Monday, December 7, 2009

New Bears Offensive Coordinator

While I think it is high time Lovie and Co. get the hell outta Chicago, I'm not sure that the McCaskey's are ready to do that just yet. Recent reports of Charlie Weis and Mike Martz have been flying around as the rumored next offensive coordinator of the Bears. Listen, if the Bears are going with Lovie Smith than all but four coaches need to be fired, and that includes Lovie firing himself as the Defensive Coordinator. The four guys are:

Darryl Drake WR Coach - He doesn't draft them, he just coaches them, and I'd say he's done an excellent job considering what he is working with.

Rod Marinelli D-Line Coach - He does seem to have this team getting pressure more consistently. I think actual talent would help him. And I think Tommie can return to form next year as long as he stays healthy for the rest of this year and doesn't require any offseason surgery. That way he can work out and regain some of that power he once had, and stay in shape.

Bob Babich LB Coach - I would not have wanted him back after last year's performance as the D-coordinator. However, considering that he just got done with a game where his linebackers played darn good and there were 0 starting LB's from earlier this season, I'd say he's done a darn good job.

Dave Toub Special Teams Coach - This guy is awesome. I understand he called that lousy fake field goal, but if it weren't for great discipline by the Rams player Greg would have taken that to the house. Also, you run a fake what? Like once or twice a year? His special teams consistently are one of the best in the league, thus he deserves to stay.

That means the remaining spots are open for next year.

Defensive Coordinator
Offensive Coordinator
Defensive Backs Coach
Offensive Line Coach
QB Coach
Running Backs Coach
If there is a tight ends coach than him too.

Now, as to what this article was truly about. While the rumors have been swirling about the Bears' next offensive coordinator (Weis or Martz) a third name will be uncovered tonight, on Monday Night Countdown by Adam Schefter. So far he has given us hints: it is a college coach with NFL experience and current ties to some Chicago Bears players. The likely guy I think is Jeremy Bates, but the thing about him is that he will likely go where ever Shannahan goes. But who knows.


  1. Hah! I just saw the Weis rumour over at and was on my way over here to post it, but you beat me to it.

    Charlie Weis would make me very happy as our new offensive coordinator. Too bad we don't have a first round pick to grab Golden Tate, too.

    I think you're right on who has to stay. Drake, Babich, and Marinelli are okay for now as position coaches, but nothing more. Turner, obviously, is as good as gone.

    So who does Lovie tab to take over as DC? Obviously, he didn't do a very good job at it. I think we need somebody who can take aspects of his precious Tampa 2 and modernize it so that we have the flexibility to actually scheme against opponents, much like Weis would be able to do on offense.

    I would say Raheem Morris, but he's already way overemployed in Tampa. :)

  2. That's the problem with a 4-3 defense right now, not many teams are using it anymore. And even more teams are starting to go away from the cover 2. The thing I think about the cover 2 is it can be revamped, as you suggest, in order to be dominant again. Who can do that though? I don't know. Generally great innovations come from younger crowds seeing as how they haven't been set in a certain way, so perhaps that would be the way to go. But of course, that is a total crap shoot. And if someone did re-engineer the cover 2 so that it was dominant again, it wouldn't take them long to get employed elsewhere. So, in the end, I have no idea.

  3. Too bad we can't steal Leslie Frazier from the Vikes.