Thursday, June 23, 2016

Euro Cup Group Stage Final

Well Well Well, Look who won.

Team Points Goal Dif
Steve Noffke 22 6
Mark Fodor 19 2
Shark 17 3
Dan Noffke 12 -5
Dave Weir 11 0
Matt Transon 10 -3

I think that's all the commentary I need for this post.

Ok I'll add more.

Interestingly, Dave had both the worst pick and the best pick of the group stage. The worst pick was Austria 8th overall who could only get him 1 point. The best pick was Wales who got 6 points coming from the 2nd to last pick of the 3rd round. They are also in the easy side of the bracket and could potentially make a deep run.

Worst team of the group stage was Ukraine, who was on Matt Transon's team, the worst performing team. I scored as many points at Matt did after 1 round of games as he did the whole tourny.

Fodor made a valiant run late to catch me, but didn't quite have enough.

No team won all 3 of their games.

Lastly, we just played 90 some odd games and only eliminated 8 teams. So plenty of teams still alive for the knockout round.

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