Saturday, March 13, 2010

Day Three: Must Avoid Stadium Food

Yesterday was unbelievable. From the Evan Turner - Manny Harris duel goin' down right in front of our noses to the stunner that Minnesota, behind frosh Devoe Joseph (16 huge points, carried the Gophers in the 2nd half and OT), pulled on Michigan State, it was a wild-a** day of basketball action.

This is just a quickie because we have to leave B-Town again and get on up to Conseco (home away from home) Fieldhouse, but I'll just leave you all with this.

(3) Donatos pepperoni pizzas
(1) Loaded baked potato (butter, cheddar, broccoli, bacon, southwestern corn salsa, sour cream, pretty sure I put some other stuff on there too but it was a long day, and that thing gave me the -itis real bad, it was just about naptime a few minutes after finishing.)
(2) Popcorn tubs
(1) Brat (AVOID - they're much better in Chicago)
(1) Giant twisty pretzel
(1) two-scoop Ritters waffle cone

I suspect there's more that I'm forgetting.... but you get the idea.

Today I'm rooting hard for Minnesota and against Purdue's horrible, whiny fan base. And (why not) for Illinois too. I will have much more on the fans and teams of the Big Ten Tournament 2010 later.

What a great baked potato.


  1. Illinois vs Ohio State was a great game, i'm glad that OSU beat them though.

    Minnesota took Purdue to the woodshed. I think that gets them in. So by my count the Big Ten will get 6 teams in.

    I hope Minnesota wins it all (I love Tubby)

    Sounds like you've been eating some good food. So the loaded baked potatoes were the best? Brats Worst?
    Sounds like an awesome week, wish i could have been there with you.

  2. The brats were seriously bad. Mediocre sausage, damn soggy bun, no good toppings available. I didn't even finish it.

    They have a much better brat bar on the club level (of course they do) but I never got back down there to get one after spotting it yesterday.