Friday, July 22, 2011

I just read an interesting piece by Andy Staples discussing some potential issues with the Longhorn Network. The major discussion point wasn’t the fact that the Longhorn Network is going to make the school truck loads of cash. or the fact that now with ESPN, ESPN has incentive for the Longhorns to do well and get ratings, blurring the line for unbiased News/Sports reporting on them.

No, the main issue discussed is how the Longhorn Network is going to be showing High School games featuring kids who have verbally committed to Texas. This could be an unfair recruiting tool for Texas. However, it is likely to be deemed ok by the NCAA.

This got me thinking, if the Longhorn Network is going to show two dozen high school football games a year, why doesn’t the Big Ten Network do the same thing? Instead of watching Friday Night Tailgate (which in 4 years went from (yr 1)mildly entertaining, (Yr2) Hey! They figured it out, this is a good show, (Yr3) This is awful, (Yr4) I can’t believe this should could get worse, but it did.) why not show Gunner Kiel’s game so the IU fans can get a look at their future QB, as well as 3 other players. You don’t think Ohio State fans would have loved watching Terrelle Pryor his last year in High School?

The advantage of the BTN showing High School games over the Longhorn Network is they can show a game the features players that are going to multiple schools. If there was a matchup that featured players going to 4 different Big Ten schools, it would bring in 4 times the amount of viewers.

I say if Texas is going to do it, why not the Big Ten. They already have the Network in place, let’s use it to our advantage.

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