Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Wrigleyville Classic

This video is up on ESPN Chicago showing Wrigley getting ready for the game on Saturday. (Full Article here)

I live two blocks away from Wrigley and plan on going around the stadium each night this week and then to GameDay Saturday morning and possibly the game Saturday (from scalpers). When I went by last night, I did notice a lot of purple trim, but I didn't realize the main Wrigley sign had turned purple. I also tried to peek in the gates on Shefield, expecting to see this.

Nope, all I saw was the back of some padding. Also, I was surprised to find out the field is going East and West instead of not north and south like I have seen in old pictures.

I will continue to update as I hear more.


  1. I am so freaking excited for this game. We are in section 306, by the way. Pregaming at my cousin's house with the family, but if anybody wants to come (they live just west of the highway and close to Wrigley) - i'm looking at you, Snuffles - they have a lovely rooftop setup and a spectacular whiskey selection and are just good folks in general. Otherwise, see you at the stadium. I also will have more up on this game as the week progresses.

  2. Just West of the Highway and Close to Wrigley do not exists. Wrigley is 5 miles from 90/94 down Addison, and you are west of that, with all those lights and Gameday traffic? You might want to leave an hour earlier to get to the game on time.

    I will be .5 miles from Wrigley enjoying my Keg of beer, Whisky, Bloody Marys and Grillin Burgers and Dogs with my Parents and their friends who are attending the game.

    I did think you were coming, and you and your family are still more then welceom. But no worries. Have fun at your cus place.