Saturday, January 30, 2010

Indiana 70, Illinois 72

Despite the best efforts of the refs to make this game suck in accordance with the Big Ten Game Stylesheet, the Hoosiers and Illini are having one heck of a battle in Champaign. And I almost went to this game. Damn!

The Jordan alley-oop (to Paul?), Verdell Jones getting on a roll, Demetri McCamey looking like the best point guard in the conference, Jordan Hulls nailing treys, and that Devan Dumes steal and halfcourt make as time expires? Awesome.

It's 36-36 at the half as we return to The Other Assembly Hall. God, I hate having that much ugly orange on my TV, but if this game keeps up, it's worth it.

Orange, pink, and Crimson = TV overload. My eyes are on fire.

Well, at least it was a good game. Indiana lost on a last-second runner by McCamey that cancelled out Hoosier heroics.

Somebody in the Big Ten studio suggested that Watford should have slid over on the last play and tried to take a charge. I say that's nuts. No way you put yourself in that position, knowing that if the Illini guard goes to the line, he's going to hit at least one and end the game for sure. No, the Hoosiers did their best and were foiled.

That McCamey shot, by the way, was eerily reminiscent of the one he hit last year against Northwestern which spoiled a monster effort by the Wildcats. Same freakin' heartbreak.

Anyway, Indiana's now 9-11 (3-5). It's a good time to try and remember that this team is still better, by leaps and bounds, than last year's.

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