Saturday, April 21, 2012

2012 First Round NFL Mock Draft

Alright, (I would say ladies and gents, but lets be honest) Steve and Fodor, here is my 2012 First Round NFL Mock Draft.

1) Indianapolis Colts - Andrew Luck QB

I don't get how people write full paragraphs for this pick. It's a done deal. Everyone has known  he was going number one overall for like three years. He's a great college QB, we will see if that translates to the NFL.

2) Washington Redskins - Ryan Leaf err Robert Griffin III QB

He's nothing like Ryan Leaf. The only reason I said that is because it's two extraordinarily highly touted QB's getting drafted. Some say RGIII is better. He's got all the tools you'd ever want a QB to have. But, I do think he'll work a lot harder at his game and be more successful than Ryan Leaf ever dreamed of. But this is another obvious pick. Had to do something to create writing room.

3) Minnesota Vikings - Matt Kalil LT

Another obvious pick. It's going to happen. Get ready for it.

4) Cleveland Browns - Justin Blackmon WR

If you're the Browns who do you take? For me, if they are truly trying to make Colt McCoy better than they draft Justin Blackmon. Which is why I have them making that pick. But I could see them going another direction too.

5) Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Trent Richardson RB

It's occurred to me that this draft really has some strong statement players coming out. Trent Richardson is the best RB product since what? Ronnie Brown (I wrote that and started laughing out loud)? The Bucs did say at one point that they need better production from the RB position. If I'm the Bucs, I'd never consider taking a RB this early. But, some of these GM's are dumb. So, oh well.

6) St. Louis Rams - Morris Claiborne CB

I think he'll be a bust. But everyone is high on this kid. So, that is why I have him mocked here. For me, its hard to imagine, but it appears, right now at least, that for three consecutive years, LSU will have the top CB in the draft (Peterson, Claiborne, Honey Badger next year). But that can always change.

7)  Jacksonville Jaguars - Melvin Ingram DE

The Lions got made fun of for always selecting WR's. The Jags need to be made fun of for selecting defensive lineman. While it would be admirable, they seem to be blowing top 10 picks on bad players at quite the large clip. Melvin Ingram is a high risk high reward player if you ask me. Either his athleticism will take over and he will be great or he will bust out. I don't see an inbetween on this guy. There is no, he'll be a solid starter. For me, he'll either be great or horrible. The perfect player for the Jaguars. What happened to the days of Fred Taylor, Jimmy Smith, Kennan McKardell, and Mark Brunell. This team is bad. And they wasted a pick last year on the guy everyone knew was going to be a bust too: Blaine Gabbert. He was the JaMarcus Russell of last years draft.

8) Miami Dolphins - Ryan Tannehill  QB

I'll give him props on his first name. This is a no brainer pick for the Dolphins. I think I'm going to root for this kid. Us Ryan's, we gotta stick together. There are only a few of us out there with that name in the US. By the way, did I mention that what I absolutely love about this kid is his name?

9) Carolina Panthers - Michael Floyd WR

The Panthers reach a bit in order to try to improve their offense. I don't know how I feel about Floyd, I think he can be a guy that can get you 1,000 yards receiving. But he won't be that guy every year. A solid number 2 receiver. Which, to me, means that he's being taken too early.

10) Buffalo Bills - Riley Reiff OT

It seems like they are going to let Bell go. Either that, or they will select Reiff to gain leverage on Reiff. Either way, I think they go with him here.

11) Kansas City Chiefs - Dontari Poe DT

Now that the genius behind the Chiefs drafting system has taken the GM job with another team, they draft another obvious bust. This kid flew up the charts because of his combine. Generally, that's a player that you don't take. Their NT is getting old. Will retire in a year or two. They desperately need a new one. And for whatever reason, they think this kid is going to be great. WRONG.

12) Seattle Seahawks - Kendall Wright WR

Luke Kuechly makes too much sense for them. That's why they select Kendall Wright. At this point we have the first monumental reach of the draft, and everyone is in disbelief. This is a Pete Carroll move. I do think they need help at WR though.

13) Arizona Cardinals - Fletcher Cox DT

He really should have been the first defensive lineman taken. However, for no reason other than poor drafting, he isn't drafted until he drops to the Cardinals. I'd be ecstatic if I were them. Congrats Arizona.

14) Dallas Cowboys - Luke Kuelchy

The Cowboys defense sucks, and like the Cardinals, they are just incredibly happy he dropped to them. After they make this pick, ESPN will be shouting Super Bowl Dallas! They have every position locked down now! THEY ARE GREAT! Except they won't be great. They may make the playoffs. But they won't be great.

15) Philadelphia Eagles - David DeCastro OG

Their offensive line was miserable last year. It caused Michael Vick to stay in the pocket and get sacked. Otherwise, he would roll out and sprint down the field, alas himself. I know they drafted a guard last year, but they go that position again. Especially since he is the top guard available.

16) New York Jets - Mark Barron SS

To me, this pick just makes too much sense. The Jets add more secondary help, ignoring the fact that their QB's suck. Really, you're going to put two shitty QB's on  the same team and think it makes you better. Thatt's like the Bears saying: Let's put Caleb Hanie and Todd Collins out there together. Because, while they both suck individually, they can do wonders together. In other words, Jets draft Mark Barron.

