Saturday, April 24, 2010

Miller Park 4-23

Most of the box score stuff you guys are more than capable of looking up so I just am going to hit the highlights of the game, and some of my observations.

-The atmosphere reminded me very much of the sox tigers game I went to. I have never felt so much hatred in the air at a Brewers game before.
-It was NOT north wrigley. If I had to guess I would say that only 1/4 of the fans were cubs fans.
-The roof was closed. Outside temp was about 50 with rain.
-Jeff Suppan should quit. He pitched an extrodinarily slow game and officially gave up 5 earned in 4 and a third. I personally think the 6th run should have been earned but w.e.
-Slow game. Even though the score was 8-1 Dempster and Suppan sure take their time. Total game time 3:12.
-In the first inning I got to witness my first replay at a baseball game. I still think the ball cleared the yellow line however prince fielder was awarded a double.
-Either miller park broke their speed gun of their reliever coffey is a madman. In the final inning, in which he gave up two runs, he struck one guy out with apparently a 200 MPH changeup and then got the next batter to ground out to short with an 800 MPH fastball.
-The hotdog won the race beating the churrizo in a photo finish.
-No Zambrano out of the pen, however he did warm up with the pen and was screwing around in the outfield during BP. If I was the manager I would not want him screwing around just in case I do want him to be my ace again sometime soon.
-The cubs infield certainly looks impressive. Looking back on my scorecard I have 2 ! so a fantastic night on defense for them.
-I was greatly disappointed not to be able to witness Trevor "Hells Bells" Hoffman come into the game.
-Apparently the brewers have cheerleaders now.
-Beer and a brat cost 12 even. Both were fantastic.
-Only four security incidents. One a fans cub instigated it. He was thrown against a rail, cuffed and led out by security. The second was instigated by a Brewers fan and he was simply led out. The other two had to do with fans rushing the field.
-Overall, not a terrible game to go to as Miller park is still in my eyes a fantastic place to go see a game.
-I will try and get some pictures and video up soon.
-Go Brewers


  1. i have definitely enjoyed every game i've ever been up to at Miller. Cheap parking, good food, nice sight lines, tickets available.

    However, I haven't been there since the Braun/Fielder era has really kicked off... I bet the atmosphere is a lot more intense!

  2. I went last year, Love the stadium and the team has been fun to watch. Shame the bullpens didn't work out for you (Z and Hoffman).

  3. Also, Dan... fyi. Todd Coffey does throw an 800 mph fastball. That sound you occasionally hear is the sound barrier breaking.