Thursday, May 20, 2010

Kelvin Sampson next head coach for the Bulls?

I saw this today thought it was interesting. KC Johnson of the Tribune mentions in his article that the Bulls could look at former IU and Oklahoma coach Kelvin Sampson for the vacant head coaching position. I always thought he was a solid X's & O's coach, but not sure how he would do at the NBA level. Any other thoughts on this?,0,3151299.story

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  1. From that article... "The Bulls wouldn't be swayed to hire John Calipari no matter how that pitch is presented."

    Oh really? What about, "you can only have LeBron if you hire Calipari." Would that do it?

    Anyway, we know Sampson is charismatic and knows how to coach a winning team. Indiana in that season ('07) when we were tailgating was a legitimate Top Ten team, despite Eric Gordon's ballhogging. I do think he's a good coach. But I think i'd describe my feelings about him and the Bulls as "mixed."

    We all know how that ended the last time he coached one of our teams.