Tuesday, April 20, 2010

NFL Schedule Released Today

Today the NFL Schedule releases. We already know who the Bears are playing, but now the big questions are dates and times. Below are a list of things I am going to be looking at.

Philadelphia Eagles

Will the NFL make it 5 straight years of the Bears playing McNabb, umm I mean Kolb & the Eagles on Sunday Night on the lake front? I am going to say yes. The Bears had a subpar season, but will still likely land 1 or 2 prime time games because they are still a big ratings draw.

How Many Primetime Games?

Building on what I was just saying, the Bears are a big draw for ratings (especially with people who want to see Jay Cutler fail, btw HAPPY JAY CUTLER DAY!). I expect them to land 2 or 3 prime time dates this season. Yes I know Sunday Night Football has flex scheduling subject to change, but you get my point.

Games I can make


I am going to try to go to Jerry’s World and see the Bears play the Cowboys in Dallas this season (Maybe Turkey Day!?). I am already lined up to go to 3 Indiana football games this year (@ Ohio State, Iowa and @Purdue) and if any of those games fall on the same weekend as the Bears’ trip to Dallas I will be unable to attend. So I am crossing my fingers.


One of Ryan’s favorite past times is giving Patriots fans crap about 46-10. I am trying to get tickets to this game with a Patriots fan so I can do just that. I know they will be hard to get, but hopefully I will find something.

When are the Vikings coming to Town

I want to see Old Man Favre and the dome sweet Vikings come to town in late December when it's snowing at about 3 degrees out. Knowing the NFL, the Vikings will get us and the Packers on the road before October.

Those are the things I’m keeping an eye on, what about you?


  1. ACSS reporter Derek is reporting that the Bears will be playing in Toronto against the Bills on 11/07/10

  2. Another Thought. Will the NFL want Peppers coming home to Carolina for Game 1 of the year?

  3. Lastly, NFL.com confirms Bears are playing in Toronto

  4. Did they actually release it? I better look this up... when is the 'Boys game?