Monday, January 25, 2010

Trivia: Super Bowl Style

I have a few of Super Bowl related questions for everyone.

A personal favorite of mine. Can you name the three teams have won a Super Bowl, but have a losing record in the Super Bowl?

Which team has been to the most Superbowls and how many?

How many times has a team making their Super Bowl debut won the Super Bowl and which was the last team to do this?


  1. 3. Baltimore Ravens musta been the last ones to do it.

    As far as the rest, it's hard to say because of all of the early Super Bowls...

    Most Superbowls = Pittsburgh? 6?

    Three teams that have won but have a losing record: Broncos... Falcons? Giants?

  2. I'm gonna go with...

    Dallas with the most but I have no idea how many... I'll guess 8

    The panthers were probably the last team to make their superbowl debut

    and the losing record im gonna go with denver but new york also is a temptin answer.

  3. The three teams that have won a Super Bowl but have a losing record are the

    L.A./St Louis Rams: 1-2
    Miami Dolphins: 2-3
    Denver Broncos: 2-4

    Most Super Bowls: Cowboys with 8. They are 5-3

    Last team to win their debut was the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

    Teams making thier SuperBowl debut have only won 8 times. The overall record of teams in thier debut is 8-19 which is a 30% win percentage. So not a good trend for the Saints

  4. Fodor you were close with the Ravens, they are the 2nd most recent team to win thier debut.

    Dan, the Panthers lost, and the last team to make their Super Bowl debut was last season with the Cardinals.

    Giants are 3-1 in Super Bowls and the Falcons are 0-1.