pats in the SuperBowl, the final would be 46-10 Peter, Bears win again.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Dissecting ESPN's Scouts Inc. NFL Rankings By Position: The Wide Receivers

I feel like I let the loyal five readers of this blog down by saying I would write my second post a day after my first...and proceeded to wait nearly two weeks instead, so I decided to be overly generous/ambitious/superkalafragilisticexpialidocious and write a second post in one day!

(Truthfully, it's because I'm terribly alone, and my only friend was a 1-900# operator who has decided she is too good for my Discover Card these days)

So without further ado, here is my rundown of the Top 10 Wideouts as ranked by ESPN (Must be an Insider to view rankings/grades...which if you're cheap like me you have a friend who lets you use their Insider password, thanks Braden!)

(Grades in () )

1. (Tie) Reggie Wayne (93): Ok, let me start by saying that ESPN begins Wayne's scouting report by indicating that he has been one of the best no.2 receivers in the league over the past 8 seasons (dually noted, and I agree). But they then go on to say that he NOW has a chance to be a no.1 this season. Did I miss something last season? Because I believe that his 82 receptions for 1,145yds made him their numero uno then above the now-unemployed/noted arms outlaw Marvin Harrison (08: 60rec, 636yds). With Peyton Manning chuckin' the ball surgically around the field, I think I could even be a good receiver. I do think that Reggie is definitely among the top 5 receivers in the league, but to be rated the highest? Meh, its up for debate.

1. (Tie) Randy Moss (93): Words most often associated with the State of West Virginia: Mountains, Hillbillies. So for a 6-time Pro-Bowler to come out of there almost automatically makes him their most famous native ever (take that Don Knotts!). The guy has played 11 seasons in the league, and has only been held under 1,000 receiving yards twice (his last season with the Vikings, and his last season with the Raiders); Both of which happen to also be the only seasons he didn't play in all 16 games (13 for each). With Tom Brady back in good health, I don't see any reason why they can't get back into the record-setting groove they carved out in 2007. Randy also has the illustrious distinction of having the creepiest likeness in mask form for an NFL player:

1. (Tie) Andre Johnson (93): This guy has made the Pro-Bowl 3 times...with David Carr (2004, 2006) and Matt Schaub (2008) as his QBs. If that doesn't speak volumes for this guy's skills, I don't know what will.

4. Larry Fitzgerald (92): Quite possibly most people's #1 Fantasy Receiver choice this year. This guy is just damn good, and as long as the Madden Curse doesn't affect him this year, he'll be heading to Honolulu Miami for the 3rd time in his short career...but of course he'll become the black sheep of his family if his brother signs a contract after being drafted by the California Redwoods of the prestigious United Football League.

5. Steve Smith (91): Noticeable Napoleon Complex aside, Smith has been a driving force on the Panthers offense since he was drafted by them in 2001. This year he was able to avoid punching a teammate during training camp (Ken Lucas wasn't available as a target after leaving on free agency); So as long as the minor shoulder injury he sustained recently not be an issue, he should be good for another 1000+ yard season.

"What was that Ken? You better stop talkin' shit or Wes Welker and I are going to get the Mini Receiver Mafia together and start biting some ankles"

6. Brandon Marshall (88): Well he's been suspended by his team for basically acting like a jackass and throwing childish tantrums that would make Jay Cutler look like a Saint (the pious kind, not the kind that play football in their city's largest public bathroom). But seriously, if I learned that my Pro-bowl QB was traded for Neckbeard I'd throw a shit-fit tantamount to a preschooler's too. *Keeps fingers crossed for a trade here still*

"They traded Jay for Who?!"

7. (Tie) Terrell Owens (85): The guy has been called a locker-room cancer on pretty much every team he has been on, but his numbers do speak a great deal for his talent having only caught for under 1000 yards once in this millennia. Although this time instead of crying for his QB's honor like he did in Dallas, this time he'll probably be crying to the media because he has to live in Buffalo...speaking of which, in Buffalo do they call Buffalo Wings just Wings?

