Friday, January 22, 2010

Jets-Colts: Destiny?

Jets-Colts: Destiny? What the hell am I talking about? What's more, why is this damn picture of LOST here? Where is this all going? Well, come on in my friends, relax, and read this article about absolutely nothing. Do me one favor first, Ponder this: The Colts were sitting at 14-0, two games left when they play the J-E-T-S JETS JETS JETS. Coach Caldwell decides that we don't need to go undefeated so he benches his starters in the second half... when they were up 9-3. The Jets come back and to beat the Colts second string defense, and because of that, they get propelled to the playoffs. Fast forward to today: Jim Caldwell is getting flack for not trying to go 19-0. However, if the Jets win, that flack will only grow because he allowed the Jets in the playoffs, and the Colts demise. The postseason loss, if it happens, could be his own fault. I think it is an interesting display of the old adage: We decide our own fate. One thing is for sure, if this was the Island (LOST) I think we all know who would win this game: The Chicago Bears. (Que LOST background and music which ends this post).

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