Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The Masters: A Tradition Unlike Any Other

Its that time of year again where I contribute something to this blog. The Masters is upon us and I'm estatic. This is my favorite major out of the four. There is so much tradition that goes with this tournament and so many great golf moments come The Masters. It is a goal of mine to one day go to Augusta National, I would like to play but that would never happen sadly.

Last years champion, Phil Mickelson, looks to repeat his performance from last year. Ill never forget last year when he went 7 under (I think thats right, I cant remember and I dont feel like looking it up) through three holes. He had that unbelievable shot where he was in the trees and he knocked to about 3 feet. Pretty sure it made Sportscenters top ten list, however probably wasnt able to beat some lame ass dunk. It became an instant classic Masters moment and gave Phil the momentum that carried him through the rest of the weekend towards the victory.

This year im not so sure if he can repeat and for really one reason, and that is because he is Phil Mickelson and you cant really predict what he is going to do. As I write this the St. Louis Blues just tied the Hawks 3-3 in the 3rd and makes me miss how awesome last summer was with the Hawks winning it all (It was a crappy goal and I let Duncan Keith know how I felt about his effort on that play). Back to The Masters, this year should be a good one though. Tiger will be going for another major win getting closer to the all-time record, however I dont think he will win. I dont think he is back to his old form and I havent seen anything that makes me think otherwise.

I would like to see Ricky Fowler do well just because he is young and will win a couple majors in his career, so why not start with this one. I'm also interested in watching Rory McIlroy. He is another youngen that has a bright future in the PGA. Plus his name sounds like Roy Mcavoy from the movie Tin Cup which is a good movie.

My pick to win this year is Bubba Watson. I think he has played well this year so far and because it seems like a good pick. Also look for Mark Wilson to do well. He is the current money leader and FedEx Cup Points leader. He is having a good year and could carry the momentum he has gained into this tournament. Alright thats it from me, hope you enjoy tournament.


  1. A traditional unlike any other. The only time a year Tim does anything.

    Your not picking Sergio. O wait he didn't make the field, so he is already 25% of the way towards his 100th Sergio Slam. An unprecedent record.

    I hate to go against the Americans (Watson, Overton, Wilson are who I like) but the Europeans have been playing so well i'm going to have to take one of them

    I'm going Lee Westwood finally breakthrough and wins a Major. Of course i'm cheering for Poulter as well and we all know Fodor loves Northwestern Alum Luke Donald. Luke Donalad is already a winner at Augusta this year winning the Par 3 yesterday

  2. Luke Donald winning the Par 3 means he is going to be terrible this weekend

  3. Siiiiigh. Golf. I watch it when Glass is obsessing over his fantasy golf team at the small bar.

    With a name like Bubba Watson, I think I have to root for... Bubba Watson.