Thursday, August 30, 2012

Shooting the Sh*t w/ Shark and Steve Episode 1

May very well be the worst episode ever, but we will get better 


  1. as Epsiode one, it's supposed to be the worst - and best - ever. I'm going to grade you on the basis of the many WIUX sports shows I've suffered through. Today I'll hit the first 20 minutes before work.

  2. I can picture this leading to as much wealth and success as Armchair Superstar... at least you both have sweet and pleasant voices, which is a plus.

  3. Notes:

    1.Fantasy baseball is a painful, painful grind. Never again.

    2. I don't know what you're talking about, I am an AMAZING writer. Noffke is pretty good too. Tim would be good with the minor addition of PARAGRAPH BREAKS. The reason we stopped, I suspect, is because we all have paying jobs that, sadly, take priority.

    3. I have the following players in both my fantasy leagues: Ben Tate, Rashad Jennings, Lance Moore, Martellus Bennett (sleeper!!). My first round picks: Calvin Johnson at #5 in the Mother Bears Gold League, Matt Stafford at #9 in the silver league.

    4. Time to start planning for IU vs. Northwestern sept. 29!

    5. 0

    6. Indiana prediction: 3-9 (1-8). And that's optimistic.

    7. Once you guys get started on sports, this is actually great. Like, at least as good as WIUX. Maybe even better because of the no ads, freedom to swear... DON'T TAKE LAGARRETTE BLOUNT!!!! Russell Wilson I got in the 13th round of the Gold draft.

    8. Two true freshmen on the line: BAAAAAD THING.

    9. The juco linebackers should lower our defensive ppg by at least three points. So it'll still be over 30.

    10. For the first time in a long time, I'm totally rooting for Michigan. Go beat the hell out of the SEC. Totally agree that it would be a huge win for the entire conference. Go shoelace go!

    Shower time.

  4. "Six wins and a crappy bowl game every year, is that too much to ask?"


    Why do the Blackhawks lose against Nashville every time?


    ACC Football sucks. No question here.

    Okay I'm going to bed. Still 25 minutes left to go. If you guys want to hit me up, I'll be tailgating my evil little heart out tomorow.