Thursday, August 11, 2011

Kevin Wilson Gets Pissed At Radio Hosts Making Fun of IU

Some Fox radio show call Zakk and Jack invited Kevin Wilson on to do an interview. After an intro where they left Wilson on hold for about a minute and a half Wilson went on the attack.

Listen Here

Even though Zakk and Jack went on the rip on Wilson after they kicked him off the show, many other people in the Media have defended Wilson including Dan Dachich on his radio show, SI's Stewart Mandel and Andy Staples.

Mandel via Twitter

Wilson > condescending radio jocks RT : Train wreck sports talk radio w/ Indiana coach Kevin Wilson.

Staples has a Lot of back and forth via Twitter I am only including his comments. You can follow is hole chain here

RT : Train wreck sports talk radio at its finest here w/ new Indiana football coach Kevin Wilson.

@HawkeyeNation Agreed. Don't start ripping after you hang up on the guy. Hit him with that on the air if it's that important.

I know how Kevin Wilson feels. Last year, I lit up a host off-air for doing no prep before I came on. Should have done it on-air

Not so sure. Think he endeared himself to IU fans. RT : If you're Wilson, though, you've got to bite your tongue.

prefer these guys. RT : Trudeau and his wingman absolutely brutal

@andy_grey You're underestimating the public's mistrust of the media. Pit yourself against a media member and you look like a hero

@andy_grey He got more buzz by doing what he did than if he had given a sunny, cheery interview

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