7. (Tie) Chad Ochocinco (85): Ok, who's the smartass on Scouts Inc.'s staff who gave Ocho the 85 rating? HAHAHA...go play in traffic. Now that aside, I actually like Ocho and his antics. I think he's going to have a solid year as long as Palmer can stay healthy. Even if Chris Henry can stay out of handcuffs, I still think Ocho should see a boost in production since TJ Houshma...screw it, I'm not even gonna bother trying to spell that, is gone.

9. (Tie) Calvin Johnson (83): Wait a tick? He has a seemingly competent rookie QB this year? Well gee-golly we actually might get to see this guy actually be able to produce the numbers we know he's capable of! It wouldn't surprise me to see him jump a few spots on this list over the next few seasons if he has someone good throwing to him (even if that means getting traded...*keeps fingers crossed again*)

9. (Tie) Santonio Holmes (83): Nothing to say about this except that he's actually right about where I would think he should be on this list. That Super Bowl catch last year said it all. Oh but a word of advice Santonio? Stay away from digital cameras in the home...

(A note of thanks to the fine gents at Deadspin for covering Holmes' wang with Steely McBeam's face)

And finally we're going to play a little game called guess where the first Bear lands on the list...go ahead take your time.





You ready?


25. (Tie) Devin Hester (75): Well considering the fact that the guy has been an NFL receiver for only 1 full season I can't complain about this. But hey fellow Bears fans, let's look on the bright side...he's ranked higher than Berrien! (30th) I just hope that with all the money he's making Devin can cruise around the city in something sharp. Oh wait, he already is!

Stay Classy Dev!

Alright no honorable mentions this time, so stay tuned for my next post: Tight End

Dissecting ESPN's Scouts Inc. NFL Rankings By Position: The Running Backs

I know I said I was going to do this on a daily basis, and yes the majority of my time since my last post has been spent sitting on my couch watching tv/going out on the weekends, etc...But you all can kiss my ass, these things take time!

But anyways, I'm back to provide my insight on the Running Back's listed in the top 10 as provided by the 'Braintrust' at ESPN (you see I made a sarcastic joke there!)

(Grades in () )

1. LaDainian Tomlinson (89): The first thing I'd like to say is that I'm surprised that ESPN did not consider any of the RBs to be 'elite players' (which by grade would be 90-100). Anyways, I know people have said LT has lost it a little bit, and the Lillipution dynamo Sproles has taken some carries, but I say bullshit to the naysayers, the guy still rushed for 1,110 yards (his lowest amount while in the NFL) and caught for 426 at the age of 29...but look at this side by side and tell me they don't invoke similarity:

Predator = Badass (Even if the newer movies kinda blew)

2. Purple Jesus aka Adrian Peterson (88): Even though he has torn the Bears defense to pieces, this guy is a stud plain and simple. Although I still have grand visions of Prince Ogunleye going for his knees.

3. Brian Westbrook (86): At first I thought that this was an over-valued ranking because the guy has only has two 1,000+ yard seasons (and has never played a full 16 games). But the guy has not had the same reps that a lot of other highly regarded RBs have gotten, and in his 8 seasons of playing has never averaged under 4 ypc. I also like seeing him ranked this high since Matt Forte has been called the next Brian Westbrook (as stated by ESPN's KC Joyner).

4. Steven Jackson (84): Now I'll throw out the over-valued tag. I'll start to care when he can put up numbers like he did in '06 (1,528yds, 13tds) and he can stay healthy for more than 12 (which is the amount he has played each of the past two seasons).

5. (Tie) Michael Turner (84): I love Turner, the guy is a great back through and through. I said it time and time (yeah, I'm a fan of repetitious phrasing) again while he was with the Chargers that he would kick ass as a no.1 back. Lo and Behold, his first season as the premier back he puts up 1699 yds with 17tds. Plus I'm a homer and like the fact that he is from the Chicagoland area.

