Sunday, September 23, 2012

Dan's Week 3 Pick Em

I figured I should throw another post in here, so here goes my picks for week 3.

  • Chicago over St Louis
  • Dallas beating Tampa Bay 
  • Buffalo edging out Cleveland 
  • Detroit blowing out Tennessee 
  • Andrew Luck leading Indianapolis over Jacksonville
  • The Jets beating the Dolphins (look for a bigger role for Tebow this game) 
  • San Francisco destroying Minnesota 
  • New Orleans looks like nothing happened this week as they beat the Chiefs 
  • Washington beats Cincinnati 
  • Arizona beats Philly 
  • Atlanta beats San Diego 
  • Houston gets revenge on Peyton Manning by beating Denver soundly
  • Pittsburgh easily wins over Oakland 
  • Baltimore gets revenge for Cundiff's blunder last year and beats New England 
  • Green Bay has no problem beating the team with the best Monday night record the Seattle Seahawks.
  • And my not so bold prediction that overlaps all the games is that the officiating will continue to be flat out terrible.

Happy Week 3 Everybody!


  1. hey hey hey!

    Obviously it's a little late to comment on the Sunday games, but I will say that I really like Seattle (they've always been my #2 NFL team, with the Saints #3), and I think they aren't getting enough love at home.

    So I'm taking Seattle 27-21 to win tonight.

    It helps that I'm starting the Seattle defense, and my opponent in another league is starting Rodgers, Nelson, and Finley with 75 points to make up.


  2. Look at this a real blog post!

    Looks like you did pretty good a few errors like "Pittsburgh easily wins over Oakland"

    I like Seattle tonight as well. Packers traveling across country and the Seattle home advantage.

    I also have another theory that West Coast teams play better in night games cause they are more awake. This is similar to the theory that west coast teams lose the 1 EST games in the eastern time zone because they aren't awake yet except in reverse. It will only be 6 PM when the game starts and 9 when the game is over compared to 11 for the packers. Just a thought.