Thursday, December 9, 2010

ESPN Playoff Machine

You should check out this fun little ESPN online toy. It projects the playoff field based on your picks for the remaining four weeks, as well as a number of factors such as home field, offensive ranking, or power rankings. It's definitely helping me procrastinate tonight, at THE SPOT (see picture).

FYI: According to Defensive rankings, the Bears would be the #1 seed. According to Power Rankings, they would be out of the playoffs. If there's one thing I know about Lovie Smith teams, it's that they feed off a lack of respect. So, expect victory.

My projections, by the way, have the Bears losing at New England this week, then beating the Vikings and Jets, setting up a thrilling battle in Green Bay where the winner gets home-field for at least one game (the 2 or 3 seed) and the loser comes in as the last wild card.


  1. Magic Number is Now 2. Bears win and Packers lose this week and the division is ours!

  2. after the white sox debacle, please let's not start with the magic numbers..... =P