Thursday, September 5, 2013

2013 NFL Predictions

I figured I would lay it all out there this year.  Here are my 2013 NFL Predictions.

AFC East
1. Patriots
2. Dolphins
3. Bills (No one, I mean no one, circles the wagons like they do)
4. Jets

AFC South
1. Texans
2. Colts
3. Titans
4. Jaguars

AFC North
1. Bengals
2. Ravens (WC)
3. Browns
4. Steelers

AFC West
1. Broncos
2. Chiefs (WC)
3. Chargers
4. Raiders (Please say this like Chris Berman when you read it)

NFC East
1. Cowboys (How 'bout them Cowboys?)
2. Eagles
3. Redskins
4. Giants
Note: I think this is an extremely tight division race, and the top 3 teams may all be in it going into week 17.

NFC South
1. Falcons
2. Saints (WC)
3. Panthers
4. Buccaneers

NFC North
1. Packers
2. Bears
3. Lions
4. Vikings

NFC West
1. 49ers ("Who's got it better than us?")
2. Seahawks (WC)
3. Rams
4. Cardinals

AFC Wild Card Round
(6) Ravens over (3) Patriots
(4) Bengals over (5) Chiefs

NFC Wild Card Round
(3) Packers over (6) Saints
(5) Seahawks over (4) Cowboys

AFC Divisional Round
(1) Texans over (6) Ravens
(2) Broncos over (4) Bengals

NFC Divisional Round
(5) Seahawks over (1) Falcons
(2) 49ers over (3) Packers

AFC Championship
(2) Broncos over (1) Texans

NFC Championship
(5) Seahawks over (2) 49ers

Super Bowl
Seahawks over Broncos (Super Bowl MVP: Percy Harvin)

NFL MVP: Drew Brees
NFL COY: Andy Reid
AFC OPOY: Tom Brady
NFC OPOY: Drew Brees
NFC DPOY: Luke Kuechly
AFC OROY: Giovani Bernard
NFC OROY: Eddie Lacy
AFC DROY: Dee Milliner
NFC DROY:  Ezekiel Ansah


  1. You give Russell Wilson to much credit

    1. Maybe, but I feel the Seahawks are a legit threat to win it all this year. Defense wins championships.

  2. You're way wrong on a number of accounts