Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Joe Nathan Done for the Year

It appears that Joe Nathan is going to have season ending elbow surgery. So, what does this mean for the White Sox? In my opinion, a much easier opponent in the Minnesota Twins. This may be the most significant of all possible pitcher injuries in the AL Central in regards to the positive impact it can have for the White Sox. Who becomes the Twins Closer? My guess is it will be someone who is somehow dominant as well (as this always seems to happen to the Twins), but my hope is that it is someone who sucks. This injury may actually make the White Sox the division winners by mid-September, maybe even earlier.

I don't usually like to celebrate injuries to an opponent. I'd rather beat them fair and square. But after playing for years in that damn dome, it's about damn time they had to play with a handicap. So this year the Twins will face the uphill struggle of playing outside, in a smaller ball park, in the freezing cold in April, without the benefit of arguably their best pitcher. Meanwhile the White Sox will be lining up arguably the best staff in the MLB with a darn good bullpen and some solid pop through out the order. Things are looking better and better for your 2010 Chicago White Sox. The same thing cannot be said for the Cubs... only because they are the Cubs.


  1. I am so glad the White Sox no longer have to visit the Hump Dome (if only the A's could change stadiums now). This is big for the Sox, but like you said, they will probably bring up some guy from Single A who will save 100 games this year

  2. Yeah, it sucks how when elite closers go down, more often than not some random guy shows up and is lights-out his first season.

    Not having to play in that POS "stadium" will add 3-4 games to the Sox win total.

    I want to do a breakdown of the AL Central pitching staffs soon. Maybe after work tonight.