Friday, March 14, 2014

Weekend Watch 03/14/2014

Welcome back to the weekend watch. It’s been awhile but let’s jump into it.

All Weekend Conference Tournaments

I will be watching lots of college basketball this weekend and will highlight a few of the championship games below, but the point is, even though I’m only going to highlight the Championship Games of the tournaments, I will be watching more rounds then just that.


8 PM EST: Nashville Predators vs Chicago Blackhawks (Comcast Sports Net)

This game shouldn’t be much of a game as the Blackhawks are 2nd in their division, 3rd in the conference while the Predators are last in the conference and 3rd to last in the conference. Saying all that, Nashville always gives the Blackhawks trouble, I would keep an eye on this game because it might be closer than it should be.

Who I want to win: Chicago Blackhawks

Who I think will win: Chicago Blackhawks


NCAA Conference Championship games


Of all sports days this weekend, Sunday looks the best.

1 PM EST: NASCAR Food City 500 @ Bristol Motor Speedway (FOX)

I know you guys are thinking I’m still drunk on NASCAR after my trip to Daytona for the 500. While that might be the case, Bristol is one of the better races of the year that I used to watch before I started going to Daytona. It’s a .5 mile track with 43 Cars on it. Even though it’s not as fun since the track has been repaved, there is always a lot of action, passing and wrecking. If you are nursing a St Patrick’s Day celebration hangover and want to watch something other than College Basketball, try and catch the last 30 laps of this race, I think you will enjoy.

Who I want to win: Tony Stewart

Who I think will win: Kyle Busch

NCAA Basketball Selection Show (CBS)


Now that you are as jacked up as I am, this is the best non-sport sports event of the year outside the NFL Draft. Who’s in, who’s out, who are you going to pick for your brackets, just a great show.

Who I want to win: Indiana, ok they need a miracle to get in but whatever

Who I think will win: It’s too early still, but screw it I’ll say Kansas

7:30 PM EST: Detroit Red Wings vs Chicago Blackhawks (NBC)

Now that Detroit and Chicago are in different divisions and missing out on more rivalry games we should cherish the ones we get. Both teams are playing for something as Chicago is trying to catch St Louis (I don’t think they will) for the top seed in the division while Detroit is trying to make the playoffs as a number 8 seed. This was a fantastic series in last years playoffs, well at least for Blackhawks fans, and I’m looking forward to this one as well. I will leave Jeremy Piven to have the last words on this game here.

Who I want to win: Chicago Blackhawks

Who I think will win: Chicago Blackhawks

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  1. Indiana might not even get into the NIT, honestly.