17) Cincinnati Bengals - Stephen Gilmore CB

The Bengals want to improve their defense, so they land Stephen Gilmore. A solid selection. Not the best CB available, but certainly their favorite CB. This is another position that I'm not too keen on drafting in the first round. There are just so many solid CBs taken in the later rounds. Same with guards and running backs. Unless you've got the ability to land a Champ Bailey, Adrian Peterson, or Stephen Hutchinson I just wouldn't draft these players this early. Late first round, fine, but not here.

18) San Diego Chargers - Courtney Upshaw -OLB/DE

He fits perfectly into their scheme and the Chargers desperately need a pass rusher. This pick just makes too much sense.

19) Chicago Bears - Quentin Coples DE

This just reeks of the Chicago Bears. I think he is the best DE in this class. For whatever reason, I think teams are being too harsh on this kid grading himself out at a C for his performance last year. Teams seem to be letting this, otherwise, top 5 pick plummet down their boards because he didn't give it his all last year. Here is what they are missing. He was answering HONESTLY when teams asked him to rate his performance. He was letting them know that there is still much more that he can do. And the C grade almost shows some regret for his performance over the past year.This kid is an elite prospect, in my mind. And he may end up being Julius Peppers 2.0. Except, this time, he lands on the Bears to start his career. I would be ecstatic if the Bears landed Coples. I'd also be ecstatic if the Bears got Stephen Hill, who I have a feeling will be Randy Moss 2.0 except without the attitude.

20) Tennessee Titans - Michael Brockers DT

The Titans land the best available defensive tackle. I wouldn't be surprised if they totally reached for a player. They showed last year that they don't care about where the kid is supposed to be taken, they will take who they want when they pick. So, I'm not too confident in this pick.

21) Cincinnati Bengals - Chandler Jones DE

They get the other player they were looking to draft at number 17. They improve their defense this year, so that they don't look quite as ridiculous in the playoffs.

22) Cleveland Browns - Jonathan Martin OT

The Browns continue to focus on helping Colt McCoy succeed. This year they land him a big name wide receiver and help protect his right side. This way, next year, when the Browns totally suck again, they can go ahead and draft another QB in the first round.

23) Detroit Lions - Mike Adams OT

The Lions focus their efforts in the first round this year to improve their protection. So that way, two of the best pass rushers in the league are slowed down a bit (Julius Peppers and Jared Allen). Yes, that was meant as a slight to the most overrated, steroid abusing, player in the NFL.

24) Pittsburgh Steelers - Cordy Glenn OG

The Steelers really need to protect Ben Roethlisberger. I was tempted to have them go with Donta Hightower. However, the Steelers really need to address their offensive line, and that is the way I think they go.

25) Denver Broncos - Stephen Hill WR

Ugh, I think the Broncos just got one of the best players in the draft. Like I said, I think Hill ends up being Randy Moss 2.0 minus the attitude problem and plus Peyton Manning. I think he is the best WR in this draft. With that said, watch him be a total bust.

26) Houston Texans - Mohamed Sanu WR

The Texans would like to add a compliment to Andre Johnson, so they reach just a bit and nab Sanu. I would mock Jefferey here, but I don't think he's done anything to help himself stay in the first round.

27) New England Patriorts - Whitney Mercillus DE

The Patriots try to improve their defense and pass rush. They could really use some help in that department and Mercillus could end up being a great defensive end. The Patriots are shocked he fell this far in the draft.

28) Green Bay Packers - Devon Still DT

The Packers desperately need interior defensive line help. Their lack of any sort of a pass rush was telling last year. It caused them to set records for being blown out in the playoffs. As it stands, they have absolutely no one who can effectively rush the passer. Last year, Matthews was getting manhandled by a single TE. He's so overrated it's unreal. I watched him on nearly every snap last year. He was nearly always getting single blocked and just manhandled. It was embarrassing.

29) Baltimore Ravens - Dont'a Hightower LB

Wow, the Ravens have yet another amazing pick. I think he's the best linebacker in the draft. The perfect future replacement for Ray Lewis.

30) San Francisco 49ers - Alshon Jefferey WR

The 49ers are in desperate need for a wide receiver. They need an offense, and for whatever reason, they are under the mistaken impression that Alex Smith can actually lead them somewhere. So, they go ahead and select Jefferey in the first.

31) New England Patriots - Dre Kirkpatrick CB

The Patriots not only land Mercillus, but they land the best CB in the draft in my opinion. I loved watching this kid fly around the field in the few Alabama games that I watched. It's shocking that he falls this far, but that happens to some people. This is a great selection for the Patriots.

32) New York Giants - Coby Fleener TE

The Giants add another weapon for Eli. They really haven't had all that much production out of the tight end position since Jeremy Shockey left. He's the perfect fit for the New York Giants, as they attempt to repeat as NFL Champions. But, we all know that won't happen. This will be the Bears pick next year.


