Friday, June 6, 2014

2014 Armchair Superstar World Cup Pool

Hello Everyone

Welcome back 4 years later to the Armchair Superstar world Cup Pool. We have 7 players coming back from last time and have lost Derek Wilson, but we picked up this blog's favorite reader who isn't a write Tim Fodor (Mark's little brother).

Here are the rules

  • Buy-In $20
  • 8 Players 
  • 4 Teams Per Player
  • Team Selection: 4 round snake order draft. Rules explained below. I will get Jamie to rig randomly select the draft order posted below. 
  •  Ways to win 
    •  ½ Pot goes to Player with the World Cup Winning Team 
    • ½ Pot goes to Player with most points in Group Stage  
      • Tiebreakers for the group stage will be determined the same way as FIFA does (See section 42.5) which basically goes as follows 
        •  Goal Difference in all group Matches
        • Greatest number of goals scored in all group matches 
        • And then more if needed


Last time we did this, and I think it worked out pretty well, we did a "slow" draft. Basically the draft start as soon as this post goes up. The person with the #1 pick can take as long or as short as they'd like. As long as all picks are in by the first match which is the 12th.

Picks can be submitted via the blog in the comments, article or you can text me and I will update this article with the new picks.

Here's a link with all the available teams.

I will do my best to update the blog as often as I can with Matches being completed. I know I enjoyed this last time so I hope everyone does as well

Alright, now what you've all been waiting for, the draft order.

And Brazil goes too.........................

Round 1
  1. Dan Noffke       Brazil
  2. Tim Fodor         Spain
  3. Ryan Parrent     Argentina
  4. Dave Weir         Germany
  5. Mark Fodor       Uruguay
  6. Colin O'Shea     Columbia
  7. Stephen Noffke Portugal
  8. Tim Transon      Switzerland

Round 2

  1. Tim Transon      Italy
  2. Stephen Noffke  Belgium
  3. Colin O'Shea      Chile
  4. Mark Fodor        France
  5. Dave Weir          Netherlands
  6. Ryan Parrent      England
  7. Tim Fodor          Greece
  8. Dan Noffke        Russia

Round 3

1. Dan Noffke             Ecuador
2. Tim Fodor               USA!
3. Ryan Parrent           Mexico
4. Dave Weir               Bosnia and Herzegovina
5. Mark Fodor             Algeria
6. Colin O'Shea           Croatia
7. Stephen Noffke       Ivory Coast
8. Tim Transon            Ghana

Round 4

1. Tim Transon          Iran
2. Stephen Noffke     Japan
3. Colin O'Shea         Nigeria
4. Mark Fodor           Honduras
5. Dave Weir             South Korea
6. Ryan Parrent         Costa Rica
7. Tim Fodor             Australia
8. Dan Noffke           Cameroon

You can pay me via chase quickpay at If you don't have chase let me know.


  1. Tim Fodor took Spain. Will update article when I get a better signal.

  2. Snuffles said that Dave took Germany. So I'm going with my homies from 2010... Uruguay!

  3. I like this year's WC lineup. Not many pushovers in the various groups, I feel like there's good potential for total chaos, and there will probably be at least one Cinderella in the Elite 8/Final 4. I was pretty happy to get France at 12, although Colin nabbed Chile (which was gonna be my pick) right out from under my feet.

  4. Over Under Pick 24 for latest pick advancing to knockout round. I'll take the over with some sleeper.

  5. Only these teams left:

    South Korea
    Coasta Rica

  6. I dunno who has the best four, but I'm pretty sure it ain't me, guys.

  7. I'm not going to lie, I really like Dave Weir's team. He'd get my best draft grade. However, it's the world cup so anything can happen.