Monday, April 26, 2010

More Info on the Northwestern Wrigley Field Game

This post by ESPN's big ten Blogger Adam Rittenberg lays out a bunch of good and quick information about the upcoming Wrigley Field game.

A couple of highlights

Ticket Allotment: The Cubs receive 5,000 tickets, Illinois receives 3,000 and Northwestern gets the rest (30,000 plus). Looks like tickets might be hard to come by. There will be no additional seating on the field

Northwestern wants to put it's student section and Band in the right field bleachers

Beer will be sold at the game!

The Cubs say the clock on the famous Wrigley Field scoreboard still works for football and will be used Nov. 20. (score board can kind of be seen in picture)

Coach Fitzgerald is said to want his team to take the "EL" from Evanston to Wrigley field. (Roughly 20 min ride).


  1. FYI it's more like 35 minutes from Etown to Addison. It's 20 if the train doesn't stop at all. Which would be cool.

    I am going to this game. Hope the weather doesn't suck.

  2. If they are arranging the team to take the "EL" i'm sure the train isn't going to make any stops.

  3. How did I miss the beer sales?? The #1 thing that would improve ANY college game.

    Seriously, it drove me nuts that they went dry at Conseco for the Big Ten Tourney. No BYOB, no sales... how are you supposed to stay engaged for four freakin' games in a row?