5. (Tie) Larry Johnson (84): Once again ESPN is thinking it is 2006. LJ, when healthy, has had some monster seasons (05: 1750yds, 20tds 06: 1789yds, 17tds). But since then hasn't played a full 16 game season. Can he revert back his old form? With the new coaching in KC, and me thinking they won't rely too heavily on Matt Cassel (who happens to be out 2-4 weeks with a sprained MCL anyway) putting up most of their points by throwing, I think that LJ just might have a good year (even though the team overall will still suck)...oh and this is all contingent on if he stops dressing like LL Cool J.
(LJ's cell phone rings...Who this? Brody Jenner? I don't know no F****** Brody Jenner. Whats that? I stole your metrosexual v-neck muscle shirt? My Bad)

7. Marion Barber (82): I like MBIII's abilities. Do I think he'll put up as high of numbers as some of the backs ranked below him? No, most likely not, but I think he'll still have a good season considering the fact that he'll be sharing carries with Felix Jones (as well as a handful (nice pun right?) to the greatest locker-room motivator in College FB history Tashard Choice)

8. Maurice Jones-Drew (81): The best 5'7" back in the game. This venerable bowling ball of the backfield will most likely get a nice boost in carries with Old-man Taylor heading up to NE. I think the ESPN Fantasy HOFer will have a good year. Plus anyone who lays out Shawne Merriman is worthy of a top 10 spot in my book.

9. (Tie) Ronnie Brown (80): I'd really like to offer some insight on to this, but for the life of me I just can't offer anything, well, insightful on Brown. I think he'll have a swell year, but I do think he's a little high on this list. So instead of offering you anything worthwhile, I'll just share this screencap of fellow Dolphins RB/Noted recreational herb enthusiast Ricky Williams in a Girls Gone Wild video:

9. (Tie) Clinton Portis (80): Clinton Portis, or one of his delightful split personalities, will probably have a sufficient season for the fantasy inclined. I like this spot for him on this list. Plus who can hate on Southeast Jerome?
(When reached for comment Herschel Walker said this Portis kid "doesn't have shit" on his split personalities)

11. (Tie) Matt Forte (79): I think that Forte will beat out some of the above ranked/mentioned players in production this year, but I don't want to be too hasty on putting him higher on the rankings. I think Forte does have the ability to become an elite back in this league, and Lord knows I love watching him play the way he has every game...but I also remember a running back named Anthony Thomas who rushed for over 1,000yds his rookie season with the Bears who is now unemployed. *Keeping my fingers crossed that Joyner was right about him being the next Westbrook...ya know, without the injuries though*

In closing, unlike my QB post, today I'm going to list the RBs who are better than, yet ranked below Reggie Bush (#22 on the list): Steve Slaton, LenWhale (because he's fat you see) White, Brandon Jacobs, Willie Parker, Ryan Grant, Jonathan Stewart, Willis McGahee, Ray Rice, CEDRIC F****** BENSON, and at least 5 more names, but I'm sick of typing.

Next up (this time whenever I get around to it): Wide Receivers

Can you name every starting QB in the NFL based only on where they went to School?

I know Fodor will love this one.

I was listening to The Herd on ESPN radio when Cowherd started making a point that NFL QBs don't go to elite college programs. He was saying (with the exception of USC and Penn State and Colin is a HUGE USC fan) NFL QBs come from programs where they have to work hard and get better. So he started listing off the schools where the top rated passers went, and I was trying to guess the QB. So that inspired this. Here is a list of the 32 schools where QBs went to school(I know all starters aren't assinged yet, but I went with who I thought will win) I'll have the answers Thursday

Boston College
Boston College
East Carolina
Eastern Illinois
Miami (OH)
NC State
Northern Iowa
Notre Dame
Ole Miss
Penn State
Southern Miss
West Virginia