Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Rumors on Indiana's Head Football Coach

ACSS reporter Derek Wilson has been doing some digging around the status of Bill Lynch's future as Head Coach. According to this twitter page Lynch might not return next year.

"If there is an opening at Indiana, I hear Glen Mason and Brady Hoke could be prime targets."

Of the two Targets, I would prefer Glen Mason over Brady Hoke. Glen Mason led some good Minnesota Teams and was able to recruit NFL talent there. Before Minnesota he was at Kansas where had some minor success. Brady Hoke has done a good job at Ball State and now at San Diego State. After the "success" of Lynch, I would like to avoid hiring another former Ball State Coach. Also, I would prefer someone with more Power Conference or Programs to some one who has had success at the mid level.

My ideal choice would be Mike Leach, which would be fantastic in terms of trading dysfunctional coaches between Texas Tech and Indiana.


  1. Need a big Program Experience no more little big ten (MAC) coaches. Mike Leach would be a piece of work and put IU Football on the map.

  2. Not gonna lie...all offense and no defense hasn't gotten IU very far in the past. And leach likes pirates a little too much for my taste.

    IU needs defense!!

  3. I'm in the pro-Mike Leach camp. He's approximately as wacky as Bobby Knight was. People will love him here.