Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Bears trading to get Chris Harris Back

ESPN Chicago is reporting that the Chicago Bears are trading with the Carolina Panthers to get Chris Harris.

Chris Harris was on the Bears and was traded to Carolina. At the time, I couldn't blame the Bears for trading him because he was 4th or 5th on the depth chart and looked like he would not be seeing the field much. Since his departure, the Bears have suffered at the safety do to injuires and inability to perform. I am happy the Bears are getting him back.


ESPN Chicago's and ESPN Radio1000's Jeff Dickerson is reporting that Jamar Williams is going to the Panthers in the trade.

I like Jamar Williams but I think the Bears like Nick Roach better then him. Williams leaving will give IU Alumnus Mayberry a chance to make the team.

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  1. Farewell Josh Bullocks, we hardly knew ye.

    Jamar Williams was always more Angelo hype than reality. If he could play, he wouldn't be behind Hillenmeyer, Roach, Tinoisamoa, etc. I'm happy to get Chris Harris back and even happier to get rid of some truly marginal safeties. Hopefully Al Afalava can focus on special teams now.