Thursday, December 10, 2009


I don't normally read or enjoy Steve Rosenbloom, but he mined this gem today...
Former Packer and former Heisman Trophy winner Paul Hornung told the "Mully and Hanley’’ show on WSCR-AM 780 [actually, it's 670 - thanks Shark!] why he left Florida quarterback Tim Tebow off his Heisman ballot: "I wanted to vote for Tebow. I had for the last two years. He's a great kid, but I don't think you need to cry after a football game. That just killed me when I saw that."
Way to go, Tebow.

And just for the record, this is what a *real* Heisman Trophy winner looks like, apparently...


  1. Rosenbloom is an idiot what can i say?

  2. LOL, God do I hate Tebow. Did you see the interview tonight where Tebow and McCoy were eating together. Tebow asks McCoy, "honestly, did you want us or Alabama to win?" First off, get over it. McCoy then responds, "You guys." Then McCoy is like let me ask you an honest question, if you weren't on the ballot would you vote for me as Heisman. Tebow responds, "I honestly don't get into that kind of stuff." What? Grow a pair and tell him if you wouldn't vote for him faggot. Then Tebow goes, "My heisman trophy is in the corner buried behind a whole bunch of crap." As if it is some useless novelty. Guess what buddy? YOU HAVE NO FUTURE IN THE NFL. You aren't good enough to even play fullback. As for the wildcat, you can find much more athletic "QB's" who are a "threat" to throw the ball than you. So, outta luck there too. Goodluck though, everyone can tell your a douche bag, and enjoy your ridiculous hair style.

  3. haha, way to go Ryan! Tebow is an idioit, why was he invited to new york? He finished 500 points behind Suh.

  4. Wow, the sheer amount of hate for one of the most fun football players to watch in this era is just staggering.

    I am a Gator fan and Florida alumnus, but I give respect where its due. In fact, so does Tebow - last year in midseason he went on record saying that he would have voted for Colt McCoy for Heisman if it were held that week.

    I was a huge Colt Brennan fan even though I was pretty sure he wouldn't have been as successful playing against some better competition. I relish every time Notre Dame loses and think Jimmy Clausen looks like an emu, but I respect what he's done at Notre Dame and think he's an outstanding football player.

    How about an honest question for you - would you really rather have Tate Forcier or "square-peg-in-round-hole" Terrelle Pryor at QB instead of Tebow, if you could pick? Between his body of work on and off the field, Tebow has been undeniably good for college football.

  5. There's no doubt that Tebow has been a great college player - I've always compared him to Tyler Hansbrough in terms of toughness, leadership, and whatever it is about goofy-ass white dudes that makes so much of the country hate them.

    That said, Psycho T wasn't a big crier. Which I appreciated.

    I also loved Colt Brennan and hope he gets a shot in the League - thought he looked great in preseason for the 'Skins. Jimmy Clausen is seriously funny looking and I don't know that he will produce at the next level.

    Now, Tebow vs. Forcier/Pryor. I think you're right that Tebow wins out. But would you rather have him or a true drop back QB like LeFevour or Jake Locker? That may be a tougher question. How about this one - Jeremiah Masoli or Tebow?

    I think a major part of the beef with Tim in the last two years has been a direct result of the praise heaped on him from every direction in the national media... and really, he had NO business in the Heisman presentation this year.

    He better get a trophy case for that Stiffarm Guy because I think it was probably the highlight of his career, college and pro.