Tuesday, August 10, 2010


White Sox Magic Number

White Sox choked away the series against the O's. Well maybe not as much as a choke as unforunatly playing against a hot team. This is a bad O's team that are now 6-1 under Buck Showalter. Bad timing for the White Sox to play them. The White Sox had a lot of opportunites to score and blow this series wide open but left way to many men on base. Because of that, the White Sox are now tied with the Twins who are in town for a three game series.

This Twins series is the most important series of the season for the White Sox. I am not saying it's a must win Series, but haveing a one game lead after the series is over would be nice. Last time these two teams met, the Twins swept them at Targer Field in Minnesota.

Today could be the last day for the magic number. If the Sox win, the number is 49. If they lose, then the magic number is 49 for the Twins.

Days Until College Football

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