Monday, February 28, 2011

Chicago Becoming a White Sox Town?

Is Chicago becoming a White Sox town? I don't think so, don't think it ever will, but that is the point Gene Wojo tries to make on ESPN Chicago. I can understand where one might think the White Sox are making up ground in the city. Going back to the 2003 NLCS, the Cubs have lost 9 straight post season games while the White Sox are 12-4. If the White Sox make the playoffs this year it will be three times in 6 years, which is 1 more then the Cubs over that stretch. So based on performance, I can see why one would make that argumnet.

I also can understand how Cubs fans have mixed emotions about Tom Ricketts. It doesn't appear he has a vision for the team, but he keeps making changes to Wrigley. Cubs fans want a winner, and the verdict is still out on if Ricketts is going to spend to get a winner, or treat the Cubs as a business he plans to make money off of?

For these reason, I get why some people might say the White Sox could over take them, but I don't see it happening. Cubs games are an expierence, and people who don't love baseball will almost always choose the Cubs over the Sox for that expierence.

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  1. Chicago will always be a Cubs town but as Stephen states the true baseball fan will migrate to the Soxs