  1. Alright sense this is such a long post, I’m doing a ton of comments and taking notes on the way.

    First off, it’s not just Fodor and me reading this, Tim already saw it. Also, the random animals right activist who hates Ryan’s stance on Killer Whales in captivity.

    Andrew Luck is #1, we all know it. Would be the #1 selling Colts jersey this year if it wasn’t already last year. Also, people like to write about him cause they’ve heard about him and it’s an easy thing to write about without doing much research.

    RGIII. I called him my favorite player in college football two years ago on this website. It’s nice to be right every now and then. Also, he’s way to media savy (see Heisman campaign) to flame out as awesomely as Leaf.

    Ronnie Brown? Really that’s best reference. I guess I get the whole big back from the state of Alabama.

    I actually like Melvin Ingram, I get what you mean about an all or nothing player, but I could see him ending up like Pierre-Paul on the NYG. Saying that the NYG have a good group of D-Linemen around to help him

    Tannehill: Can I call him a bust now, or do I have to wait for the Dolphins to screw up this pick. I hate to when players rise due to their workouts. Texas A&M underachieved the past two years and he was the QB. I also don’t care that he used to play WR and I don’t think that fact makes him a better QB.

    Also, Steves are better then Ryans. Let’s do a quick comparison of Current and Former NFL Players


    Ryan Leaf
    Ryan Grant
    Ryan Longwell

    Who else? Matt Ryan?

    Now Steve’s

    Steve Young
    Steve McNair
    Steve Smith
    Steven Jackson
    Stevie Johnson
    Steve Hutchinson
    Stephen Davis
    Stephen Alexander

    And soon to be Stephen Hill (Ironically Ryan’s favorite player in the draft)

    I am not a fan of Michael Floyd. I really don’t want the Bears to get him, so I’m glad you have the Panthers taking him. Let him hang out with ND Alumnus Jimmy Clausen

    I really like David DeCastro, but I find it hard drafting a Guard in the top 20. I just don’t think you get the value of a Top 20 pick out of a Guard. Saying that, DeCastro could end up playing till he’s 50 and making the HOF.

    New York Jets are in a place where they want to make their D awesome and figure out the O later. I think Barron would be good for them and is a good player

    Stephen Gilmore, another Steve! I really liked him when he was at the real USC! and hope he falls to the Bears for them to take him. I also don’t think the Bears would take him or any QB since they do not value the position as much in the Lovie system I see them taking a DE and speaking of the Bears……

    You have them taking a DE too! Another DE from UNC none the less. I like the choice and would be very happy if the Bears got him.

    Colt McCoy again? I’m sorry, I loved him as much as anyone in college, but I think he’s a career back up. If I’m Cleveland, I’m moving on.

    Are the Broncos really going to go on a Ga Tech WR trend and take Hill? I actually do see them taking a WR to make Peyton happy, and I like Hill. I’ve hear him compared to the other recent Ga Tech WR with people saying he won’t be nearly as good as Calvin Johnson, but much better then future Bronco Teammate Demaryius Thomas

    #27: The New England Patriots have just traded the 27th pick with the Washington Redskins for the rest of the picks in the 2013 draft.

    If Dont’a Hightower falls this far and falls to the Ravens, I might punch someone. That would be an awesome pick for them, the kid is going to be a beast.

    Finally, I really like Dre Kirkpatrick, but again, New England will trade out of the first round cause they always do.

  2. Let's be clear: I wasn't comparing Trent Richardson to Ronnie Brown, in that they both have similar styles of play. I was merely saying that he is the first RB projected to go as high as he is since Ronnie Brown. And in that year both Brown and Benson went higher than I have Richardson going. I think Trent Richardson will be a far better RB than Ronnie Brown.

    Also, you forgot the best Ryan to ever play in the NFL: RYAN PARRENT! I went 16-0 three straight years setting all records imaginable on ALL MADDEN! I do agree that Tannehill will be a bust. But I'm going to root for him because of his name. I also agree that Colt McCoy sucks today, but I have a feeling their going to wait until next year when they snag either Matt Barkley or the Oklahoma QB who I'm blanking on his name.

    Finally, I cannot decide on my favorite player in the draft. Stephen Hill is one. Quentin Coples is the other. I think they'll both be beasts. And I don't really believe RGIII is even close to comparable to Leaf. I just think the scenario is. One highly touted QB for years finally comes out along with a QB that possesses, arguably, even more "intangibles." Both hyped up and then BAM. If that does happen, it would be nice to see it happen to Mr. Luck.

  3. As a killer whale activist, I was hugely insulted by this entire post.

    You guys know my awful record on predicting draft success, so I don't need to even warn you with some of these predictions: I see a ton of flops in this first round. Trent Richardson, Morris Claiborne, Coples, Dontari Poe, Whitney Mercilus just to name a few that I find suspect. I actually don't like Stephen Hill either, despite his prototype size.

    Regarding Ryans, you forgot Ryan Mathews, duh.

    Regarding the Bears, I'd like to see another pick on the OL, and Jonathan Martin would be my choice. DB would be my other area of preference, or LB. I would actually LOVE to see the Bears take Dont'a Hightower.

    Anyways great work my man. Looking forward to the draft as always.