Tuesday, January 19, 2010

President Vs SuperBowl

For the first and only (most likely) time in United States history, the 44th President will be in office for the 44th Super Bowl. So in honor of this, ESPN.com boxing writer Don Steinberg is matching each SuperBowl vs it's corresponding President. He started 44 days from the SuperBowl and will end on Super Sunday. He is matchup 24 right now the 49ers & Broncos vs Grover Cleveland. I thought the history nerds out there might enjoy this.


  1. Seriously, this is brilliant.

    Then again I'm a huge history nerd.

    But how did you find this??

  2. I found it on Page 2 of ESPN.com. I knew you would enjoy this Fodor.

  3. I read Superbowl XX and it's comments. Pretty funny. The people seemed to be upset about Garfield beating the Bears b/c that game was one of the most memorable Superbowl Games. One guy wrote: Hey Prez Garfield, at least the Patriots finished the game. Haha, I thought that was hysterical.