Thursday, October 29, 2009

Bob Knight Declines Indiana HOF Invite

Story at ESPN.

I definitely had high hopes that The General would come back for this honor, and at first was pretty upset that he was turning it down despite the fact that nobody who sent him packing is still in power at the University, unless they're a trustee.

But I guess his reasoning, that it would be a big news story and detract from the other honorees, one of which is his longtime friend and fellow legend Jerry Yeagley (he coached the IU soccer team to six national championships, I believe), is pretty legit.

Still, I would love to see a reconciliation between Knight and Indiana sometime down the road. It's too bad it won't be this year.

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  1. Yeah, I read this and am very disapointed. Don't give me this crap that it's taking away from other people being inducted, it's still an honor for them. Bob Knight is still worshiped on campus, but after a slap in the face like this, I don't think he should be. if you too damn stubborn to come back, then you know what, I don't want you to come back. "You were wronged" when you got fired. Well don't choke players or hit students. It's your own damn fault. You teach players how to grow up and become men, well take a lesson from yourself and grow up.